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  1. And by the way - if (as I believe) Allah does not exist, that makes Mohammed a much greater human in my eyes. If he was able to do the immense political, philosophical and literary work he accomplished, he was one of the great geniuses we (humanity) have produced.
  2. If I don't believe in the Mormon god it inevitably follows that I believe that Jospeh Smith was duped, deluded, lying or misrepresented. There's just no other way to think of Joseph Smith. I literally cannot disbelieve in the Mormon god but think that Joseph Smith was a prophet of the Mormon god. That would be literally nonsense. It isn't a matter of insulting Joseph Smith, it just inevitably follows from not believing in his god.
  3. Islam & Indiscriminate Violence

    So, anyway, what's the source of that definition you posted?
  4. Torture In Hell

    If, on being 'presented' with Islam, a non-believer does not believe, it's hardly the fault of the non-believer. If someone has to be at fault (and I don't think anyone is, but apparently Allah does) surely it's the person 'presenting' Islam.
  5. Actually, there is one other possible explanation that a non-believer could ascribe to Mohammed's behaviour (or the behaviour of anyone else who claims to be in direct contact with a god, be it anone from Joseph Smith to George Bush) or - it may not in fact have been his behaviour: he might have been misrepresented by historians. I think that covers it (duped, deluded, untruthful or misrepresented) but if anyone thinks of any others, let me know.
  6. Islam & Indiscriminate Violence

    Sorry for attracting the C&P King to the thread - just ignore him.
  7. How The Fbi Framed A Muslim Charity

    LOL! You might not be afraid but you deleted the post. Anyway, I see you lurking, so now would be a really good time to tell us about your definition of WMDs. You keep accusing the USA of using them in many countries, so we do have the right to know what you mean by WMDs.
  8. Thai Regime Oppress And Massacre Muslims

    Speaking of mental problems, old pal, have you decided on a defintion of WMDs yet?
  9. Islam & Indiscriminate Violence

    I'm not questioning the rules, I'm questioning the definition of "lie" that you posted. And yes, I will take it up with the people who wrote the dictionary if you'll give me the source of your post. I know that you disliked the Sunadese government that the UIC rebelled against, and you might even be right to do so. I was refuting your "Oh, we are always innocent victims" argument. The UIC got to power by starting a civil war and overthrowing the legitimate government. Maybe it was a good thing they did - that's another argument - but they certainly weren't the blameless victims.
  10. Thai Regime Oppress And Massacre Muslims

    LOL - I've just read this thread's title properly. ###### seems to be declaring war of Buddhism now, as well as Zionism. I wonder if there are Buddhist agents running wild in the US? Buddhism is the fastest-growing religion in my country (followed by Hinduism then Islam) - being Western, Zionist Controlled (we've even had a Jewish Governor-General) and undoubtedly home to lots of Buddhist Agents, we must be a pretty evil place. It's a wonder that Muslims are clamouring to become citizens, really.
  11. Hmm, maybe this is the nub of the problem. I WANT people to question my beliefs, I WANT them to argue vigorously that I am wrong and they are right. I WANT them to point out that I have reached ioncorrect conclusions, if they think I have. I suggest that that is pretty much the attitude of anyone (western or otherwise) approaching a religion from a scientific perspective. What do you mean by "degrading Allah"? I don't think Allah exists - is that degrading Allah? Because I don't think that Allah exists, I inevitably (there's just no other option) think that Mohammed was duped, deluded or lying. Is that disrespectful?
  12. How The Fbi Framed A Muslim Charity

    O ######, you're off topic with the Thailand-related C&P - not even a hint of Zionists in that one. Do you want to be reported to the mods?
  13. How The Fbi Framed A Muslim Charity

    Actually, "Mossad agents caught running wild in the US" is a pretty funny headline. It inevitably makes you think of the "Girls gone wild" stuff - sort of "Show us ya Yamulkas!"
  14. How The Fbi Framed A Muslim Charity

    OMG! Foreign countries have intrelligence agents working in the most powerful and richest nation on earth!!!! Who could have predicted that???? Tha's the premise for the above post, which is full of highly dubious assertions. Made even more so by the fact that the article appears to cite sources (hint - that's what the little numbers are) but ###### in his wisdom didn't post the sources. Here's a great example of why the article is totally untrustworthy:
  15. Islam & Indiscriminate Violence

    I've just re-checked the Merriam-Websters and I can't see your definition there. I do agree, though, that online dictionaries are a poor substitute for genuine reference works. However, if your definition of the verb "to lie" is correct - that it merely means saying something untrue, whether the speaker knows it to be untrue or not - English must have another word to cover the situation where the speaker KNOWINGLY says something untrue with the INTENT to deceive or mislead. If that word is not "lie", what is it? Not distinguishing between the concepts of saying an untruth unwittingly and saying an untruth deliberately results in (eg) it being impossible to commit perjury, and would make telling a lie not a moral issue, as there is surely no blame attached to telling an untruth unwittingly.
  16. Islam & Indiscriminate Violence

    Erm, the UIC began a civil war and overthrew the internationally recognised government.