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    May Allah guide us and forgive us..inshallah.<br />Ya Alllah, forigve Dana and bless her inshallah.<br />Amiin.
  1. From Guided_Heart

    Bismillah wa salaatu wa salaamu Alaa rasoolillah. As-Salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuhu. My brothers and sisters In Islam, hope all of you and your families are doing well In Imaan and health Insha'Allah. For those of you who asked about my where abouts, alhamdulilah, Allah(Swt) has inspired me to work hard to support my family back home and memorize His speech. I am so really happy because on Arafa day, it was the day i finished Surah Al-baqarah. This indeed has been a great goal in my life that Allah(Swt) made it easy for me to achieve. Right now, I am about to enter juz 4 (currently cruising on Surah Al-Imran) alhamdulilah. I'd love to share something beautiful with you all that changed my life. _______________TALLAHI (By Allah) This is true Story____________________ Back 2004 when i heard about the death of our beloved member (Muslim_girl), Dana (may Allah send peace and nuur on her grave-amiin), it was very hard to accept. She had her plane tickets, wedding rings..etc, ready. She was wanting so bad to be my companion for life because for more than a year, i was there supporting her and brought back love to her heart. All this was for the sake of Allah(Swt). And only Allah(Swt) that I need to accept it and reward me for it, i care less from anyone else. N e ways, when i heard it, i was crying because i missed her so much not because i was not being patient for our beloved messenger (peace be upon him) had tears on his eyes when one of his sons died (may Allah be pleased with him) because he missed him. I always know the limits of Allah and thus cannot transgress them. Alhamdulilah. I laid on my bed with tears, saying she was so close, had her tickets, wedding dress, rings..etc. And now she is gone. :sl: The room was feeling dead and empty. My heart was getting hard and could not pick my self up. Still, i manage to go to my PC and play some Quran so that i may receive Sakeenah from Allah of this terrible calamity for the Quran has always been Sakeenah to my heart when i face all problems. Alhamdulilah. So the Quran that started to play by the decree of Allah(Swt) turn out to be '03 Sa'd Al-Ghamidi Al-Baqarah Aya 117/220 (Kant B)' from "you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_download.al-islaam(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/audiovideo/qoran/alquraan/html/djoez1alghamidi/1.html". Masha'Allah it was such beautiful sound, went back to my bed and laid down. Pondering the ayats slowly live came back to my room. As things were cooling down, the reciter reached the point where i was inspired. He read the following: " When he recited ayat 156, i cried more because i understood what this ment. Wallahi it felt like Allah(Swt) was talking to me directly from His ayats and telling me the truth is that All belongs to Him and all returns to Him while yet nothing belongs to any of us. but if we remind patient through it all, victory belongs to us and Allah(Swt) will honor you and bless you this world and the hereafter. After that scene of my life, i was a diff person. I accepted the decree of Allah(Swt) and moved on. I had my family back home to suppor to which i am the only one outside who can support them. So i said, i aint gona be a loser and listen to the worst loser (Shaytaan) but rather take the advise of Allah(Swt) and carry yourself. So i did and months went by and i grew stronger and more knowledgeable. I said i'll memroize the book of Allah(Swt) and so i took that road to which i am still on. And wish to continue till death do us apart. Insha'Allah. Please make your humble duas for me to continue this and that Allah(Swt) makes me among those whom He is blessed with in this world and hereafter. Jazakum'Alllah khairun. As for the person who has been using 'Muslim_girl's userID and writting things to confiuse and lie about a soul that return to her Creator, their case belongs to Allah(Swt) and thus you shall not be confiused about it. The truth is clear from falsehood. Falsehood is nothing but an illusion that one creates to hide reality and deny the truth. Allah(Swt) does give such a person a term to either face reality and tell the truth or keep living in illusion and deluded by the worst enemy of man, Satan. May Allah(Swt) let us speak the truth and never fall into falsehood and creat illusions to mislead others. I will leave with this ayah and its reason why Surah yusuf is a beautiful Surah. It came down when our beloved messenger (peace be upon him) lost His first beloved wife khadijah (RA) and lost other things. So it was a time of difficulty and thus does Allah(Swt) bring Sakeenah to the hearts of believers through this Glories Quran. Masha'Allah. Ayat of the day! P.S patience is most fitting for me and for those who believe in all matters of life. Alhamdulilah. P.S1Forgive me if i said wrong and make dua for me and the ummah. And make dua for the person who has made up a tale that Allah(Swt) guides him and forgives him. Amiin. P.S2 Insha'Allah you will not find me being active on this forum. I am giving all my time to the book of Allah(Swt), but here and there i might just see whats up. Your brother In Islam. Wa alaykumu salaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuhu.
  2. Bismillah wa salaatu wa salaamu alaa Rasoolilaah As-Salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuhu to my beloved brothers and sisters. I hope you and all of your families are well In Imaan and health Insha'Allah. Somehow Allah(Swt) brought me back today to this forum after long time. Alhamdulilah Allah(SWt) gave blessed me with this beautiful deen and He made it easy for me to memorize His beautiful speech (Quran-almost done al-baqarah make dua insha'Allah). And also talking classes about Islam to learn more and more. I got a masjid close to my building 3 mins away and alhamdulilah, i mostly stay at the masjid till shuruuq which is like doing hajj and join the khalaqas whenever Allah(Swt) decreed for me. I was working for IBM in IT and supporting my family back home, taking care of my beloved mother, father and sisters and brothers. My family alhamdulilah are rich In deen and got 1 haafit and four more memorizying the speech of Allah(Swt). Alhamdulilah. As the world turns and turns, as the fitnah spreads through the earth like a wind held in prison for millions of years but let loose finally, as those who Allah(Swt) wrote jahannam (wal'3iyaadu billah) earn more and more evil to reach their finaly resting place, as those who Allah(Swt) wrote jannah (may Allah make us among them) for them earn good deeds after good deeds till death comes or Qiyamah, as all this happends, alhamdulilah there are those who take advantage of time, see the future in vision and speaking to their own soul angry to do more and more good. Alhamdulilah, i am among this group and may Allah(Swt) increase us to do more. This is the main reason why i was away from this forum. Though alhamdulilah you learn something from here, its always better to do the original way. Ok enough about my whereabouts. The reason why I am writting this is to protect the rights of my beloved Muslims on this forum and those who return to Allah(Swt). SubhannaAllah, i am very sadden and wallahi cried to see the things written about Dana (Rahimullah) on 'Who is missing' topic. La hula wala quwata illa billah! Indeed without a doubt, she has return to her Owner, Most Hight Most loving. Inna lilahi wa inna illaihirajuun. As for the user 'muslim_girl' its clear or should be clear this is no one accept Ayman her Ex-husban who took her laptop where all her info was in. He is the one who has been saying those things about her confusing my dear IF sisters and brothers. Please, do not take whatever he said or says in the future. He might also fooling laterlus or may be they are together in this. Laterlus if you believe that your speaking to dana, then remember you are not. Its Ayman your speaking to. Its not hard to believe how some people react to a common simple test Allah(Swt) sent to His servents. There are those who it inspires and can feel they pass the test because of all the good that came from such a test and there are those who make a deal with Shaytaan and loose their mind. So why does Allah(Swt) give them enough time to do what they do? For 2 reason and Allah(Swt) knows best, (1) Allah(Swt) is Merciful and gives that person a term to repent and be not unjust to his/her soul. (2) Allah(SWt) already knows his/her end is a lasting torment so He makes them earn, evil after evil after evil. Then slowly they are disgraced in this world even if they are the riches and got wealth and slowly isolated. Then Suddently, the term they could not pass comes and their evil ends. Ayman, my dear brother In Islam. I have not given up on you to do whats right and to let go things that do not belong to you. To all in heavens, earth and all in between belongs to Allah(Swt). The Most Wise, Most knowledgable. The one when the angels question Him when they said: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 30. And (remember) when your Lord said to the angels: "Verily, I am going to place (mankind) generations after generations on earth." They said: "Will You place therein those who will make mischief therein and shed blood, - while we glorify You with praises and thanks (Exalted be You above all that they associate with You as partners) and sanctify You." He (Allâh) said: "I know that which you do not know." 31. And He taught Adam all the names (of everything) , then He showed them to the angels and said, "Tell Me the names of these if you are truthful." 32. They (angels) said: "Glory be to You, we have no knowledge except what you have taught us. Verily, it is You, the All-Knower, the All-Wise." [2.30-32] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From the above ayats, please remember Allah(Swt) does what He does out of wisdom. No one can question Him while He questions us. Dear Ayman, Dana belongs to Him and He made a sever test for you. But remember when He gave you a beautiful wedding, nights and days you could never forget with her, while He did not give her to anyone else. You gave her the greatest feeling when you married her. She often said, there is place in her heart locked by you, Ayman. How can you forget all the favs Allah(Swt) blessed you with? Why do you break-down when little test hits you. Isnt Jannah better than anything in this world? What about seeing the Most beautiful face in Qiyamah, the face of Allah(Swt). My dear brother In Islam. I have not given up on you for I know who your enemy is like the father of Yusuf (Alehi Salaam) knew the enemy of his brothers when they plotted againts Yusuf (A.S). Do you remember the ayah? Let me refresh you. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4. (Remember) when Yûsuf (Joseph) said to his father: "O my father! Verily, I saw (in a dream) eleven stars and the sun and the moon, I saw them prostrating themselves to me." 5. He (the father) said: "O my son! Relate not your vision to your brothers, lest they arrange a plot against you. Verily! Shaitân (Satan) is to man an open enemy! [12.4-5]s ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Its only knowlegable people who can recognise who is who. From above ayah, his father (A.S) did not blame his brothers, but blamed Shaitan for he is the real enemy. Same goes in your case, i do not blame you but the enemy that has defeated you. The ayman i know is the brother who use to update me about Dana's (Rahimullah) status. Wallahi i make duas for you in my salah that Allah(Swt) forgives you and guides you so that you are not unjust to your soul. Whatever you do of evil, whomever you take their rights from, whomever you lie about do spread evil about, Tallahi remember, you are only unjust to your soul. You do no harm to Allah(Swt) or me to. You do no harm to Dana (may Allah rest her soul in peace) because she is with Arahman. But you only bring harm to your soul. If you do not give the rights of others, then remember, Allah(Swt) will disgrace you in this world and worst awaits in your grave and AQIRAH. I came to protect the rights of my sisters and brothers on this Forum. I came to protect the right of Dana. Her father did not login since feb 15 2005 and you can check that from his user 'Dr_ Mahar'. Thus, he was not able to protect the rights of His daughter. Its up to you Ayman to do whats right or go on doing evil. But come to know, the plan of Allah(Swt) is indeed great and its waiting for you. p.s Dear brothers and sisters of IF, forgive me for not giving you this info long time ago. I was busy with my life, living it the right way in order to please Allah(Swt). Make dua for me and the ummah. Make dua that Allah(Swt) forgives our brother Ayman and guides him. To teach him beauty of Islam so he can taste the feeling of Imaan. So he can learn to give the rights of others and that he shall not be among those who are unjust to their souls. Amiin. Dua: Ya Rabb you love those who fear you and are humble to you. Those who give the rights of others to listen to you and please you. Ya Allah, you are the owner of Power and owner of Mercy. Ya Allah, do not let us wrong our souls for indeed you gave us the ability to either destroy our souls or set them free by our actions and speech. Ya Allah in this great time of mankind, many are losing to fitnah and doing unjust to their souls, free them ya Rabb. Ya Allah, whomever you disgrace, truly there is no help or honor in this world or hereafter. Ya Allah you created the prisons of this world as an examle of the greatest prison in hereafter, jahannam (wal'3iyaadu billah). Those who committ crimes indeed you will give them their shares of torment in the prison of fire, guarded by 19 might angels who never are lazy to do your commands. Ya Allah save us and forgive us. Indeed, you always let the truth stand at the end and you are swift in account. Alhamdulilah. Your brother In Islam. Guided_heart Wa alykumu salaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuhu.
  3. Eid Mubarak To Everyone In If

    :D Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam. I hope Insha'Allah by the Mercy and Kindness of Allah(Swt) that our fasting and prayers in this great month of mercy has been accept it by Al-Rahmaan. Amiin. I hope all of you are doing well in Imaan and health. Insha'Allah. Well, it really has been a great ride for me and for all of us. I really enjoyed this Ramadhaan. Allah(Swt) gave me all the time to pray Taraweeh and Qiyam (in the last 10 days), finish reading the whole Quran and make some good food :D for the masjid. Alhamdulilah. I hope insha'Allah, we all meet again the next Ramadhaan. Please make dua for me and for our ummah. BTW, EID MUBARAK!!! p.s Please, keep praying Qiyam for those it is hard to do..but great in rewards and imaan. May the mercy and Blessings be on our beloved messenger(peace be upon him), his family and His great companions. Amiin. Your brother in Islam. wa.salaa
  4. A Poem In Time Of Pain.

    Bismillah. :D Just so you all know, i wrote that poem after Allah(Swt) relifed me from that pain. Oh, what moment to never remember. Alhamdulilah. p.s in the future, it does not matter who much pain you face, please be patient and remember Hell. May Allah(Swt) save us from it. And please, let those who mock Islam and muslims mock..truely they will regret. Just focus on your deen and imaan. Thats all, the rest..put your trust on Allah(Swt)..and know..no matter how the world turns..the end belongs to Islam and muslims. Alhamdulilah. :D
  5. A Poem In Time Of Pain.

    Bismillah. :D my dear sisters and brothers in Islam. Hope ramadhaan is going well for you and may Allah(Swt) accept our fasting, duas and prayers. Amiin. A POEM IN TIME OF PAIN some time ago, there came the most painful pain in my life all alone in my room everyone and everything from this world far away from me rolling and rolling on the floor with so much pain crying with tears of pain O Allah, when i was healthy i did not run around the world chasing desires, lust and money Ya Allah, i was there praying praising you night and day bowing down with those who bow down O Allah, far away is the world today from me when yet, i am within it far away are my loved once when yet, i am a live far away is my health and strength can't even help myself O Allah, if could, i would have fought this pain if could, i would have help myself this day if could, i would'nt be this weak but i am unable, because i didn't create myself nor have the power over me for myself only a fool would think so and never ponder nor take heed in a moment like this O Allah, I turn to you when i am healthy or unhealthy when i am strong or weak when i am happy or sad when i am in tears of pain or tears of happiness when i am a live or when i am dead Your are One Who sustains and protects all that exists. O Allah, You are The Forgiver of sin the Acceptor of repentance the Severe in punishment the Bestower (of favours) the Most Merciful,All-Mighty, the All-Knower. O Allah, it is your mercy that man forgets his pain that i will walk again healthy that i will forget this pain that you will relief me from it but at this moment as i lay on the floor in pain one thing that makes me fear you more and get closer to you more is that, since you are able to do all things and that you brought this pain on me which i cannot fight then truely, surely, those who die in disbelief and never repent will truely taste pain after pain forever and ever cut off from all mercy of yours humilited and disgraced all because they associate others(gods) with you when you clearly sent your evidence and messengers who cired out saying,"Lâ ilâha illa Huwa (none has the right to be worshipped but He), to Him is the final return." O Allah, Glory to you all praise is for you alone all worship is pure and alone for you Glory to you for Islam and Glory to you for making us surrender, submit and Obey You and your messengers(peace be upon them) Glory to you, if i was not one of the muslims, how would i have ever gave a thought when i was in the most painful pain at my lowest level of life, that your punishment of Hell-Fire is true and those whom you disgrace in it...will never get away from it or never be reliefed from it and if they are patient or impatient...its all the same for them. Ya Allah, let us muslims die as muslims and never let us walk away from your light,love, mercy and guidance. Amiin. alhamdulilah(All-praise is for Allah) that I am one of the muslims. :D
  6. America And Ramadan

    Bismillah. Dear brother in Islam. This issue goes way back..and it does not make us un-united. Its an issue that makes sense and scholars accept both ways. Though it would have been beautiful to start the same day and do eid the same day, still we must accept this diff which is only due to the ummah being in diff parts of the world. And may Allah(swt) accept it from all of us and reward us for it Insha'Allah. p.s in all matters, the ummah is always united by heart even in times of hardship and ease Insha'Allah. jazaka'Allah kheir, ramadhaan kareem. wa.salaam
  7. Ramadaan Kareem!

    Bismillah. Salaamu alaykum dear brothers and sisters in Islam. Hope all of you and your families are well in Imaan and health by the great mercy of Allah(Swt). Ramadhaan Kareem! Yet again, Allah(Swt) blessed us with another blessing month. For how many were ready for this month..a week ago, a year ago..a month ago..but they are in their graves and return to Allah(swt). For them, may the blessings and mercy of Allah(swt) be upon them.Ameen. Please all, take a great advantage of this month..and for jus this month..take a break...from everything else..accept the deen Insha'Allah. I am planning to memorize the Quran Insha'Allah..started few months ago..and alhamdulilah..Allah(swt) has blessed me with a good memory. Please keep me in your dua and hope i achieve this goal Insha'Allah. take care and be well Insha'Allah. Your brother in Islam :D wa.salaam
  8. Member Check --- Whos Missing?

    Bismillahi wa salaatu wa salaamu cala rasool lilah. Salaamu Alaykum my dear brothers and sisters. I hope all of you and your families are doing well in Imaan and health by Mercy and love of Allah(swt). :D for those who remembered me. I have not posted for long time..because i have been busy with work/deen and life. So know that i am always part of the ummah of Muhammad(peace be upon him), no matter where I may be at...even if i am in my grave...i am so glad to be your brother in Islam. So glad to be part of the ummah :D Sister Mujahada and MM.. :D for remembering me. please also remember our dear Dana(rahimallah) and others who left our ummah and return to Allah(swt). Make dua..that we meet them in Jannah firdowse Insha'Allah. P.S remind the disbelievers about the great reminder(Qur'an) in hope that they may be grateful to Allah(swt)..and the reminder may profit them..but please...do not waste your time..instead learn more about the Quran wa sunnah in the way of As-salafi As-Salih. Insha'Allah. wa.salaam
  9. Lord Of The Rings

    salam brothers and sisters, hope all of you are doning well in imaan and health. For Abu Suhaylah, jazakallah brother for caring and advising your brothers and sisters in Islam. Islam is nothing but an advise and those whom Allah gave knowledge in such way...will always run to others to warn them and remind them the ayats of Allah(swt). I hate those books, i hate those movies...because how can i even for second enjoy the works and acts of one who is an enemy of Allah? Didnt Allah say this? 17. Be cursed (the disbelieving) man! How ungrateful he is! 18. From what thing did He create him? 19. From Nutfah (male and female semen drops) He created him and then set him in due proportion. 20. Then He makes the Path easy for him. 21. Then He causes him to die and puts him in his grave. 22. Then when it is His Will, He will resurrect him (again). 23. Nay, but (man) has not done what He commanded him. 24. Then let man look at his food: 25. We pour forth water in abundance. [surat 80. Abasa, 80:17-25] My dear brothers and sisters, the disbeliever is cursd by Allah untill he/she repents to Allah and accepts Islam. This does not mean we should run away from the disbelievers..but call them to Islam and warn them about the near torment which will be forever. How can we waste our time on people who are wasting their term of life appointed by Allah? How can we for a second let them entertain us when their entertainment contains evil and magic? Who said it is ok? And please, why give the excuse to say,"well these characters dont exists..nor are these stories true..," so why accept something that dont exists and that is not true? I am sure most of us on this forum are young and even all of us are still laerning Islam(the most beautiful way of life). We all learn everyday..so please...let us learn that the only beautiful entertainment is with Allah in jannah..not in this earth. When i see an old non-muslim man or women on the streets, by Allah i cry deep inside me and i ask,"He/she is weak and helpless, dont even see his son/daughter walking with him/her, can't even see his wealth he/she worked hard for cant bring him/her cure for his/her old age, the world he/she fought for doesnt even care, his own son/daughter abandoned him/ her. Worst of all, never did he/she prayed or remembered his/her Creator, Allah(God). If he/she dies today, Allah will not remember or care for him/her but abandoned him/her forever and torment he/she will live with. If she/he trys to be patient..its all the same...every moment is worst. Only if she/she knew about Islam, only if she/he repent to Allah..truely..they would have lived life in happy state and paradise would have been a great reward and joy forever. I clearly understand why our beloved prophet (peace be upon him) cried when he saw a disbeliever walking in the land with pride and said,"only if he knew where he is walking to,..".." the point is, we should talk and call these people who are wasting their time to Islam and help them live life the way we live. But it does not help to take them as intertainers and let them also waste our time. a true believer can see it clear..may Allah make us true believers and forgive us. Amiin. wa.salam
  10. The Perfect Believer

    Bismillah, sallam, jazakallah for sharing. wa.salam
  11. Friend

    Bismillah, salaam, Inna lillahi wa inna alayhi rajioun, May Allah give her jannah and make easy for her questions. May Allah make her grave wider and open a window to her resting place of jannah inshallah. May Allah forgive and have mercy on every muslim brother sister that return to Allah in the right path. Indeed, Angel of death is doing a lot these days. Any second we can be next...but fear not...Allah is with the believers inshallah. wa.salam
  12. Salaam Im Back

    Bismillah, salam, welcome back, good to have you back. join the crew and post. wa.salam
  13. Bin Laden : Immortal Technique

    Bismillah, sallam, Even though your attention was postive, i really dont think those words deserve to be on this forum. This is Islamic. Why advertise people who do great evil to make money? Advertise women like sex object? Its not worth it....plus it has things that dont deserv to be on here...just my comments. Did our beloved prophet(saws) and great companions ever listen to the poets who use to tell the truth with false? Indeed, these rappers are like the poets in pre-Islam...just making money in evil way, using women to sale their words, fighting for fame that will only bring shame at the end. So what if they tell the truth? Arnt they evildoers anyway? p.s The whole world knows it and sees it...i dont need a rapper to speak to me while yet he is living rich by committing sins and saling sex. wa.salam
  14. God's image

    Bismillah, Sallam, Tom we thank you for asking questions and learning more about Islam. We learn everyday but some people learn things that benifit them not. Glory to Allah for Islam which guides us to learn the pure wisdom and knowledge about Allah, His Angels, His Books, His Creatures and the Last Day. abu_suhaylah has given you the right to the point answer but i wish to add a little from my knowledge. Many christians believe God created man in his own image. But they do not understand what that ment exctly. They didnt go far to learn what those words ment. In Islam as one of the scholars from lecture i listen to explained, what this means is..that Allah(God) created Adam(AS) in his own image..meaning all Allah did was say,"BE!" and Adam(AS) was. Compare this to the rest of us. Allah creates us in the womb of our mother, then we come to this earth, we learn how to walk, how to talk, how to run...etc. We grow to be teens then youn men and then old. So we go through a process that our great father Adam(AS) never went through. This is the clear way and the true way which makes sense. Our scholars are there to explains things we don't understand. Things our scholars don't understand they learn from the greatest scholar, teacher, messenger Muhammad(peace be upon him) and his companions. So when Allah(God) created Adam(AS) in his own image...remember it means Adam(As) never went through a process..but Allah said,"BE!" and he was. I hope this makes sense and may Allah forgive us if we said wrong. peace,
  15. Bismillah, sallam, Dear sister/brother, before i even advise you, i can already see whats putting you down and making you hate life. Re-read what you wrote, think about it and see whats wrong with it. Before i assume and give advise...tell me by what you mean the above statments. May Allah forgive us and help us. jazakallah, wa.salam