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  1. Okay, Erm..

    I think we've got a hipster among us. lol
  2. I'm Learning About Islam

    sounds great. Also if you want to chat to a muslim 18 yo. feel free.
  3. Okay, Erm..

    'sup! how's it going?
  4. Halal Meat

    ask Muslims at your local Masjid or just google it
  5. New To This Forum

    welcome to forum!
  6. How Can We Help Syria?!

    Please don't forget your Muslim brother and sisters in you dua people! Do whatever you can to help the people of Syria
  7. Why is Syria not a hot topic on the forum, at the moment? Why are the Muslims silent? WHY? youtu.be/hkPSrb3ZmFo We cannot help them directly but we can protest, write letter to our governments, donate money eg. MuslimAid, IslamicAid..., make dua, RAISE YOUR VOICE PEOPLE! Do not be silent! Let the world know what is happening. People are being massacred in drones. Blood is covering the streets. The stench of dead people is in every corner of the country. What will you say to Allah when you are asked about this on judgement day? Inna lilah wa inna ilayhi rajo3oon; "Varily we belong to Allah and to him we shall return." Muhammad PBUH said "Whoever of you sees wrong being committed, let him rectify it with his hand (physically), if he is unable, then with his tongue (verbally), and if he us unable, then with his heart (mentally), and this is the weakest of faith -- or in another version: beyond this there is not a single mustard seed's weight of faith (iman). Ibn Masood was once asked "Who are the living dead?" to which he replied: "He who does not acknowledge the right as such, and does not reject the wrong."
  8. Ears And Wudu

    just follow whatever is easiest for you. You're not a scholar so you're not expected to know all these details about different schools of thought but it's nice to know things, so well done for asking :)
  9. What Does Gawaher Mean?

    ga-wa-her ga as in jalapeño lol I think it means jewels.
  10. How Can We Help Syria?!

    astaghfirullah! please put a warning before linking me to such haunting images. Thanks for our answers brohers and sisters, inshallah the evil tyrant will be destroyed in the sewers just like gadafi was. May Allah prevail justice in the Muslim lands. wasalam alikom
  11. Intro

    welcome brother, where are you from? tell us abit more about yourself and your background :)
  12. How Can We Help Syria?!

    It is ridiculous how civilians are being crucified in the thousands and we're just sitting here watching the news. What Can I do to help them, indirectly at least??
  13. Ears And Wudu

    sorry about the many typos, something's wrong with my keyboard today lol and I canno edit my posts ^