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    I like playing football and watching it aswell, I also love reciting the THE HOLY QURAN
  1. Recitation Mistake

    Salaam What are the aspects which invalidate and change the meaning of the recitation of the quran?, also if you were to accidently make a recitation mistake in your salah would this still invalidate your salah or not? Also just to add I follow the Hanafi Madhab and I wanted to ask if the other madhabs have different opinions on this matter. Wsalaam
  2. Salaam brothers and sisters. Ramadan mubarak to you all. When you gargle water in your mouth when performing wudhu you may accidently swallow abit of water does this mean your fast is invalidated. Secondly if your bleeding from your mouth and you accidently swallow abit of blood is your fast invalidated.
  3. Ghusl

    Salaam everyone I just had one question If you perform ghusl while facing the qiblah is your ghusl still valid or not. Walaikumusalam
  4. Impurity

    Salaam brothers and sister I just had a quick question, When you have a wet dream you get contaminated with impurity, so I just wanted to ask if you only had to change the part of your clothes which have been contaminated with impurity by the wet dream or do you have to change all your clothes? Asalamumalaikum,
  5. Salaam Brothers and sisters I hope you can answer my question Insha'Allah In my local area which is in england there is rain nearly everyday so every time I go to college or go out of the house mud and rain water gets on my cloths which makes me invalid to perform my salaah. Furthermore this is causing me many problems because I can hardly perform my salaah in Masjid with jamaat. So can any brother or sister give me any helpful advice to tackle this problem which I am having nearly everyday of my life? Walaikumusalam
  6. Salah & Wudu

    Salaam brothers and sisters, EID MUBARAK. If you pray salaah and you don't concentrate on Allah but you rather concentrate on your worries and worldly thought, if your in this condition do you have to repeat your salaah? If you are getting late for salah and the time is about to expire and you decide to only perform the fards of wudu are you allowed to add any amount of sunnahs acts in your wudu? Salaam Islamy,
  7. Few Questions

    Salaam brother and sisters I hope your ramadhan is going well Insha'Allah. If you are in a major state of impurity and you are required to perform ghusl, are you allowed to touch any thing when you are in this condition? If you perform wudu and you only perform the fard parts of the wudu are you allowed to involve one sunnah in that wudu e.g you perform all the fards and you only wash your hand which is a sunnah, is this permissible? Walaikumusalam
  8. Najaasah Ghaliza

    Salaam I meant if abit of urine came out after relieving yourself.
  9. Najaasah Ghaliza

    Salaam You are impure if the quantity of urine is bigger than a 50 pence coin (or a dirham), but what if theres more than one drop of urine on your underwear does this mean they every drop of urine has to be bigger than a 50 pence coin? THIS IS ACCORDING DO HANAFI MADDHAB Secondly if the quantity of urine is bigger than a 50 pence coin do you have to change your trouser aswell? walaikumusalam please reply ASAP.
  10. Qadah

    Salaam brothers and sister, Does it matter if you pray a missed salah for example after or before praying my zohr salaah? Can you perform nafl prayers any time or is it just after a certain salah? If you are doing a forbidden act or you are for example performing a part of your salaah wrong but you didn't realise it was wrong until someone told you, are you still commiting a sin or is your salah unvalid? Walaikumusalam.
  11. Having A Bath

    Salaam, I had 2 quick question, is it recomended to perform wudhu before or after having a bath or is just cleaning the body and head with shampoo enough? Can you use shampoo when you perform ghusl?
  12. A Few Questions

    Salaam brothers and sisters, Is it sunnah to recite kalimah shahada after wudhu? If you make intention to do something for your religion is it best to start as early as possible e.g I have made intention to learn proper tajweed of the quran but I am on holiday right now so it is abit hard for me right now? Do you have to prform sunnah prayers of the jummah prayer? Walaikumusalam, I hope you can help
  13. How To Pray

  14. Eid Mubarak!

    Salaam bothers and sisters in Islam, :sl: EID MUBARAK!!!!!! :sl: Hope you have good EID everyone!!!
  15. Eid Mubarak!