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  1. I Have A Quick Question

    Salam Did these events narrated in the following hadiths take place before Muhammad (s) consummated his marriage with Aicha or after? And if it was after, can you please provide me evidence/proof? (The time in which these hadiths were released is sufficient enough..) Jazak Allah
  2. Islam in Afghanistan: The Islamic state

    My post above is directed to Dhampyre
  3. Islam in Afghanistan: The Islamic state

    Salam Sorry but your article seems biased towards east indians to a certain degree. We are not so different. A lot of Pushtoon and baluchi people mixed with east indians in pakistan. I am almost certain that if there was a population genetic test, somewhere along the line the majority of pakistanis have afghan blood somewhere in their lineage. We should unite with each other instead of creating negative propaganda about each other. Punjabi people are distant relatives to iranic people.
  4. The Issue of Music in Islam

    Salam. All four of the great scholars have said music is unlawful. I made this thread because of the PDF file i want to share with the rest of this website. Scroll down to page 3 and it will show you quotes from great scholars who said music is unlawful. you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yettroid(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/media/pdf/music.pdf It's a very insightful and informative read btw. I highly suggest anyone read this file. - Jibran