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  1. In Need For Your Dua'a

    Ameen ya Rab Jazaky Allah Khayr sister :no:
  2. In Need For Your Dua'a

    Al Salamu Alaykum w rahmatu Allah wa barakatoh; My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam, I am in serious need for everyone's Dua'as for my country seems to be on the edge of a new civil war. I am not sure how many of you read/listen to the news, but today Beirut - Lebanon woke up on the suffocating smoke of burned tires and trash cans. Several political parties have been shooting against each other since the morning, and the airport was closed most of the day, it was reopened in the afternoon, yet cars cannot get there or come from there. Directly under my apartment tires and trash containers are being burned at this moment, and my eyes hurt a lot and i can barely breathe for the smoke has gotten into my house even though all the windows and balconies are closed. Please pray for us, for the Muslim divided community in this country to reunite in the name of Islam, because the way they're acting and the way they're ready to kill one another for unknown reasons is devastating. Take Care All! Salam Doha
  3. Al Salamu Alaykum wa Rahmatu Allah wa Barakatoh, My brothers and sisters in Islam, I need some help Of course after asking God to calm my heart, I ask you to give me some advice.. After my I told my fiancé a story about my past, which no one else knows but Allah (swt.) he has changed a lot. The words "I love you" and "I miss You".. I don't hear them anymore.. He asked me to tell him about anything that goes through my mind.. and so I do and whenever I see him troubled and ask him about what's going on on HIS mind, I get answers such as "HamdulellAh" "Rabbena Yekremny" "Tawakaltu ala Allah"... Since he lives abroad, we mostly use msn to talk. Every time we talk, the only things he says are "did you eat?", "did you drink?", "what did you do today?", "what will you do tomorrow?", "read sourt l Kahf and sourt l Rahman", "do this and do that.." all he talks about are stories from the days of our prophet peace be upon him.. and preaches to me.. I know that I love him a lot, and that I want my life to be with him, en sha'a Allah. but I am not sure anymore if this is the kind of life I want to live.. do I want to live with a man who doesn't show me affection or who doesn't talk to me about his problems or who doesn't tell me about what's going on on his mind... I'm just too lost.. i am seeking refugee to Allah swt.. Also, his brother (Allah yerhamoh) passed away two weeks ago due to a serious sickness.. Allah yerhamo El hamdulellAH, Allah is giving him and his family the strength to keep on and stay close to their creator.. What's happened is that his mother, his father, his uncle, and I, are all thinking of one thing. That is, his brother's fiancé might fall in love with him as a replacement for his brother (psychologically speaking). AND that girl stays in their home every day.. she even sleeps there after lunch. and every time it happens I go crazy.. all i get from him is "she's like a sister to me.." which makes me go crazy even more, because sharaan she's not his sister and the shaytan is around.. if you get what i mean.. Thank you in advance my brothers and sisters in Islam wal Salamu Alaykum wa Rahmatu Allah wa Barakatoh
  4. Islam In Lebanon!

    Al Salamu Alaykum Wa Rahmtu Allah wa Barakatoh, Well I am from Lebanon. In Sha'a Allah once I am allowed to post pictures, I will make sure to post you some pictures of my beloved country. If you just tell me what kind of pictures would you like? are they about the nature of Lebanon, or the people of Lebanon, or what exactly. It will make it a lot easier for me to sort them out in my collection of Photos. (Since I hold my camera with me wherever I go :sl: Also, It is true that there are less men than women in Lebanon, and thus many women grow up to live unmarried. That fact is due to many circumstances, one of which is the fact that Lebanon has been through many wars, and many men have been killed (internal war) or estashhadu (external war), and another reason is the fact that most men, even married ones, travel abroad in order to assure food and shelter to their families. I hope I have been of help. Wal Salamu Alaykum wa Rahmatu Allah wa Barakatoh. Doha
  5. Feeding A Non-muslim During Ramadan

    Al Salamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatu Allah wa Barakatuh, I agree with you.. Islam teaches us to respect all the visitors even if they weren't Muslims. I mean what if one's own family is not all Muslims.. take mine as an example, my grand-mother and cousins are not Muslims, am I not allowed to give them food to eat if they come over during Ramadan? Other than that, are we not allowed to invite non-Muslim people for dinner? Anyway, we shall abide by the fatwa, even if we don't agree with it 100% Al Salamu Alaykum wa Rahmatu Allah wa Baraktoh, Doha.
  6. Dream's Interpretation?

    Brother Ibrahym Al Salamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatu Allah Wa Barakatoh, Please don't worry about it, we are all prone to making mistakes, and one as yours is not a big deal :sl: Take Care, Doha
  7. Dream's Interpretation?

    Al Salamu Alaykum Wa Rahamtu Allah wa Barakatoh, Jazaka Allah Kayhrun Brother Ibrahym for your help. take care, Sister Doha Salam
  8. Dream's Interpretation?

    Al Salamu Alaykum unAhmad, thank you a lot for your reply. In Sha'a Allah I will ask the Imam of my local Masjid about my dream. Jazaki Allah Khayr in Sha'a Allah. Al Salamu Alaykum Doha
  9. Dream's Interpretation?

    Salam, that's true in most cases. but el hamdule Allah, I have most of my dreams after dawn and they are usually straight and I know exactly what they mean. Actually, I dream of exactly what's going to happen in some situations. Allah (swt) guides me through every step el hamdule Allah in my life.. but this dream, was weird.. it wasn't like the ones I am used to.. this is why I need someone to help me. thank you for your reply my brother. Doha
  10. Al Salamu Alaykum w rahmat Allah w barakatoh I had a very weird dream on Thursday after dawn prayer. I would like to ask if anyone could have a way of interpreting it for me or telling me from where I can know the interpretation of the dream. I will post my dream as a reply as soon as someone tells me they can help. Thank you a lot in advance. May Allah bless all the muslims en sha'a Allah. WAl Salamu Alaykum w rahmat Allah w barakatoh