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  1. The Issue Of Growing A Beard In Islam

    I hope i can shed some light on this situation, but i want you all to understand, i am only 14 years of age, and my knowledge so far is little compared to most of you brothers and sisters, i will state some facts i DO know below: It is good to start growing a beard at the age of 16 The Prophet Muhammed (PBUH), had his moustache trimmed, it appeared not to be there, but it was It was not only the Prophet (PBUH) who had a beard of a fists length, other names in the Quran give clues to prove this, for instance someone grabbed a traitor by the hand, with what?! His fist! This alleged traitor had a beard as long as, if not longer than the Prophets (PBUH). Thank you all for reading my entry, and if a have offended or made a mistake please say so, i am always willing to learn and accept...
  2. Did We Really Evolve?!

    There is alot of evidence to suggest we DID evolve from chimpanzees, and share parts of our brain with the PIGEON?! But the issue i have stumbled across as a muslim and a teenager, my mind wonders why we could not have evolved from, any of Allahs creatures, but why are we forced to belive that Adam and Eve were the first to be created, i do not wish to cause controversy, but what evidence is there in this world that suggests we did come from Adam and Eve??
  3. How Do You Know Islam Is The Right Religion?

    Hi, i have just started here and am not as knowledgable of Islam as many of us, but i am proud to be a muslim and happy with what i am knowledgable of, i will try my very best to put my opinion in the simplest way possible: I belive that Islam is the only true religion, and without any controversy, would like to say that the Bible has no real evidence of Jesus's actions, as it was written by people who never actually met Jesus. However the Quran is the complete truth and the word of Allah. I would also like to mention that life being a test seems only reasonable, and all these atheists seem to brainwashing young teenagers, and being a teenager myself, would understand being surrounded by lots of atheistic people in my society.
  4. Islam in England

    Hi, i am also a british muslim, and i am proud of it, i do not think we should consider ourselves just muslims or just brits, we should be proud of who we ar, and Allah will be proud of us, inshallah
  5. Are You Worried?

    I hav very little to say about the topic, but i hope i can express my feelings wholefully: I belive that we are all going to die one day, and that, as long as we have been righteous muslims and/or good people death or the end of the world should not worry us, we should be grateful for the lives of our families and our ancestors, and, of course, our own!
  6. Let's Write Here Interesting Facts About Islam!

    Hi, I am new at this so forgive me if i bore you! I hav some interesting and unusual facts about Islam: The Quran says that we should stand up for ourselves and that we can harm people, but only if they harm us.... However, the Quran also says that we should not fight sin with sin, and that we should realise the weakness of others and not fight or cuss at all! Which one do you agree with??