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  1. “daddy, It Hurts, Then She Died�

    This is so heartbreaking...I have a two friends from Gaza, one who lives near the farms and outskirts and usually tells me she's scared that she might have crossed the line and be targeted....as well as showing me a picture of their car absolutely destroyed to the core. And then she showed me how the israeli troops didn't kill her family but moved them to their next door neighbour, and destroyed their crop and farming (without even using it) and went away....what how is this fair? is this what religion tells them to do ? And I have another Gaza friend who always gets depressed because his education is being destroyed! he couldn't get a good grade in his late exams and his family are always suffering, he lives in a camp!! it's just unbelievable...And my friends are only 17/18 years old, they should be out there enjoying their lives! not thinking about whether they would be targeted or having fits about their education...and remember, university fees are expensive! and he has a large family, so literally he always looks to bitter and depressed even though i can imagine him being the happy person he can be =(
  2. Salam To All

    El salaamo alaikum just like to say Welcome :sl: hope you have a nice time here sis alaa
  3. When Travelling In Ramadan?

    Salam About the fasting... and prayers!! yep u got it :sl: LOL Ma El Salama
  4. When Travelling In Ramadan?

    Salam If you were to travel in the month of ramadan for three days Can you have a fatwa for three days? or just one .... and explain a bit about the fatwa and what rules u have to make... Thanks Ma El Salama
  5. About Friend

    Salam This is the story of my best friend, age of 14, converted into Islam...... She had an English non-religious mother and a muslim father and her father divorced her mother years and years ago. From British law, they did not allow the father to look after the daughter... so he moved back to Libya with his family (with shame) ... She became in her mother's side of life - with no faith. She had boyfriends, she drank alcohol and many more... and her mum was fine with it.. (can i mention that the girl is called Yasmeena) So then Yasmeena had this very very bad illness (she told me not to tell anyone what it was) but trust me it is so bad she was put on life support... her mother cried in sorrow.. waiting for her beautiful daughter to wake up..and her father urgently came from Libya to England to pray for his daughter.. He read the qur'an in her ears gently, she woke up... She asked him what it was...and he explained... She told me that it made her feel warm and close to her father after 7 years of not seeing him. She also said that she felt safe when she read it in her ears. Mashalla now she seeks furthur knowledge about Islam (both hadiths and qur'an) , and doesn't even show her hair to non-religious girls which shows how protective and how important she shows her religion is... she goes to the Masjid to find new Muslim friends But really, Mashalla she learnt Islam by herself, watching television, researching, reading qur'an in English and also asking people about Islam in the Masjid... Now people call her sheikha Yasmeena, and I hope she will be one day =] Inshallah Peace. Ma3 el salama Ala :-)
  6. About Hizbollah?

    So arabs were not once one country? urrr...actually i think u need to study more about them before u say something they are more closer to each other than u think
  7. Islam in Afghanistan: The Islamic state

    Salam I love Afghanistan ma asalama
  8. Share Your Story?

    Salam To all Muslim converts.... tell us how u converted and..why? and if u never did convert...do u know any interesting stories of people who have converted? with best regards, Ala Ma el salama :sl:
  9. About Hizbollah?

    Yea, well syrians are arabs.... arabs were supposed to be kept as one country...one community... but were divided by the westerners... what more can we get?
  10. About Hizbollah?

    Syria and Iran are closer to Lebanon then israelis and Americans both ethnically and religiously
  11. Islam In Lebanon!

    Allah save Lebanon I am praying that they will not start a civil war... They are going crazy!! a3ootho bilaah! they are killing each other :S
  12. About Hizbollah?

    I heard that some Lebanese people hate hizbollah, basically enemies to them ... but what is the benefit of going against hizbollah?
  13. Islam in England

    salam whos from the southwest masalama
  14. In Your Dreams...

    Yes, I read about it in the hadith and also the way he acted was exactly how it was in the dream , but at the same time, not all hadith describe the appearance of the Prophet pbuh the same...
  15. In Your Dreams...

    Salam Thanks I am so happy now lol :sl: yalla ma3asalama