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  1. Request

    Salaam to all ,I am not able to post a reply even though i am logged in.Can anyone help me.The error that is being returned is that i am not allowed to post a reply,though i have posted a few replies earlier.
  2. Western Perceptions Of Islam

    Why do the westerners think that what is happening in Palestine,Sudan,Chechnya is terrorism.Firstly how would you define terorism?Acording to me anything that encroaches the basic rights of people is terorism and extremism and most of you would agreethat if this defn is applied then there would be no greater terrorist than america and its allies.None of us is blind to what is happening in iraq,afghanistan,sudan,checnya,etc.The problem is that america thinks that it has a right to interfere in everybodys business esp muslim countries.Arunadithi roy,winner of the booker prize puts it this way"America has control over the food we eat and the water we drink,the air we breath and the thoughts we think".And the reason for this is that america knows that the biggest threat to them is Islam,because it has an ans to every problem of their people.Hence you are seeing all these scathing attacks on Islam.They are scared that Islam as a social,politiocal,economical,judicial,moral system is a threat to their vested interests and what else would you expect the religion of truth to be. Now let me come to the attack on the twin towers;as it was from this incident that muslims were branded as terrorists.I request each and every one of you to visiot this site "9/11 truth(contact admin if its a beneficial link)"and find the truth for yourself that 9/11 was infact staged.Even the celebrated writer Robert Fisk and the former president of Italy have question the official report.Lastly the QURAN says that "If you save the life of a single human it is as if you have saved the entire humanity;and if you take the life of even a single person it is as if you have killed the entire humanity"This is the real Islam completely different as to what is projected by the western media.
  3. A Basic Question

    We say that we are muslims;the vicergents of Allah on earth.But we fight amongst ourselves ;in the name of secondary differences. My eyes start flowing when people say that i am a wahabi because i feel that i am a muslim first.there are the sunnis,barelvis,sufis,ismailis,bohras,shias;each claiming to be the true deputys of Allah.But people forget that we are most powerful when we all are together(may be not in the literal sense)when each of us do our task without claiming that the others are kafirs.This division has given the enemies of Allah the boost to divide us further.In this confusion we forget the mission that was assigned to us; to be the khair-ul-ummah;the ummatun-wasat;that of enjoining truth and stopping evil and thus establishing the rule of Allah on HIS earth.An open question to all.PLEASE GIVE YOUR VIEWS.