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  1. Middle East Undersea Cable Cutting

    hahahaha .....Luv2learn ....I see you are still ............"loving to learn ".....lololol
  2. Middle East Undersea Cable Cutting

    Doesn't take much to start a WAR RUMOR ....does it ? Nor does it take much to get Yasnov to spin another conspiracy theory . LOL.....WW3 , will commence with cutting off your internet ......brilliant !! Hey Yasnov , this has all the earmarks of another "false flag operation " .....could be Ahmadinejab trying to force his messianic era of chaos ....eh ? What ? Iranians dont know how to cut undersea cables ? Iranians dont have submarines ? lol....Iranians are not stupid enough to do it ? LOLOLOLOLOLOL...
  3. Egads Cow of the Sea , I think you've contracted Yasnov's irrationality ! No one seeks to change minds ....Yasnovs mind is UNCHANGEABLE ....or haven't you noticed ? I seek to expiate the truth regarding an historical event . An event widely accepted , thoroughly recorded and duly witnessed . An event that cannot be denied , nor minimized in any way . I do not "believe in the holocuast " in the sense one would "believe in God " or as yasnov's terrible analogy , the Atheist 'who does not " .....it is not a question of what I desire to believe , or choose to believe .I do not choose to believe the nazis invaded Poland , ....they simply did , my opinion as to the actuality of that event is irrelevant . As I said yasnov , performs an art of deception , he knows well the english language and there is nothing lost in the translation , Yasnov does in fact willfully decieve . Yasnov's word games are in fact true and purposed digressions from truth , and with definitive agenda and objective . Repeater affords Yasnov "weasel room " , a way to wiggle out of what he said , and what he truly understood , and truly implied , and that was, that Herzel is alleged by yasnov , through inference or implication or the spoken word , indicated a one world government under the zionists as they are portrayed in another libel , the Protocols . Are you naive repeater ? Or do you attempt to defend yasnov's position ? Either way you come to naught , for yasnov's position is based in fallacy as is his world view . He floats his false statements and depending on reaction , invents word games to deny he made the false statement to begin with . This does work in the case of dupes and useful idiots , but in an intellectual discussion where facts and logi.come into play , Yasnov is left far behind in the dust , of adolescent bullcrap. To use revisionist lies as a basis for any intelligent discussion , one loses the argument before even opening the mouth .For the premise , from the start is in error . I d not argue with yasnov , to convince him of any greater truth , i simply expose him for what he is .....and THAT is quite obvious . If you guys choose to "shadow box " with yasnov's irrational and deceptive mind , lol...feel free , for you will not reach him by logical conclusion nor deductive reaoning , for his motives are based in bigotry , and WHEN have you EVER met a rational bigot ? LOL....I seek not to convince Yasnov , but simply to expose him , anything else is futile .With yasnov , the facts , the history , and the logic , have already been forever abandoned in his embrace of bigotry . Smarten up lads .
  4. Middle East Undersea Cable Cutting

    Hey ....."All's fair in love and war " .......so what if an undersea cable gets "cut " .
  5. LOL....disproportionate Yasnov ? tell me how much of a true fact is "disproportionate " ??? I must say Yasnov , your "pronouncements " are something the likes of which I have never encountered in any sane conversation or discussion . You would try to argue that India borders France , and thus defend your position by claiming "the right " to "dispute facts " .......and thus your opponents insistance that you are obviously and undeniably WRONG , is seen by you as ...."a disproportionate response " // HA-HA-HA-HA , Yasnov , I dont know who taught you your ways , but they did you no favor , Have fun , you are beyond immature and uneducated , and I wish the sea-cow all the luck in attempting to "untwist " your contorted rationals ....lol....which are in fact IRRATIONAL. At the end of the day Yasnov , for all your wqeaseling and lieing , and just plain B.S.ing , the holocaust is real , it happened , just the way the whole REST OF THE WORLD KNOWS IT TO BE , except of course disgruntled muslims like you and ###### ,and Sudden who feel cheated out of your fair share of sympathy , which by the way you will never attain , because you base your case in lies , like the ones you perpetrate here . Sorry yasnov , people are just not as stupid as YOU were taught they might be . But hey ###### will buy what your selling , and no doubt "the sea-cow " will be kind to you . Knock yourselves out , and hope you dont encounter too much ....lol....."disproportionate truth " lol....as i can well imagine , must be quite painful .
  6. Atheism , and /or belief in God or a god , are matters of opinion, thoroughly recorded historical events are not . It is not a matter of opinion whether the Protocols is a real document ...it is not . Nor is it a matter of opinion that an intentional genocidecalled "the holocaust " was directed , and executed by the nazi regime , specifically against the jews . Yes others did suffer during WW 2 , in fact 55 million did in fact die. But 6 million of that number died for no other reason than their ethnicity [being jewish ] . And these were summarily executed in a number of barbaric and inhuman ways , to the very point of questioning the humanity itself of the perpetrators . It does not overshadow the total casualties of the War , but it does stand alone as a genocide , no different from the genocide perpetrated against the Armenians , which is where the very term "genocide " originated from originated . The numbers and methods , the proofs , crematoria and camps , the thousands of witnesses and video evidence , stand , as they have stood for 60 or so years . So what is it as proof , do you present , other thgan opinion , that these things did not occur ? Do you think because you can find a website , where the OPINIONS of holocaust deniers are held up as truths , will validate your argument ? You say you are annoyed that you "had to listen "to what ? ....the "defense " , "rage " , "screams " , rhetoric and hysterics ? Oh poor Yasnov , pity you , now you know what the rest of the world hears from your group , lol....just listen to ranting rhetoric f your buddy ###### . But keep in mind , there'd be no ruckus regarding the holocaust , if there was not people like yourself denying it happened , and peopole likeyou holding up the protocols as a true document . And just loook at the legnths YOU and your asociaites on this board and thread have gone to defend what the whole entire world KNOWS ,and has KNOWN , to be a totally false document . The world KNOWS who wrote and why , The whole world knows when and where , ands all the circumstances surrounding this fraudulent document , yet look at HOW you people cling to it as an "anthem " , an "affirmation " for all your fears and complaints !!! I find this peculiar , in the highest degree , for it matters not,that you cling to a known falsehood to affirm your views ???? I do however understand your 'method " or mechanism , for one to support the other , for belief of the protocols , infers a world wide conspiracy , and that conspiracy no doubt , includes the "holocaust ' , one is used to validate the other in a ridiculous circular argument based on a lie at each end . My guess is that you choose not to see this either , and you most likely have no problem with that . The greater reality here , is that you've embraced known falsehoods and attempt to "pose " them as logical arguments , when in truth , your " logic " left the tracks and derailed , the moment you made your first false claims . But goodluck with your ...erm .... uh ....."arguments " with sea-cow , I 'm sure it will provide further entertainment , but unfortunately , no truth .....at least that is , coming from your part .