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    Spending Time with my Wife , Reading ( horor novels , my wife's poems , others ) , learning languages , Travelling , Documantry films ( specailly about different countires and nature ) , Football , swimming , watching moves !
  1. Topic Rating Suggestion

    I agree with the suggestion of Safiyya Ummaher for the rating , it will be good also to distinguish special members and also will attract more readers to it . Baraka AllahuFeeki :sl:
  2. Worlds Biggest Konafa

    very nice , thanks for sharing this with us Safiyya ummaher jazakiallahukhayran:)
  3. "islamic Idol"

    Also in memorizing and reciting Quran .
  4. What Happened To This Forum ?

    salam alykom lets be reasonable , the forum is not active anymore m you should do something , that 's all the story.
  5. israel

    "Without the terrorism it's more than likely that the Palestinians would have had a state by now." Hamas offered 10 years of fire ceased , why u didnot respond to that ? arafat was calling for peace and did Oslo agre. with you , why you surrounded him and fighted him ? between the years I Want you to reply to one thing , after 1998 there were no attacks by hamas or Jihad in Palesinte against israil , and there was no fire at all , why areal sharon that pig went inside Al Aqsa Masjid ? he started all this war by this stupid act ! if he didnot do that then you would live in peace and no one would talk to you !!!! "The main problem with your conception of israel is that you believe Palestine ever belonged to the Palestinians in any way or form. History tells a different story. " "Yes, Many Palestinians became refugees." many ? well maybe u dont know that 7 million Palestinians are refugees ! that 's not many ! that 's half the population of palestine ! russian jewsih , Polish Jewish , British Jewish , African Jewish should go back to their countries . if it is israil land then why they were composing only 1% of the Palestinian population before 1948 ? French lived in France , British lived in UK, and Arabs lived in Palestine ! there were no philibino ruling in Sweden ! dont twist the history , how funny
  6. israel

    I think you should start reading from different history book , sorry to say that but u have been deceived by the media , and I Want to tell you that I live in Palestine since 24 years and I dont take my informations from any media , I see what is going on by my eyes , I lost 5 of my friends , 2 of my teachers and 2 of my cousins , they were all torn by the israilain tanks in my city , they were civilians . you are crying about one girl who was killed , well let me tell you some numbers cause you like numbers specailly if it about money , starting from 2002 , 7000 Palestinians were killed , 14,000 Palestinians are in the israeli prisons , 33,000 Palestinians are handicapped half of this number is children under age of 14 ! 120,00 house was totally destroyed , so please dont tell me about one girl . Palestine was under the rule of the Uthmani government , and the one who lived in it were the Kananians and befoer 1948 , 95% of the inhabitants were Sunni Muslims , 4% were christians , and 1% were jewish , then israil came to destroy our houses and killing our children and raping our wives in the prisons . tell me one thing , If it is the land of israel and land of israilains and israilains lived there for allllllllll their life , then why is rail is a strange country in the middle of 22 Arabic countries ! have you ever came to israil ? if you would come u will see people there with blond hair , blue eyes , they are from Poland , Russia , Africa , USA , , they dont look like Arabs at all !!!! israel is a strange object in middle of 300 million arabic citizen !! so how come ?! why israilains dont look like Arabs ? The christians here in my city looks exactly like I look like , they eat our food , have our traditions and have the same origins as we have ! and the arabic israilains who lived in Palestine , they were minority like couple thousands and they were 100% arabic , but we are talking about the strangers who came from russia and Poland to slaughter our kids in the street and live our land . Say whatever you want , but I want u to look from different corner , that israil is in middle of 300 millions arabic person and someday those 300 million will wake up and they wont really give you roses. Salam
  7. What Happened To This Forum ?

    Assalam alykom I hope that the moderators will be open minded enough to accept my suggestion : Right now , at this moment , only 6 members are visiting the Forum , and yesterday the same and so on , I think there should be something done to activate it , you write a new topic and you get a reply after weeks , no one is coming inside the forum anymore , I think there should be re-newing of the general form of the forum , the colours , and so on IF you can open new sections which concerns the members . IF you can send automatic e-mails to the members remind them to visit the Forum thanks you
  8. I Need Help Understanding

    1. Support Arafat and Hamas 2. Hate religion 3. Support Abortion 4. are Atheists or Agnostics 5. Hate freedom 1- Arafat and Hamas are defending their lands , same as what would u do if some strangers would come to attack your land , your house and your wife. 2- We Believe in All religions and all prophets , Our problem is with Zionists not the israilain religion , we have been living with Christians in Palestine for thousands of years without even one hate action , so Palestine is land for all religion . 3- It is Haram in Islam , It is prohibited by the Palestinian law , anyone abort or participate in abortion will go to jail for long period in Palestine . 4- 95% of Palestinians are Sunni Muslims , 5 % are Christians , we don't have any athiests , if there would be some very few then they wouldn't do that on public . Maybe you meet with wrong Palestinian or fake ones . you cannot judge Palestinians by the acts of some minority. 5- we love freedom and fighting for it since 1948 , we are people who love life and want to be enjoy it . but if u mean by saying freedom ( walking naked ) in the street then I don't like freedom , we have our own traditions here . IF you want to go to humiliate cows in India , then this is not freedom ! salam
  9. israel

    "deny Jewish one on the same breath" we dont deny that , we support israilains independance , and we want you to form your own country , but not on our lands , go and establish your country in USa , or in France , maybe in Australia, but not in our land ... We are defending our country and our land , imagine if some people would attack your house , what would you do ? We have nothing to do with holocaust , yes we feel sorry for all what happened , but don't expect us to cry day and night for that , we have our own dead to cry at . salam
  10. israel

    "You downplay the Holocaust, almost deny it" We don't ! and even If we do then it's our freedom of speech , it doesnot mean that it gives anyone the right to kill children and slaughter them on the Palestinian 's soil . it's offending to you when u hear people denying the holocaust , I am wondering how would you feel when you see your own daughter smashed on the ground full of blood . peace
  11. israel

    Peace We have no problem with israelis , we believe in their religion and their prophet peace be upon him , the problem is the Zionists who are killing palestinians everyday making their life like hell . On 1948 zonists killed thousands of palestinians , destroyed 500 village and occupied palestine , they made their country on someone's else land !!! Question , Do you accept that Muslims kick Americans out of Ohio and start their country there ? think well brother
  12. Swarem

    amazing nasheed mashallah Jazaki allahu Khayran The Youtube is working well alhamdolilah salam alykom
  13. Tabligh Jamat

    she didnot notice that salam alykom
  14. Musical Instruments!

    baraka allahu feeki
  15. Dua For Enterance Examination

    Ya rab help ummaher and make it easy for her , and lead her to correct answers and keep her away from wrong ones , ya rab let her pass the duniya exam and the last day's exam with the highest marks ameen