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  1. He's got you number Yasnov .......jew-bashing 's your method . Holocaust denial is only PART of that personality that makes up your "world view " . For in it , "zionists ' ,The Protocols " , the whole epertoire that you spew out constantly . ALL OF IT IS REQUIRED , to uphold your world view and that of others of your lot . "The Eternal Victimhood " at the hands of the "All Powerfull Zionists " ....after all ...LOOK AT THE PROTOCOLS ......that false document that you people wildly accept and hold up as proof for your baseless allegations . Yes INDEEEEED Yasnov , You DO have problems with the holocaust .....BIG PROBLEMS .....it is a mountain of truth that you must 'knock down ' in oprder to rationalize and justify your views , and you world view . You have no other explanation of WHY , the world has not simply FALLEN INTO LINE SUPPORTING YOUR LOT ......it must be the holocaust , and the sympathy for the jew that you people believe is responsible for world opinion towards you .....and of course behind it all ....." A Zionist Plot " ....revealed in the "Protocols " ...yes there it is , the proof , it is your justification for all of your behavior !!! A phony document , in which you find your "Rosetta Stone " of rational , your excuse to do what you do . The FACT that it is a PROVEN FRAUD , is meaningless to your lot , as it is a Library Item in your greatest Universities , and a best seller in many of your muslim dominated countries . THEREFORE : .....even though a proven fraud , YOU MUST DEFEND IT IT . As I said and as it has been said , this is not nor ever was an intellectual discussion , it is purely on YOUR PART ...DEFENDING AN IDEOLOGY - SUPPORTING A RATIONALE -JUSTIFYING A PARTICULAR BEHAVIOR - Any building established on a false cornerstone will come tumbling down , the Protocols , and subsequent holocaust denial , which your lot uses the protocols to support , will all come tumbling down eventually . It already has in the world outside of yours . And you wonder WHY , you always lose in the court of world opinion ???? Just look at the threads listed in this section , you grasp for staws and struggle to change world opinion , and can not , which in turn cause you to blame 'zionists ' for that TOO . Yasnov , you will always find among westerners and non-muslims , " usefull idiots " on the web . And they will always attempt to disguise personal bias and opinion as FACT . And with varying motives ...none of whic are a pursuit of truth . It is YOUR responsibility to discern these things , something which, at the present , you are failing miserably at .
  2. LOL......THERE ARE NONE OF YOUR ARGUMENTS THAT KEEP ME "SLEEPLESS AT NIGHT " --you give your weak arguments far too much credit . None of them withstand the truth . So : GO AHEAD YASNOV .....BY ALL MEANS ....."DISMANTLE" WHAT YOU AND YOUR DENIERS CALL LIES ....JUST REMEMBER TO USE FACTS ,AND DISPENSE WITH YOUR BIGOTED OPINIONS , USE FACTS <AND PUT THEM ON THE TABLE > THE DOCUMENTS COMPILED BYTHE NAZIS ARE THERE , YOU WISH TO REFUTE THEM THEN DO SO ....SHOW THEY ARE FALSE , ALONG WITH ALL THE VIDEO EVIDENCE FROM SOVIET AND ALLIED FORCES AND ALL THE WITNESSES .....GO AHEAD ...PUT UP YOUR FACTS AND DISPROVE THEM .. You can discuss these things till the cows come home , until you provide proof , evidence , facts , that all that is and has been in the public domain , and all that is universally accepted by academia ,and world scholarship , you are offering nothing more than Barnes ....and that is his own biased revisionism of the historical facts ,based on : HIS OWN INTERPRETATIONS OF THE MOTIVES OF THE NAZIS AND THE ALLIES . Sorry Yasnov , that 's not fact ,but conjecture , pleasedo round off your education , so that you may know the difference , lesrt you fall victim to "more opinion " on your selected "denier websites " , for they feed on people like you , lacking the education to know the critical differences beteween fact and opinion . You are the one "loosing sleep " for you have no way to disprove the hoilocaust as it is presently accepted , nor can you EVER prove the Protocols to be in ANY way valid /real or authentic documents . Your own WORLD VIEW COLLAPSES , with the collapse of your allegations , all that has been taught you , and inculcated in your thinking by your parents and teachers and peers , all comes crumbling down , so you have much to loose , regarding these two issue , on which you and many of your lot have shaped their very lives around . The truth in this instance is your enemy , as you struggle to supress it . But it will not be suppressedby your opinion or those of your fellow deniers . The Burden of Proof is On YOU ,so you must provide it , and not the nonsensical opinions from your selected holocaust-deniers and their websites . And here's an intellectual hint Yasnov , if you so much as base one sentence of your "theories of holocaust denial " in the "Protocols ' , then you lose the argument before you start , because that document is false , and you base your arguments in a known lie .
  3. Are you trying to say that the facts about the holocaust as is commonly accepted today is WRONG ? Was there not 6 million jews murdered ? Was it not a plan initiated by Hitler himself and carried out by the regime ? LOL....you say " claim of facts " ???? These things are claimed ? and not KNOWN ? Who are you trying to kid ? Me ? or yourself ? The Protocols is not a false document ? Where is the refuting evidence to lay claim that it is real ? The burden of p[roof is on those who wish to deny the accepted hidtporical facts , and if you want to know where to attain facts ...go to your library , check the very archives of the German people themselvers , view the videos taken by the soviet liberating troops , the Allied troops , all the thousands of eyewitnesses who have attested to these things . Who , 60 years later ,wishes or attempts to deny what happened ? You ? yasnov ? Sea cow ? You do not offend me , you offend the truth , sea cow is meaningless to me , other than a self -made apologetic for people like Yasnov , and I'm sure sea cow has his own agenda , whatever it may be , it is not the exposition of the truth , but rather the introduction of doubt , with no facts , no evidence , in fact nothing other than the revisionist opinions of questionable authors and avowed bigots and holocaust deniers . The only excuses I have heard for these weak arguments are that the personal views of people on either side of the issue or East and West or Us and Them ....alll of that is totally irrelevant in an intelligent discussion and debate . The Protocols are a FALSE document ,save all your personal observations and opinion , they are meaningless , if you wish to prove them a real document , then PRODUCE EVIDENCE , the burden is on YOU , for there is a mountain of evidence in the public domain showing quite clearly that they are false . The same is true forthe holocaust , prove those established and recorded facts incorrect , prove all the video evidence wrong , prove the thousands of eyewitnesses wrong , tell me where the missing 6 million jews of Europe had gone. Ramlah , you offer nothing more than thev meaningless diversion that Yasnov attempts . This thread was initiated by likeminded individuals who would deny the holocaust and proclaim the Protocols as a true document ....both these claims are patently false and any and all takers here who attempt to defend those positions have failed to produce anything of value as to a refutation , but offer only opinion and smokescreen diversions when pressed for that proof ......as you are now doing yourself . "bursting the real data " ......that's childish , and is totally meaningless relative to the issues involved , and if you're trying to be a comedian ....then you had better ..."keep your day job " .
  4. Lotof steam Sea Cow , in defense of what I just don't know , perhaps you enjoy defending and making excuse for ignorance . I do not , fort there is far too many credible soyurces for earnest investigation . The holocaust denier/ minimizer isnmotivated by pre-concieved notion , personla bigotry , and is devoid of intellectual curiosity as ysnov would have YOU believe , as far as "how zionisats are percieved in the M.E . " ? well yasnov's in Indonesia , ..."zionists are believed to exist everywhere" quite literally in their paranoid mindset . Protocols ' no doubt provides 'affirmation ' to their bigoted aspersions and accusations of the jews that they hate . And that in full knowledge .....yes FULL KNOWLEDGE , that the document is patently false , but it provides them a rationale , so this "little matter ' of whether or not a valid document , tales a back seat to the overall ideological motive . And you know Sea Cow , it's not as if no one is getting killed over these false beliefs , this embracement of lies , this spreading of blood libels and prpoaganda . The FACTS are there Sea cow , and for the sake of whatever moral equivelance you are attempting to apply , they have not changed nor has anyone as of yet disproved them . This is history , and not a contest between perception that one has of the other , that is your simplistic explanation . The only "dance going on here " is the one you and yasnov are doing around the truth . Knock yourselves out .
  5. Sea Cow , the Protocols are a FRAUD ....what is it in the way of 'wider reading " would you like me to examine regarding the document ? Do you want me to consider Yasnovs EXCUSES for doubting the validity of the historical and intellectual conclusion thta theProtocols are a FRAUD ? And if so , what part of his arguments should be considered ? His unmitigarted bias ? His rejection of the world body of scholars and historians ? The same holds true for te holocaust , for Yasnov is atleast not that ignorant to think he can get away with stating that no jews were killed by plan , by the nazi regime , so the next best, is an attempt to minimize it , give excuse for it {oddly enough "the protocols ' are used in this respect } Sea Cow ,if you wish to patronize yasnov , make excuse for his position , or simply present yourself as his sychophant , please feel free , but do not attempt to do so through me . I am sure of my position , I have historical facts from many sources , to back my position . All Yasnov has is his "faux-doubts " which do in effect serve a purpose ....his purpose ....and it is not an intellectual endeavor . Perhaps you should read his words a bit more closely . P.s. there is no "extreme view " on truth , you sound like Yasnov . The protocols are true or false , the holocaust happened , resulting in atleast 6 million dead jews or did not happen . The issue of the holocaust IS NOT that others occurred , for the very word was coined to describe THIS particular act of genocide , and THAT word [genocide ] coined to describe what the Turks did to 2 million or so Armenians , and yes Stalin murdered almost 20 million of his own , and in th backdrop of WW2 , it is distinct in that a systematic , methodical , even scientific method , with meticulous record keeping and standards down to the calories per day, per prisoner, to effect so many months of work, until eventual starvation and death , and having absolutely no logistical or military purpose or strategy , other than the ordered extermination of a particular race/religion ....stands alone in its class , as compared to the obvious other such events . And this description by no means minimizes the slaughters perpetrated by any other group upon any other group . Nor does it make the lives lost any more valuable than others lost in the same manner .
  6. Sure Yasnov , that's easy , what you and your alleged internet mentors and "scholars " , are doing is DISPUTING the FACTS that the Protocols is a fraud , and DISPUTING the facts regarding the holocaust . You nor these authors ,or their websites have provided PROOF , which repudiates the existing universally accepted historical FACTS , regarding these two issue . Since they both [protocols and holocaust ] are in fact confirmed and verified historical events , and deemed accurate , the burden of proof is on you and your fellow "holocaust deniers " , to PROVE the historical facts already established , to be false . So forget about Hoggan , Barnes or anyone else , provide FACTS , not opinion , conjecture , or implied theory .
  7. Ha ha ha , Russ and Yasnov .......my wise old uncle was right ... :sl:
  8. Oh Absolutely Yasnov , I can research the whole gamut of holocaust deniers , starting with David Duke , and thence , most likely find over 100 websites , supporting the lies that tickle my ear . And all I gotta do is , sit at my keyboard , and click on the links . You call this " research " Yasnov ?? If you DID , in fact do ANY research in earnest , that is , unmotivated by your own bias and bigoted views , you would not be taking the position that you have taken . There is a world body of information regarding both issues , the protocols AND the holocaust . And that world body of evidence is neither "opinion " nor "conjecture " , it is all in the public domain , and has been for the past 60 years . So you scrape the dreggs of the internet and locate people and websites , who DISPUTE , rather than REFUTE the universally accepted and verified conclusions on these issues , so your "research " is merely raising questions rather than answering them . A common tactic in a losing argument , by people who have no real proofs , have no real facts , nor verifiable documentation ...but only opinion based on conjecture and more opinioin . And you have done EXACTLY that Yasnov . You have not countered NOR refuted ANY of the available and accepted evidence by the world body of scholars , historians etc . For their conclusions stand .....the Protocols , a blatant and undisputable fraud with no basis in reality , and the holocaust a real event , documented accurately backed by thousands of witnesses and films , coming from all involved in that War . And WHAT have YOU provided to REFUTE , this REALITY ?....NOTHING of any credulity , only the opinions of those who share your view , already proven to lack any objectivity regarding the subjects . They provide NO PROOF for their claims , only "theories " as to what they themselves contend to have happened ....minus any hard evidence whatsoever . You call what you do 'research " ? Academic pursuit ? Intellectuall endeavor ? ....HOW ?? You've disengaged from all three of the aforementioned , abandoned , for the sake of satisfying your personally held biases . You have not refuted in any way , nor even cast any serious doubt , on the iniversally accepted conclusions regarding the issues of the Protocols or the holocaust , yet what you imply , quite unbelievably , is that one [the protocols] supports the implications made in the other [holocaust ] . You call this research Yasnov ??? LUDICROUS !!! It is the propagnada and rhetoric of BIGOTRY . So you reject and deny the historical facts , in favor of your [seemingly commonly held agenda ] .
  9. Yes ,yes Yasnov , I can see how you "gravitated" to Harry Elmer Barnes , lol....a revisionist , a holocaust denier , was aaginst FDR's "New Deal " , and also against America's entry into the War with Germany ....hahahahaha........ PRECISELY , your kinda guy . Tell me , "how did you research " old Harry ??? Let me guess .....Google + search +...holocaust denial . Great "research " Yasnov , see what I meant by that last statement ?
  10. LOL..... Oh Please ! Yasnov , you denigrate the word "research " . lol....you are not worthy to even use it in a sentence . {Moderator note} This post has violated forum rule #39. Action taken. For more details, please read our (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetgawaher(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/index.php?act=boardrules"]Forum Rules[/url].
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  12. Middle East Undersea Cable Cutting

    I hear it's 5 cables now ....surely a conspiracy on the part of someone . And a definite " Casus Belli " for someone else . Let the fireworks begin !!!
  13. Reading over these threads , brings me to a conclusion, that you are engaged in a waste of time . It is part and parcel of the muslim mindset to hold up Protocols as "real " and deny the holocaust .. So there is no "intellectual argument " taking place here . Forget facts , this is ideological , and so it brings to mind a saying I heard from a wise old uncle of mine ....... " Dont argue with fools , for any onlooker will not know which of the two of you is the fool " With that I'll write you all off .....good riddance . Sorry , but the ignorance here is just a bit overwhelming , and basically responding to it, is a waste of time . But for informational purposes only , this forum is a pretty bad example to be set for muslims . Possibly some of you can be atleast that much objective to see it . No matter , your world is not mine , and when yours intrudes intoo mine , that is when the trouble will begin . Don't hurt yourselves kiddies .
  14. Yasnov , you like to play dumb ? I believe you have understoood the statements and questions posed ,so why do you play dumb ? Could it be you have no credible or itelligent answer ? I think so , for you answer nothing , and follow a question by simply asking another stupid question , or making another stupid remark . Do you think yourself a clever fellow ? You are not clever , but deceptive in all you say . Is that why you are a "mini moderator " on this forum ?