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  1. Need Online Writer

    Salam 'alaykum sisters and brothers, Thank you so much for kind replies :no: (apologies too for the late reply :j:) Yes, here are further details of the project (s): - Book Reviews There will be Islamic books, children books, history, political books etc. Honestly, my first objective was to provide a medium where it gathers Islamic views of available publications in this world wide universe :sl: As in, one day you come across a book advertised on the train station; it looks like a great book, but is it in fact is, Islamically-speaking? However, it is realised that in order to achieve this we need constant source of fund, so the main site will feature general book reviews with ads as well. - Islamic Parenting I really hope to see this site developed and grows.. I found out that there are very few sources available (on the internet) on this issue. For example, Google has only 223,000 search result of 'Islamic Parenting', which is pity (consider that there are 1,320,000 Google results of 'Sami Yusuf' :sl:), while this is a very important and profound issue in our deen. I'm trying to collaborate with some local writers, bloggers, as well as psychology experts inshaAllah. I truly have to say that I don't have huge budget nor much money, but I'm hoping that this will bring benefits and profits to the ummah and everyone involved inshaAllah. Hence I think the best approach would be to take these projects stepwise, but continuously. Please kindly note that this will be nothing 'ghost-writing'; I believe every writer deserves credit for their works and everyone involved in these projects will inshaAllah. I'm even willing to provide sub-site and sub-domain for the writers and contributors, so that every writer can put their profiles and have their portfolios displayed there :D Hmm. Please kindly let me know what do you think? Jazakumullah khayran
  2. Furqan Ipod?

    Salam alaykum all :sl: Need opinions/reviews please, Does anyone here have Furqan Ipod? (a digital Quran, sold by SimplyIslam) If yes, would you mind sharing how do you find it? (is it good? value for money? easy to use? is it durable?) Many thanks, I'd really appreciate it! :sl:
  3. Give Dawah To The Poor It Works!

    MashaAllah bro, this is really practical kindness yet how few of us put it into practice.. Thanks for reminder, Allah bless you ameen.
  4. Quran In Mp3

    Salam, Maybe this would help: http:// Islam.bookbun(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/listen-to-the-quran-quran-audio-guide/ (please remove the space after http://)
  5. Please Make Dua

    InshaAllah sis, may He keep guiding and protecting you and your family..
  6. Islamic Ringtones

    Salam sis, I think you can make ringtones from .mp3 files? You can download some Quran recitations: you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_islam.bookbun(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/listen-to-the-qur...an-audio-guide/ to your mobile and I believe there is some feature on your mobile to set them as ringtones? Does this help? :no:
  7. Need Online Writer

    Salam 'alaykum :sl: I'm looking for writer(s) with competitive price. Topics ranging from book, health, Islamic lifestyle etc. Please contact me if you're qualified and interested or know someone who is! Thank you