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  1. Who Owns Hollywood - Shocking Facts!

    I did a report on who actually runs Hollywood. It is the Jews. Simple.
  2. Dhikr Tasbih

    Asslamalikum Brothers and Sisters, I have a question regarding Dhikr Tasbih. Before I fall asleep, I lay in my bed and say Subhanallahu Wa BiHamdihi now, I want to know if this is a correct way to do the Dhikr or is this wrong? What is the correct way to perform Dhikr Tasbih? Thanks Brothers and Sisters and my Allah Subhana Wa' Taala bless you.
  3. Assalamalikum Everybody, Thank you for all the kind works. Hamdullilah. And sister Nasma, I pray Allah Wa Taala make it easy for you and may he guide your family the way he guided you. Subhannallah. Brother Dot, it sounds like you know a little something about about ismailism and the fraud that they are going for. In fact Aga Khan is doing his "tour of america" and coming down to los angeles (where we reside) and I always try to tell them that what they are doing is Shirk and it is wrong. I explained to them what Shirk was, and it is amazing to me that these are the things that they are not taught (including me, I did not know what Shirk was until I reverted at the age of 20). It is frusturating for me living with them but I love my mom so much, she reads the quran every morning. I pray for them every morning, day and night and inshallah it is Allah swt will. Allah Wa Taala knows best. Thank you everybody. May Allah wa taala bless you and your families.
  4. Assalamualaikum Brothers and Sisters, I am a revert to Islam. I was aga khani (ismaili) which is what my family currently is. I actually reverted back in 2005 but for some reason, maybe I wasn't ready yet, I didn't take it too seriously. I still did my 5 time salah and read quran. Recently my father died, and that is what I believe the reason I have taken the path more serioulsy, humdulliah. I feel maybe because I wasn't ready then and I am ready now. I always try to speak with my mother and sister about what ismailism really is (shirk) and the punishment of shirk. It is hard, but inshallah one day Allah wa' Taala will open their hearts and eyes up to his wonderful signs. I am 23 years old, I still do live with my family, a lot of that is because I love my mom and at this moment with the death of my dad do not want her to be left alone seeing as my sister is getting married in August. It is tough because for some reason when I try to speak with them about Al-Islam, I start crying. It only happens when I speak with my family about Islam not with anyone else. And because of that I feel they don't take me seriously. I am the youngest in the family which is another reason they probably don't take me seriously. Inshallah Allah wa' Taala shows them the way and guides us to the right path. Humdulliah.