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  1. YOU "dont know for sure " ...the rest of the intellectual world does . Yasnov , your motis operandi , for most of the scandalous statements you make , is based and predicated on just that type of "phony doubts " ....you do the same with every issue .....you "don't know for sure " ...and that is your rational for introducing "your version ". Is ther anything that you DO know Yasnov ? It would seem so when you are accusing jews and zionists , of these things you have no doubts . All of a sudden , things become " definitive " . LOL...you lie "in reverse " Yasnov , it is a tactic of deciet . And you seem to be quite good at it . As if you have been trained . Know this Yasnov , regardless of what your mentors or trainers have brainwashed you into believing or disbelieving . The Protocols of the Eders of Zion , is a false and fraudulent document . This is an indisputable irrefutable FACT . There are no doubts . It is what you desire to believe , because you are of the same mind as the man who originally perpetrated it almost 100 years ago . He was a bigot and you are a bigot .....the only difference is that you have differing agendas. - if someone has taught you this , then that person is a bigot , and has transfered that bigotry to you .
  2. LOLOLOL.....and fom Indonesia :sl: :sl:
  3. LOL....now Yasnov will teach you American History, Russ . LOLOLOLOL
  4. Yasnov , learn some common sense , and learn about cognizant connective thought process . There is no logical reason to believe the 'protocols " as authentic and valid . You insist on doing so however , in light of worldwide concurrence on the FACT that it is a plaguerized and fraudulent document . You leave one , to no other conclusion , other than you are a bigot . This is not my fault , for I would expect to be described the same way myself , had I held your position on this . It is YOUR fault sir , that any observor would conclude that you are a bigot . You embrace the protocols , and holocaust denial as well , therefore you place yourself in a position to be criticized . You are certainly free to hate whomsoever you wish , to any degree that you wish , and are also free to hold any view under the sun , but you are not free to avoid the inevitable criticism . You hae been proven wrong on both issues , therefore what is it that you want ? An apology for an accurate description ? You yourself have leveled the description : "zionist slaves " at a number of people on these threads , and I'm sure they have found them less than pleasant . So what are you complaining about ?
  5. Yasnov says : "if it is a fact " ? ....lolololololol IT IS A FACT YASNOV . Today you have been educated properly .
  6. good point , however there are more than enough people STILL ALIVE , with first hand knowledge regarding the holocaust . And they are not only the survivors , who wre rescued by Allied Forces towards the end of the war , but German citizens themselves who are witnesses , Soviet troops as well as American ,French ,British , and Polish forces ...ALL witnessed and recorded what actually happened , the veracity of these things remains unquestioned...there is simply too much evidence , too many witnesses , too many documents , too many films , for any rational person to deny these events occured in precisely the way history ,the witnesses , the survivors , the film and document records has narrated them . In other words there is no question , and far too many FIRST HAND WITNESSES AND VICTIMS , still alive , who stand as a brick wall AGAINST ALL ATTEMPTS , at revisionism , for whatever PURPOSES . So where does Eisenhower fit in ? As Yasnov so likes to bring up ? [ and contort ] . Eisenhower was repulsed by what the Germans did in the death camps , he was repulsed by the German people who claimed they did not know , as the woke up every day with the odor of burning human flesh in their nostrils . He therefore forced those people living in proximity of those camps to be marched through them and SEE , and then made them BURY the bodies . THIS was the "hatred " that Yasnov attempts to use as a diversion , but in reality it was a euphemism for Eisenhowers utter REVULSION of the behavior he witnessed , subsequently , the prisoners now freed were in fact allowed to attack their now defeated tormentors , this too is documented on film . Many of them attempted to shed their uniforms and escape , but were identified by their own victims , and for these there was no sympathy , and yes , little concern that they be left to live , let alone be fed . There was no great concern to feed anyone , until the fighting was finished and a semblance of order took place . Eisenhower allowed those citizens to feel the same pangs of hunger that was put upon their victims , but DID NOT starve them to death - another fallacy . THERE WAS NO " MURDER OR SLAUGHTER " as Yasnov , so ficticiously purports to have occurred , and perpetrated upon the German people "due to Eisenhowers alleged hatred of Germans " , this is a farce ....a LIE . Many German civilians were indeed killed , in the course of the war as the Germans fought to the end , holed up in cities , and amongst civilian populations ...the subsequent bombing and shelling of these cities , exacted that toll until the Reich unconditionally surrendered ....that is WAR .
  7. Terrorist Syria Kills In Lebanon Again !

    Dont go pointing at something else . we are talking about what SYRIA IS DOING TO LEBANON AND THE LEBANESE .....SPECIFICALLY .....KILLING LEBANESE AND ASSASINATING THEIR LEADERS . Dont change the subject ###### . The maronites have got nothing to do with Syria , nor do the christians ,the zionists , or anyone else . You want to bring up "massacres " ? what about the 10,000 Lebanese christians slaughtered in 1982 ? WHO DID THAT ###### ?????? The FACT that Syria is murdering Lebanese , KILLING their leaders by Assasination , is a charged leveled by the LEBANESE THEMSELVES ... Do YOU know better than they ??????????????
  8. Yasnov , you can not defend your position as a holocaust denier . You have no argument , you have no credibility . You are simply reacting , as any bigot , when EXPOSED will act . That's all you got Yasnov , your bigotry . as another poster has already said , holocaust denial is " low " , you are at the bottom , and noe of your arguments regarding this denial of an historical fact , can even remotely be considered to be "intellectual " .
  9. LOL.....how did Eisenhower get on the "Protocol thread " ??????????? Yasnov , you seem to want to drag Eisenhower into evrything , not only slandering him based on your "website scholars " , but to cover your bigotry . Look ..YOU deny the Holocaust ....that makes you a bigot , plain and simple , you cannot claim ignorance . You opened that thread , and were soundly put in your place .....Younow attempt to do what ? Defend the "protocols " as a real and valid document ? Yasnov ....get a real education , for what you have now is merely a facade, something which appears to be aneducation , but is simply hollow and devoid of any reality or fact . The more you attempt to prove the veracity of the Protocols , the more foolish you appear , ANY excuses regarding a ratioal or reason for an obviously false document are equally as foolish . The protocoils , as it is used toiday , by people like you , is nothing more than a tool of contempt , and a manifestation of an overbearing hatred for jews. face it Yasnov , that's exactly what you are all about . Anyone who cannot see THAT is blind , deaf and dumb .
  10. Terrorist Syria Kills In Lebanon Again !

    LOL.....you mean all we read are " Lebanese baseless allegations against Syria " .... But I guess you , ###### ,...... YOU know better than the Lebanese themselves ,no ?
  11. you're very welcome ......after all "luving to learn " means ....actually .....learning , and that leads to ....KNOWING . Amazing , isn't it ?
  12. Terrorist Syria Kills In Lebanon Again !

    ah , a minimalist .....go tell that to the Lebanese , who , whenever they raise up a leader for the real Lebanon...the Syrians kill them . Besides , a muslim opened the thread , go tell him .
  13. Terrorist Syria Kills In Lebanon Again !

    Tell me, who do you think was responsible for Hiriri's assasination ?
  14. Terrorist Syria Kills In Lebanon Again !

    By the time you have your idea of proof zeinab , the Syrians will have wiped out all true Lebanese leaders . Methinks you're closing your eyes . But hey , you don't have to worry if you're not Lebanese and living in Lebanon . If you are .........then you had better wake up .
  15. You "have heard " ? And your sn is "Luv2Learn " ?? Well then ...why haven't you ? Men do not navigate through life by "what they have heard " , but rather by what they know . So if you don't know , then by all means , investigate , study in earnest and LEARN .