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  1. World Depopulation Is Top Nsa Agenda

    Again, I expect my government to consider every means possible to defeat an invasion. Did you similarly disaprove of the Taliban's tactic of causing starvation (of Afghans, not citizens of an invading country) by destroying crops? The fastest growing religions in my country are Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam, in that order. They are growing almost entirely because of immigration. Australians of Asian heritage are vastly over-represented among the high achievers in our schools, universities and the professions. Our prime minister speaks Mandarin and his son-in-law is of Chinese heritage. The Lord Mayor of my state's capital city has such a strong Chinese accent that most people have difficulty understanding him, but he is routinely cheered by people who ordinarily take no interest in local government. No-one has bombed a night-club because they don't like the race of the people attending it.
  2. How The Fbi Framed A Muslim Charity

    LOL! Sorry, whatreallyhappened is pretty much a self-confessed nutcase site. How about, oh, say a PhD thesis? Or a book by a recognised academic (that is a person who teaches or researches in the field at a good university)?
  3. World Depopulation Is Top Nsa Agenda

    Please. It is a possible response to an invasion. I woiuld hate to think that my government did not consider every possiblity to defeat an invading country.
  4. World Depopulation Is Top Nsa Agenda

    Macfarlane, who won the Nobel Prize for medicine in 1960 and died in 1985, said, "Specifically to the Australian situation, the most effective counter-offensive to threatened invasion by overpopulated Asiatic countries would be directed towards the destruction by biological or chemical means of tropical food crops and the dissemination of infectious disease capable of spreading in tropical, but not under Australian, conditions." Yes? And? It is discussing the possibility of using biological weapons against a neighbouring country which invaded Australia . It is not some Krazee Konspiracy to kill of Asians for the sake of killing off Asians. I've said it before, but you didn't get it: the mention of "overpopulation" occurs because they were looking for a factor which applied to the hypothetical enemy country but did not apply to Australia. "Overpopulated" is such a factor. Having found this fact they could exploit it. I have no idea of Indonesia's contingency plan in case of attack by Malaysia - my point is that it will have one. What Defence Department does NOT have plans covering all contingencies? Why? You haven't actually made this clear, you've just acted all horrified.
  5. World Depopulation Is Top Nsa Agenda

    Another dubious internet dictionary definition. I'm guessing that you haven't posted all the meanings, there, right? Anyway, what does that have to do with the Australian bio-weapon contingency plan? What are the Indonesian government's contigency plans for war with Malaysia? edit - the online Oxford (still not as good as the actual dictionary, but at least reliable) says, as its sole definition: So acceptable usage might be "Universal use of the contraceptive pill will result in depopulation"
  6. World Depopulation Is Top Nsa Agenda

    Actually, no, I don't know what is "a depopulation". It isn't normal English usage. And I don't know what "a depopulation programme" is either. But go ahead and tell us what you think it means. Be aware that your sketchy English isn't really up to making fine distinctions between words.
  7. {sniff} Are You A Zionist?

    Lying about what? YOU are the one making claims about WMDs. not me. YOU are the one who needs to tell us what you mean by WMDs. And perhaps you can tell us what WMDs were used in Grenada? The death toll must have been enormous if WMDs were used, mustn't it? Can you tell us what it was? Your inability to grasp logic is astounding. Even if the above para is correct you CANNOT logically say "Therefore the US regime is worse than the Nazis" without showing that it actually IS worse. Even if all your claims are true, they are, in fact, not worse than what the Nazis did. If you think otherwise you have to actually prove it. Not just state it. Now to the claims - Germany was the aggressor in WWII, and Italy was its ally. No-one - not German or Italian historians, NO-ONE except you claims that the US attacked Germany or Italy in the sense they attacked countries they were not already at war with. Get a grip. Not many Italian civilians were killed in WWII; a great many German civilians were, but many, many more civilians were killed by the Germans. It was a brutal war and the standard was set by the aggressors, Germany. Can you detail the illegal intervention by the US during WWII? I've never heard that claim before. Yes, some US foreign policy has been ill-advised or plain wrong. Just as some Iranian, French, British, Pakistani, Indonesian, Syrian, etc etc foreign policy has been ill-advised or wrong. You aren't making much of a claim here. Yep, war is horrible. Too bad that Germany started the war. As I said above, Germany and Japan killed far more civillians in WWII than did the Allies. Germany and Japan have got over their civillian losses in WWII and are both on friendly terms with the US and the UK. By the way, Dresden was more a British operation than a US one. Actually, those claims were about white phosphorus, weren't they? Either way, I agree that napalm is a dreadful weapon. I also note, though, that the US gave a lot of notice that it was about to attack Fallujah and allowed civillians to leave. That is not the act of a nation indifferent to civillian deaths. Get your story straight. Sometimes you claim that the US supports Zionists, sometimes you claim that the US is controlled by Zionists. Which is it?
  8. Really? so it's OK for Muslims to own statues?
  9. {sniff} Are You A Zionist?

    Sorry, you made the ludicrous claim that the US had used WMDs in Grenada. It's up to you to tell us what you meant by that, and to prove it. I'll just quietly laugh while I'm waiting. The destruction of indigenous peopes and their cultures is a worldwide problem. Along with many, many Americans I regard the destruction of much indigenous US culture as a tragedy. Because of this I am horrified that similar cultural destruction is happening right now, notably in the Indonesia province of West Papua. As far as imperialism goes, the US is by far the mildest imperial power the world has seen. I certainly deny that the US is in any way extraordinary for occasionally attacking civilian targets. (A better charge would be that it is sometimes prepared to risk civillian lives in order to defeat enemy soldiers). If you're going to criticise the US for this you'll have to also criticise every other country that have ever been at war. Currently most civillians being killed in wars are being killed by Muslims. You're confused about the word 'regime', aren't you? I do not support the current US 'regime'. I will be very pleased when Bush is no longer president. All Republican presidents in my lifetime have been nasty men. Off the top of my head I can't think of anything terribly wrong that Clinton did. That's how it is in a democracy - different governments are different 'regimes'. While I think it's terrible that there is war in Afghanistan, the US really did not have any choice, nor did its many allies. I think that the invasion of Iraq was illegal and stupid. That's how I voted in the last elections, and that's how Americans will vote in their next elections. Does that mean that I hate the US and its people? Of course not.
  10. {sniff} Are You A Zionist?

    Well, let's call it Talibaniphobia, violent nutcase phobia, joyless thug phobia, ranting fool phobia ... I have no problem at all with several of the moderate Muslim groups in the US and elsewhere. Rubbish. I think the US has done terrible things in several countries, but that doesn't mean that I am going to go along with stupid lies such as "The US has used WMDs in Grenada". If I disaprove of an aspect of a US foreign policy it is because I have reached a rational decision, not because some idiot screams ill-informed abuse at the US. As I said, the less rational the enemies of the US, the more I am inclined to defend the US.
  11. {sniff} Are You A Zionist?

    LOL, well, if that's the case you need all the friends you can get. You're going about it the wrong way. I've spent quite a bit of time in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and various Muslim-majority countries in Africa. Almost all the Muslims I met were sane and reasonable - but one bad apple (English idiom) such as yourself can completely spoil it for the rest. Having read the ranters on this and other forums (over on HT "Death to those who teach Human Rights" is a common cry) really have soured my view of Muslims. I now think that israel, for all its faults, must be defended, whereas I was once neutral. I am a critic of US foreign policy, but you have forced me to decide whether I would prefer to live in a world dominated by the US or one dominated by (for example) the Taliban. It's no contest - the US every time. Congratulations! Your propaganda is working! edit for typo
  12. So, holograms are out? Check the dove on your VISA card. 3D movies? BTW, you're going to get into a terrible tangle if you don't distinguish between 'pictures' (photographic images) and 'pictures' (paintings or other artwork). Both usages seem to be used indiscriminately here.
  13. World Depopulation Is Top Nsa Agenda

    No. The word "overcrowded" is relevant ony because the weapons proposed would only work in densely populated countries. If Australia had been contingency planning for an invasion by New Zealand the bio-weapon would probably have involved sheep. Does that mean Australia wants the world population of sheep to fall? Of course not.
  14. {sniff} Are You A Zionist?

    You might have a point, but your apalling bias and childish yelling means that it's very easy to ignore it. Reading your posts doesn't make me think "Oh, that's dreadful, I'll have to get involved to stop it", they make me think "Poor israelis, having to negotiate with ranting fools like this". I'm not American, but I'm betting that's what the vast majority of US voters think too, and it's the US voters you have to convince if you want Iarael to change.
  15. From some of the closed posts lately it seems obvious that many non-Muslims are confused about what constitutes 'disrespect'. Can we get an official IF definition to avoid futher misunderstandings? Does not being believing that Islam is true constitute disrespect? (Surely not!) Does disagreeing with Muslims who make statement which, to me, are untrue constitute disrespect? Please help us out, here.
  16. Aaaaargh! Does no-one read my posts? I have not said "bad things" about Mohammed. I just don't believe that Allah exists, and certain things are unavoidable consequences of that. It is NOT an insult (that is, a deliberate attempt to belittle or denigrate) to Joseph Smith if a non-Mormon considers that he must have been duped, deluded, lying or misrepresented. There is literally no other way that a non-Mormon can consider him. To pretend otherwise would be dishonest. If you agree with me that a non-Mormon has no choice - it isn't a matter of deciding to think of Joseph Smith that way, it's the unavoidable consequence of not being a Mormon - but to think of Joseph Smith as being duped, deluded, lying or misrepresented, what possible difference would it make whether or not I said it? Anyone with half a brain realises that a non-believer does not, by definition, believe in the divinity, so how can you have an honset discussion if you pretend otherwise?
  17. World Depopulation Is Top Nsa Agenda

    typo - '15 years later' in Vietnam
  18. World Depopulation Is Top Nsa Agenda

    You really are a sucker for biased reporting, aren't you? "Secretly urged" - well, he was invited to prepare a reort for a Defence Department committee. That sort of thing would always be 'secret' in the sense of classified. Because of his scientific area of expertise, his report was on bio-warfare. You might think that adds up to "Secretly urged" - I don't. "for use against Indonesia and other "overpopulated" countries of South-East Asia" Implies that the weapons were to be used against overpopulated countries because Australia had something against overpopulated countries. In fact, if you spend a few seconds reading the article, you'll see that the 'overpopulated' thing is relevant because biological weapons would only be worth consider in crowded country. You might not like the idea of biological weapons, but military planners routinely attempt to considers all scenarios and weapons. That doesn't mean that they would put them into practise, as in fact Australia apparently didn't, judging by the weapons it used in Vietnam less han 5 years later. On the other hand, Indonesia did manage to kill several million of its own citizens hsing conventional weapons. You're arguing in this thread that the US had a plan to kill off two billion people. This article about military contingency planning has nothing to do with that.
  19. World Depopulation Is Top Nsa Agenda

    More twisted half-truths from dubious websites. If you bother (approx 3 seconds on google) to read the article rather than these selective snippets, you'lll see that Macfalane Burnet was asked to join a commmitee investigating biological warfare: What does this have to do with "depopulation"? Answer: nothing.
  20. I'm a bit bemused at how easily hurt Muslims are (my Christian friends all loved 'The Life of Brian'; my Jewish friends are always parodying their culture(s) - Mel Brooks' musical film/play 'The Producers', which contains the song 'Springtime for Hitler & Germany", is a sublime example of turning horror into life-affirming comedy) but I'll attempt to treat you with kid gloves. Unfortunately I'm not going to put my brain to sleep while I do it. I'm not saying this to insult, I am genuinely curious as to how there is an alternative to thinking that (for example) Joseph Smith was duped, deluded, lying or misrepresented if I don't happen to believe that the Mormon god exists. What do YOU think about Joseph Smith's claim to have been told by god to start a new religion? Obviously you think he was duped, deluded, lying or misrepresented. Do you mean that as an insult? I doubt it. It's the only way you CAN think of Joseph Smith if you don't believe in the Mormon god.
  21. {sniff} Are You A Zionist?

    On the other hand, nowhere does the Declaration say that it's OK to fire missiles into towns on a daily basis for years and years.
  22. How The Fbi Framed A Muslim Charity

    Just saying "Facts" isn't going to convince anyone. Give us some evidence, from a non-nutcase source if possible.
  23. Yes, I understand that your entire worldview derives from a belief in Allah. However, the worldview of non-Muslims doesn't (obviously). Some things inevitably follow from not believing in Allah. If there is no Allah, then Mohammed cannot have been the prophet of Allah. There's no way around that. It isn't disrespect, it's just how things are.
  24. Islamic State Today

    The above post pretty much describes the social security systems in modern secular states, especially the EU and communist/socialist ones. Does it describe the social security systems in Muslim countries?
  25. Bugger - left out the vital phrase: If he was able to do the immense political, philosophical and literary work he accomplished without supernatural assistance, he was one of the great geniuses we (humanity) have produced.