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  1. I flipped through a few pages

    Ditto. I'd say it's much easier to understand than the bible, imo. While on the topic, the literal meaning of Quran is "the recitation" while the literal meaning of bible comes from the Greek word Biblios meaning....book. Any book is a biblios but not every book is a Quran. :D Thus not once did I capitalize the word bible. I learned that from Yusuf Estes (Ex Christian priest) which visited our Masjid about 3-4 weeks ago. :P
  2. My Conversion to Islam

    Wa' Salam, Please do tell. I'm interested as well now. :D
  3. God in Bible and Quraan

    Is it me or does the Bible sound like the most tampered book on earth right about now? Just goes to show you that the Quran is truly UNCHANGEABLE by the human hand. What a great feeling. :D Before I get trampled by some of our guests here, as a Muslim we are required to believe in the original versions of the Bible and Torah. The versions we have on earth are all but original. That's not to say there are no parts that are divine.