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  1. If photons could travel through space and not time, then how could light exist? Wouldn't light be at a standstill? And I don't think it's real physics, sounds more like pseudo Quantum mechanics :sl: :no: I'm pretty sure guys who conjur up Jinns won't be using the internet any time soon. PS. Hey, I don't see how a discussion about photons is relevant to the topic :sl:
  2. Blackout In Besieged Gaza City

    Refugees are people escaping from the israeli state, and if they're in Arab land, why should they be refused?
  3. If time exists, then everything travels through time. It's impossible to move through 3D space if time you aren't affected by time. But hey, what do I know - I'm versing some guy named Crunchy Cat :sl: I think for the whole Jinn conjurer, you'd have to venture out to Arabia or Asia or something.
  4. ^ Is that true? I thought Allah stopped doing magical miracles when you know, civilization advanced.
  5. Jewish lead Bolshevik Revolution? I thought the Soviets ended up persecuting the Jews.
  6. Yeah I know, but if you believe God exists, than as I said, it doesn't really matter if we need it or not. You can't. True true. Single point of space - space is also relative. Smallest planck moment - time is also relative.
  7. Blackout In Besieged Gaza City

    Can someone explain to me why other Arab countries don't help Palestinian refugees?
  8. How Smart Are You

    He'll PM us (I hope)
  9. Don't ask me :sl: In our PMs, I did disprove Zeus and Thor, and eventually, the Celestial Teapot can be disproved (it could've been done if the voyager hadn't been made to float off to oblivion). Russells teapot was a fallacy because he was basing the claim upon the, at the time, current days technology - however, technology improves, and teh celestial teapot was bound to be discoverable eventually. You believe what you see and feel don't you? I dunno. But don't blame me if you come home one day to see your house turned into a duck. You can't disprove them! Velocity doesn't exist except it relative terms! Evidence! But really, that's a completely different subject. Whether or not you like religion is irrelevant to whether or not its true.
  10. How To Change Your Name

    How do we do this whole custom member title thing?
  11. He's saying because you can't disprove JoJo, he exists in the same way that because atheists can't disprove Allah, he exists.
  12. Well, I'm not sure about it, but from what I've heard *leans in* black magic is about controlling jinn, much in the same way those movies shown satanic rituals. It's basically a form of enslavement, and the reason it's evil is because you are using someone other than Allah to make your magical dreams come true. So I guess praying is a form of "white" magic, though I prefer to see magic as "how did he escape that cage!" Good philosophical discussion here. You truly are THE devils advocate, aren't you?
  13. Changing Your Member Name

    If anything ONLY newbies should be allowed.
  14. It's illegal for us now. After Prophet Solomon, no Muslim has been allowed to delve in such Black magic (though I may be wrong) So you're ruling out aliens? :sl: I thought about that too, but taking drugs can make you feel good, doesn't mean it's right.
  15. Did We Really Evolve?!

    What you learn in school science is absolutely correct. Natural selection is a proven fact, and it's quite hard to believe it wasn't discovered as soon as genetics were. It's quite reasonable to see that if someones genetic attributes does not allow them to live in a certain part of the world, then they will die, and they will produce no offspring to carry on their genetic legacy - a gradual process to perfection. There is no clash between Science and Allah (I won't say religion).