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  1. Insha 'Allah if God wills for me to live to 84...that I may be of such sound mind. Masha 'Allah. The one thing that stuck out in my mind...what James said...Islam is preserved in an unchanging book, the Qur'an. Islam does not change its teachings or moral practices. God's laws do not change. He compared it to Christianity which continuously seems to be trying to 'keep up with the times'. Now remember, he's 84...so he's witnessed a lot of changes, including the devolution of human conduct. As James correctly pointed out, the way kids behave nowadays, unrestrained feminism, alcoholism, gambling...all manifestations of Godlessness. Indeed these are the ills of modern society...and ultimately what happens when we follow man's laws instead of God's laws. Indeed, the solution does lie in Islam, but it must be the real Islam. The Islam without bidah. The Islam of the prophet, the true sunnah of the prophet. That is the real challenge that Islam faces today...how do we bring it back? Peace. Odobknarf.
  2. Why Were The Humans Created

    Assalamu 'alaykum, Indeed you are so right sister. If we really think about it...our challenge is to willingly submit to God. But how can we willingly submit unless we are TRULY GRATEFUL for all of God's favours He has bestowed upon us? Can anyone willingly submit if he is not truly grateful? No, not really...it would then be a forced or grudging submission...which in my view is a form of disbelief. Indeed you are right sister...only when someone truly appreciates God's favours, only when someone is truly grateful to God...only then can he humbly and willingly submit himself to God...because he will want to do so...out of recognition of the gravity of what God has done for him. The all encompassing Oneness of God and His unlimited generosity towards his creatures, instills in the grateful person the desire to worship God through the most meaningful of all ways...which is REALIZATION - the realization and appreciation, to begin with, of the things he already has. Peace and Blessings. Odobknarf.
  3. La Tahzan

    Great post! May Allah reward you for it. Peace and blessings. Odobknarf.
  4. Life's Goal/aim

    Complete freedom lies in total submission.
  5. Thank you sharing this wonderful post...I truly enjoyed it. Peace. Odobknarf
  6. How's your finger now? Is it better? :sl: I think what you're basically saying is this...if we do every single act keeping God in mind...that we do every single act for the sake of God...that is the key to being in total submission to Him. And if we are in total submission to God...if we are His true servants...then perhaps even the smallest of deeds can be counted as good, rather than neutral, because we are remembering God at all times. So, if we are drinking a glass of water...and are thanking God for making it available to us...the act of drinking that water now becomes a good deed because of gratitude to God and recognizing Him as our source for all things. Perhaps sister Rabz Anjie said it best... Peace. Odobknarf.
  7. If All The Oceans Were Ink

    Two Chipmunks and a Squirrel This past weekend, when I was camping, sitting by the fire...I happened to be eating some peanuts. Soon, my two children joined in as well. And soon enough after that, along came two chipmunks and a squirrel. I wasn't sure if it was against campground rules to feed them or not...I felt bad for them as they eagerly watched us. After all, we had so many peanuts...but the two chipmunks and the squirrel had none. I couldn't help myself…I wanted to share some of God's bounty with them...so I fed them. The 2 chipmunks ate the peanuts directly from my children’s hands - my kids were thrilled by that - but the squirrel was more comfortable eating from a distance. As I watched the 2 chipmunks and the squirrel first shell the peanuts, eat some of them...and stuff others into their mouths so that their cheeks expanded...lol it was funny. But I realized they were following God's laws 100%...it was their way of worshipping God. It's how God made them. They were obeying God just by the mere act of eating and scurrying about. I thought to myself…in every single thing the 2 chipmunks and the squirrel did, they worshipped God - every single thing without exception! How can we as human beings do the same thing considering we have free will? Yes, I understand on the big decisions or the mandatory things like praying and giving zakat, we worship God. But is there a way for us as human beings to do everything, just living life in a way that we worship God all the time? Is there a way, we as human beings, can be like the two chipmunks and the squirrel? Peace. Odobknarf.
  8. Thank you for this information brother. This is what I was trying to drill down to. Is there any way to make a neutral act into a good one? Even if it's just grooming (brushing your teeth, combing your hair, etc.) or holding the door open for someone. What if the same act is done by a Believer vs non-Believer? If it's a good deed for a believer will it be a good deed for non-believer as well? Peace. Odobknarf
  9. Do you think there are any intentions or actions that are neither good or bad?
  10. This thread is entitled "Must Every Intention Or Action Be Either Good Or Bad"? I mentioned the 7 heavens only from the perspective of what it takes to get to the highest level...the essence of this thread is about what makes an intention or action, however insignificant, good or bad, and can some actions be neutral. If you would like to discuss the definition of the seven levels of heaven, as it relates to the observable universe and the Qur'anic verses in question...you may start another topic...please. Thanks. Odobknarf.
  11. France Rejects Veiled Muslim Wife

    Assalamu 'alaykum, I completely agree with you sister. The legal issue is not of the veil, which is a controversial issue in Islam itself, rather the right to freedom of religion. By adding in its cultural preferences France is trying to have it's cake and eat it too. How can it effectively say... "you can freely practice your religion...oh but just one minor little insiginficant thing that we forgot to mention when you uprooted your life and belongings and came here...oops sorry about that...teehee..it's in the fine print somewhere...we just know it is...you are not allowed to cover your face, you may however remove as much of your clothing as you like, even if there is no clothing on you whatsoever, at one our beaches. Come to France, don't put on too much clothing, but take off as much as you like." Now isn't this ridiculous? But that's what it amounts to. What's truly amazing is that the highest court in France upheld cultural preference over clear cut legal rights. Now to me, that's what's really concerning. And I think the reason for this is no separation in France between it's Executive/Administrative arm and it's legal arm... The kettle is judging whether or not the pot is black. Peace. Odobknarf
  12. Assalamu 'alaykum, Thank you Mr. Repins for your efforts. I would have to agree with brother ahamed that this thread is not about science in the Qur'an. For the record however, it is clear that God is not referring to the 7 levels of the earth's atmosphere as is made clear by the following verses: 41:12 Then He completed and finished from their creation (as) seven heavens in two Days and He made in each heaven its affair. And We adorned the nearest (lowest) heaven with lamps (stars) to be an adornment as well as to guard (from the devils by using them as missiles against the devils). Such is the Decree of Him the All-Mighty, the All-Knower. 37:6 Verily! We have adorned the near heaven with the stars (for beauty). What we call 'everything', our entire universe...is in fact only the first level of heaven in the kingdom of God. We live in the first level of heaven right now. But there are 6 levels of heaven above this one. On the Day of Judgement, the earth we live in and our entire known universe, the first level of heaven, will be transformed into another heaven...as God sees fit...as a home for the True Believers. 14:48 One Day - when the earth is turned into another earth, the heavens into another heaven - and people all appear before God, the One, the Overpowering... Yes brother ahamed...you are right this is the wrong thread... My questions still remain to ponder... 1. Is there such a thing as an intention or action that can be considered neutral...that is, neither good or bad? And if it is neutral, then it doesn't affect us one way or the other on the Day of Judgement. If so, then how can a neutral act have any purpose since it brings with it no value on the Day of Judgement? 2. If there is no such thing as a neutral intention or action, then what is it that makes the seemingly smallest of intentions or actions...either good or bad? These are important questions...as they give clues on how we can conduct our lives in a way of Ihsan...the search for perfection...and thereby attain entrance into the higher levels of heaven....insha 'Allah. Peace. Odobknarf.
  13. Assalamu 'alaykum, Thank you for your posts brother Aaqib...I do enjoy them... You are right...I was thinking of referencing each point but was concerned the post may become too long...so I thought it might be more effective to reference verses as the thread evolves. Let's then begin by looking at the following verses insha 'Allah: 50:4 "We know very well what the earth takes away from them: We keep a comprehensive record." 50:16-19 "We created man - We know what his soul whispers to him: We are closer to him than his jugular vein - with two receptors set to record, one on this right side and one on his left: The trance of death will bring the Truth with it: this is what you tried to escape." 50:29-32 "...I sent you a warning and My word cannot be changed. I am not unjust to any creature. We shall say to Hell on that day, 'Are you full? and it will reply, 'Are there no more?' But Paradise will be brought close to the righteous and will no longer be distant: This is what you were promised - this is foreveryone who turned often to God and kept Him in mind..." 99:6-8 "On that Day, people will come forward in separate groups to be shown their deeds: whoever has done an atom's weight of good will see it, but whoever has done an atom's weight of evil will see that." We can see from these verses...God has clearly stated 1. He will not be unjust (50:29-32) 2. He knows us better than we know ourselves including therefore our intentions (50:16-19) 3. He records every single thing we do (50:4) right down to the tiniest detail (99:6-8). Now consider also what you wrote: I was not aware of the Islamic concept of Ihsan (seeking perfection) until you just mentioned it. But really, this is what I'm getting at...and what I've been thinking about for some time now. After all, why are there are 7 levels of heaven? Why? We cannot ignore this...it is a fact: 71:15-16 "See you not how Allah has created the seven heavens one above another, and made the moon a light in their midst, and made the sun a Lamp?" And since there are seven levels...what is the difference between one level and another? It is only nearness to God is it not...nearness to the ultimate truth...nearness to His light. What I'm trying to get at is this. Are we here just to live our lives trying just to make it to heaven...just scrape by? Is this the goal we set for ourselves? Shouldn't we as Believers try our best to make it to the highest level? Shouldn't this be the purpose of our lives? To help ourselves first and those around us next...to make it to the highest level? But how do we get there? How do we get to the highest level? Now one clue might be this...if every single intention or action we do...must by necessity be classified as either good or bad...i.e. cannot be neutral...no matter how small it is...well, we have to ask ourselves...what makes the smallest of action...like the way we treat even lifeless objects...what exactly is it...that makes a thing good or bad? The answer to this may give us a clue on how to conduct our lives...right down to an atom's weight...so that we may reach the highest level of heaven...insha 'Allah. But what exactly is this difference...what makes the smallest thing good or bad in the eyes of God? Does anyone know? Peace. Odobknarf.
  14. Assalamu ‘alaykum, With each passing moment death beckons us. When death finally arrives, as it must, our records will be sealed; nothing will be omitted from our record of deeds – however small or large it may be. Our fate lies only with God’s mercy on the Day of Judgement. On that Day, if our records are given in our right hand…we will be one of those who will be well pleased with God, and God well pleased with us. We will be given entry into gardens made especially for us…what a pleasant resting place! But if, on that Day, our records are given in our left hand…we will be one of those who are the accursed. We will be ignored by God just as we ignored Him in the present life; hell will be our abode – what an evil destination! Consider then…there is nothing between heaven and hell; there is only good and evil. There is no neutral zone. Does this mean that any intention or deed we do, no matter how small, trivial or insignificant it may seem…must also be counted as either good or evil? That a deed cannot be neutral? This is an important question and has many consequences. For example, does the way we handle an empty glass of water matter?….Whether we slam it down on a table with arrogance…or keep God in mind and place it down with respect as His servant…will this be counted as a bad or good deed on the Day of Judgement? Now consider God says He has given speech to all things…that the very stone idols we worshipped will testify against those who worshipped them. If the stone idols are given speech…will the glass of water we might have slammed on the table…also testify against us on the Day of Judgement? If an intention or action is not counted as either good or bad…if it is neutral…then how can it have any value on the Day of Judgement…since it would not tip the scales one way or the other? And if it does not tip the scales - either light or heavy - then wasn’t that particular intention or action meaningless? Isn't the real meaning of a thing...what really makes it count...is it's value on the Day of Judgement? In my view…although I am not absolutely certain…every single intention or action…has a value and therefore a bearing on the Day of Judgement. If this is the case…then consider what that means on how we should behave in our every day lives…from the biggest things right down to the smallest things…how we smile, how we say hello, how we open a door...everything...and how this concept helps us understand what it truly means to be a slave of Allah...and how we should therefore act accordingly each and every day. Any thoughts? Peace and blessings. Odobknarf.
  15. My Last Post

    Assalamu alaykum.... I think it's my job as topic starter to preseve the integrity of this thread and maintain discussions according to topic. These latest exchanges are not adding any value here...I am requesting a moderator to delete the last few posts. Thank you. Odobknarf.