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  1. Dont put words in my mouth Yasnov , and learn to read the posts more carefully , dancings remarks were a sarcasm on prevailing attitudes on your part and among muslims and arabs of the region .


    You did not get that did you ?


    What I said is what I said . Not what you try to impune .

  2. What Yasnov is saying is , as long as the US supports israel , Bin laden and people like him will find a rationale and justification to kill Americans .


    There's no need to be coy here Yasnov , most Americans are quite aware of this .


    America's "evil " of course , is its support of israel , and it's not likely that , THAT will go away any time soon either .


    You [and them ] had better learn to deal with that , you know ..."on the way ".



    And yes , we already know the capacity on the part of those like Bin Laden [and those who think like him ] to take innocent lives ....that is demonstrated explicitly everyday .



    America is not going out of buisiness anytime soon either .

  3. Oh , I just love those 'rules ' . Here's some you forgot to add ......


    if you dont think you're a zionist ....then you ARE a zionist .


    if you disagree with anything that I say ...then you are a zionist .


    Makes sense don't it ?