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  1. Sure it does , for you can't claim to be a religious man , and engage in lies and slander at the same time . LOL.... a distraction ? Your lies are distractions from the truth ......YOU are a distraction . Your accusations against Eisenhower are a distraction , your bigoted aspersion of Eisenhowers alleged "jewish descendency " is a distraction , and your implication that because of that he oversaw death camps because he has alleged jewish descendency , your bigotry and propensity to lie , is more than obvious , .....distractions from your holocaust denial ....your " problem with the holocaust " ...all in fact DEFLECTIONS from the FACT that all you say is baseless , and motivated soley by your own personal bigotry . It is all relevant Yasnov , relevant to what you are , relevant to the very reason you started this thread.
  2. Blackout In Besieged Gaza City

    pay attention yasnov , I said "zionists " . go talk to your pal ###### , he knows who all the zionists are .
  3. David Duke another of your heroes yasnov ? I'll bet you cried real tears when you learned about Hitlers defeat . Nice BIGOTED statement about Eisenhower , your bigotry runs deep don't it Yasnov . You can't cover it over with your "student act ' , you're hardcore man , a true jew hater . You avoided my question Yasnov ...do you claim to be a religious guy ?
  4. Terrorist Syria Kills In Lebanon Again !

    Yes , there is plenty of Lebanese blood on Syrian hands .
  5. Blackout In Besieged Gaza City

    Dont forget your computers and cell phones , yup , zionist inventions and products . BTW - get off the net , more zionist technology . In fact the webhosting for this very forum , is quite possibly "zionists " .
  6. It is no wonder that Yasnov gravitates towards such websites , it wets his appetite ,which is that of a bigot . LOL.....just what is it , that you are "Guardian " of here , Yasnov ? Your charade here Yasnov , is only effective on imbeciles , you do see that don't you ? You are what you eat Yasnov , and it's pouring out of your ears . So you gleen your ...erm ..."facts " from nazi websites ...hmmm....that says alot about you Yasnov . You no doubt , are shameless about that too . And Russ says , " a possible bigoted motivation " ????? Hahaha , that's the understatement of the year . You're not a religious guy , are you Yasnov ?
  7. Yasnov , YOU are a laughing stock , and you are cpmpletely detached from the "academic world ". You are a shameless liar , and that's why I guess they want you on these threads , there is no other possible reason. YOU are the one with a psychological problem , and that is - pathological liar . Thus you are typical of most holocaust deniers . For they fall in basically TWO categories , one being the skin-heads-neo-nazis and just PLAIN OLD JEW HATERS , the other categfory being muslims and arabs who've got a beef with israel , and will embrace any theory or notion they believe will stregnthen their arguments against the jews . THAT is "your holocaust problem " . LOL....and is " a primer for morons " , and people with dysfunctional brains , incapable of any connective thought . Don't attempt to prop yourself up as an intellectual or even a curious student , you are neither . You are merely a brainwashed bigot , who has been trained to read and write .
  8. Yasnov , you are a liar , and you slander Eisenhower . There was no death camp you are simply enhancing your argument of "no holocaust " , so you attempt to discredit everyone and everything in WW2 , that supports the historical record . You are a LIAR , and that is why they made you " Islamic Guardian " . The moderators of this board should be ashamed of having one such as you representing this forum , but they don't . And that is because YOU uphold their agenda . Apprentice has your number , you are nothing more than a jew hater , and now you attack Eisenhower , who btw was of German ancestry . So I guess he hated his parents eh ? You will never realize how utterly stupid you appear to anyone with a working brain , and you are a discredit to your Indonesian fellows , for people may actually think everyone in Indonesia is as dumb and ignorant as you ....think about it . You should be ashamed of your lies and slander, but you hide behind the excuse of "I found it on a website " ....and even though you know it to be a lie , you support it nonetheless .....you have no shame . "monkey's are superior to men ,in this: - a monkey looks in the mirror and sees a monkey "
  9. LOL....it means that you are a Liar Yasnov .