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  1. Walaikum assalam,I am talking about working for a MNC networking business where people from different regions and faith are participating to promote business all over the world.And of course the ingredients and the finished products are quite halal. From the viepoint of shariya I would like to know the concept and practice of this business is halal. As I said before some people are branding it as "haraam". Is there any fatwa issued by any of the darul ifta in this matter, in any part of the world.
  2. Waalaikum assalam, I am surpried to know that I had posted my question in the other language forum, violating rule no 23 of the forum.I am sorry for this mistake committed inadvertently. Because English is the only foreign languare I know. Jazaak Allah
  3. Assalam alaikum, I had posted one question on the above topic but found it removed. I would be thankful to know if there is any thread in the forum on the above topic I am interested to learn what the "Ulema" say about the permissibilty of Network Marketing in Islam Jazaak Allah
  4. Assalam alaikum, of late a lot of network marketing MNCs have entered India to market their products. For many a people it offers a source of side income to meet both the ends meet. Some of the people have been ripped by a few companies and have very bad experience. And there are good companies too with quality products and straight dealings. The issue is whether Network Marketing as a concept and business practice is halal or haram ? I would request forum members to comment what the Ulema say about this business Jazzakallah
  5. Ignorance Of The Message Of Quran

    Assalam alaikum, brother mrhyder I am giving the website url of the publishers,it is you are not allowed to post links yet harpercollins.co.uk.The email address is uk.orders[at]harpercollins.co.uk I tried their us office,but I did not get the email address for general queries ; they don't have like in UK.
  6. Ignorance Of The Message Of Quran

    Assalam alaikum, the publishers have realized the seriousness of the issue. I got a prompt response to my e-mail. The in charge of the public inquiries has replied that the book printed was some four years ago. But care would be taken to ensure that the mistake would not be repeated in the future .She has also apologized if the misquote has hurt my feelings. Well, I really appreciate the way the publishers have respondents . But by now millions of people might have read this book during these four years. But what is most intriguing is, what prompted the author to quote a lie. For everything there is some motivation. In this case what could be his motive?
  7. Ignorance Of The Message Of Quran

    Assalam alaikum, today I have e-mailed a letter to the publishers Harper Collins, and to my surprise they are based in UK,not US. I am expecting a reply from them.
  8. Ignorance Of The Message Of Quran

    Yes , will I shoot an e-mail to the publisher of the book. At the same time will somebody give me the names of a few Muslim bodies in the US, who can take up the issue with the publishers. They may not respond to a single voice of protest,but can't ignore a collective voice.
  9. Just A Simple Question

    Brother Aaqib, I fully endorse your view that our existence will be real if we follow the true peaceful path of Islam.Otherwise it has no meaning.We will be just like the other human beings,following what they fancy as good and bad ; what their passion dictates. Wassalam.
  10. Ignorance Of The Message Of Quran

    I do hope that this matter has been taken up with the publishers in the US. Wassalam
  11. Ignorance Of The Message Of Quran

    Sorry this is my reply to packham
  12. Ignorance Of The Message Of Quran

    That is not the answer. You want to weigh the issue in terms of Dollars and bytes,which is not correct.
  13. Assalam alaikum, I am back here after a long while. Reading books is one of my hobbies. While reading a novel "Dark Justice" by the world famous writer Jack Higgins,I was shocked to read what was written on the opening page of his book. "One sword is worth ten thousand words" The Quran I don't know from where he got the above misleading and mischievous sentence. I was just wondering that if a writer of such repute can be misled by the propaganda of the last many centuries,what distorted views a layman in Europe must be having about Islam and Quran. If somebody searches for the above sentence in the holy book even for hundred years, he will not find it. I am at a loss to understand what prompted the author to quote that. I request somebody from the West to comment on this.