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  1. Seperate Religion And State?

    But, but, god changed the rules about alcohol, why might he not change the rules about nudity? I am making the point that your so-called ethics rest entirely on your understanding of what god says, not on any logic. Therefore, if the god can change the rules (as he did with alcohol) you have absolutely no certainly that your so-called ethics will be the same tomorrow as they are today. You have made your conduct dependent on the whims of a supernatural being. That isn't an ethical system. You can't have it both ways - you can't argue that Islamic laws are rational, but then ultimately base them on "God said so". they are either based on reason or they aren;t. And so, back to the topic, it makes for a very unpleasant society if these completely arbitrary laws are the basis for the legal and ethical systems. I loke my laws and ethics to be based on reason, not the whims of an imaginary supernatural being. I'd agree with your bicycle analogy if it actually applied to the way we're told god operates. But it doesn't. Anthropomorphising the motives of an infinite being just doesn't work.
  2. Thai Regime Oppress And Massacre Muslims

    Don't be scared, ######, answer the questions: When did the US use WMDs against Japan, Italy and Germany since WWII? When did the US use WMDs against El Salvador, Nicaragua, Greada or Panama? Do you recognise Spain? If not (and that's what you implied previously) do you think Muslims have "the right" to reconquer it? If so, does that mean that eventually you will recognise israel, as the dispossession and killing of Muslims was on a FAR larger scale in Spain than it is in Palestine.
  3. Islamic State Today

    Given the gullibility of so many Muslims on this forum (just look at the ridiculous conspiracies so many beleive in) I do not trust anaecdotal stories about the perfection of the early Caliphate. But anyway... If an Islamic state is not a "real" Islamic state unless it is perfect, and no "real' Islamic state now exists, and therefore you can't judge Islam on the basis of what the imperfect state does, you have to allow the same leeway for other political/theological systems. No "real" Christian state exists because there is no perfect Christian state, no "real" communist state exists because there is not a perfect communist state, no "real' Hindu state exists because there is not a perfect Hindu state, and so on. That's plainly a bit silly, but it's the cop-out that many Muslims use when presented with the stupid things done in the name of their religion by people claiming to be Muslims and states claiming to be Islamic - they say "Oh, well, he isn't a real Mulsim and that isn't a real Islamic state". That looks a bit defensive after a while.
  4. Seperate Religion And State?

    ###### please be a bit more careful when you blindly C&P - the post above does not say what stats are being displayed. Redeem - so why can't we assume that god is forbidding nudity for now because some people (nortably Muslim men, if you speak to female world travellers about the countries where indecent touching most commonly occurs) cannot handle it, but in time, when the old superstitions are swept away, god will allow it? That's an exact analogy with your bicycle one, and with your explanation of god changing his mind about alcohol
  5. Thai Regime Oppress And Massacre Muslims

    No, you didn't. So while we're at it, here are a few other questions you have run away from: When did the US use WMDs against Japan, Italy and Germany since WWII? When did the US use WMDs against El Salvador, Nicaragua, Greada or Panama? Do you recognise Spain? If not (and that's what you implied previously) do you think Muslims have "the right" to reconquer it?
  6. The "moon Landings"

    Yes? You don't think that a gigantic conspiracy and secret robots raises more questions than it answers? But of course you are being slippery - give me an example of evidence you would accept that the US did land men on the moon. If there is no evidence that you would accept, just say so.
  7. Thai Regime Oppress And Massacre Muslims

    LOL! So Muslims have "the right" to retake land they lost by conquest, but other people don't? You didn't in fact answer my question (I'm keeping a list of questions you won't answer - it's quite long): if Muslims have "the right" to disobey the laws of their countries if the laws clash with Islam, and "the right" to kill police when they are punished for disobeying laws, and "the right" to attempt to secede, why would any sane country allow Muslim immigration?
  8. The "moon Landings"

    Wow. So not only have the tens of thousands of people involved in the fake manned landings kept quiet for 40 years, the many others involved in building the robots have also kept quiet. This conspiracy is pretty big! Once again I ask you, Yasnov (why do you not answer?), what evidence would you accept that there were manned landings by the US?
  9. Thai Regime Oppress And Massacre Muslims

    *yawn* So you agree that the Jews had a right to retake their city of Jerusalem? Good. But you still don't get the point - whether or not Thai Muslims have "the right" to kill Thai non-Muslims, it's a very stupid thing to do. The idiot jihadis KNOW that if they bomb a school there will be severe reprisals; they KNOW that if they kill a police officer there will be much more trouble. They know (or they should know) that they cannot overthrow the Thai government, yet they persist in bone-headed violence, and doom thier community to more misery. It's as though their world-view does not include things such as negotiation and compromise. If you really do think that all Muslims have "the right" to live as they want, even if it's against the law of the country they are citizens of, and if this "right" is not forthcoming they have "the right" to violent insurrection, then why on earth would any country allow Muslim immigration? As a hint, why is it that Malaysia isn't supporting them with military force?
  10. The "moon Landings"

    Yasnov, if the US government doesn't care about public opinion, why would it bother to spend time and money to shape public opinion? Obviously when you say "public opinion" you mean MINORITY opinion, not all public opinion. Of course the government cares less about the opinion of the minority than it does about the opinion of the majority. It's interesting that this mighty propaganda machine only works for four or eight years, then. Not exactly an evil monolith, is it? In fact it's pretty much like the situation in all democracies. Odd, then, that this gigantic moon-landing conspiracy (it would have to involve many thousands of people) has lasted for 40 years, isn't it? Odd that no-one oustide the US has raised any concerns (hint - observatories and tracking stations around the world were used during the moon missions), odd that no journalist has taken the opportunity to be the most famous journalist in history by proving the hoax?
  11. World Depopulation Is Top Nsa Agenda

    Sweep WHAT under the carpet? Have you done as I suggested and re-read that article, making sure that you distinguish between what the guy actually says and what the author attributes to him? He doesn't actually say anything like the author implies and states he does. But once again you've jumped on a lunatic bandwagon. If the US had a goal of reducing the world's population by 2 billion, why would it choose such an expensive and inefficient method of doing it? About 2 million people were killed in Vietnam - it would take 1000 Vietnams to reduce the population by 2 billion. It would take 2000 Iraqs. And of course they couldn't take as long as Iraq or Vietnam, as the population is constantly replenishing itself. No-one in their right mind would consider this as a method of population control, and no-one in their right mind would believe that article.
  12. Thai Regime Oppress And Massacre Muslims

    Nonsense. No-one has a "basic human right" to secede from a country. The supposed invasion took place over a century ago - if these violent thugs have the "basic human right" to kill Thai policemen, why didn't israelis have the right to kill Muslims who stole Jerusalem from them? is there a limit on the amount of time you can fight to reclaim land? Apparently so, given your attitude to Jerusalem. However, if you look at my posts in this thread you'll see that I am complaining about the idiot jihadis, whose FIRST response is violence. This means that their communities suffer MORE because of their actions. They are fools, like OBL and the Taliban and all the hysterical mobs of bloodthirsty Muslims reacting childishly to imagined insults.
  13. The "moon Landings"

    If you can't see that it's irrational to say that the US government doesn't care about public opinion but that it also goes to the trouble of shaping public opinion, I can't help you. However, if the US government can control public opiion, how do you explain the fact that sitting members of the majority party sometimes lose their seats? That Presidents are sometimes Republicans and sometimes Democrats? If the government controls public opinion then the government would never lose a single election, right down to dog-catcher. And I still don't get your point about NASA budgets.
  14. Islamic State Today

    So, essentially you are saying that a "real" Islamic state can never exist.
  15. Thai Regime Oppress And Massacre Muslims

    In other words they are teaching that people must try to overthrow the government. That's sedition or treason in most countries. And in this case there's no excuse that it's merely rhetoric, as Thai police stations and school have been bombed. Why do you support violent criminals, ######?