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  1. Finnish Paganism

    I can see from your post that you appear to have the idea that we constantly monitor our behavior so that we are not zapped by a mean vengeful God. What you may be interested in learning is that we seek the protection of God's law, to protect us from the HELL we would inflict upon our own selves by the consequences of our actions, not the fear of being punished by God. What your published belief system will yield you later as it continues to manifest itself in your actions is that you will be lead to do things that you will later regret because you will see later in hindsight that there was a better path you could have taken to avoid the problems that will come with the actions you are bound to take as a result of your belief system.
  2. Islamofascists Suggests Stirring Up

    Why do you talk this way? Do you agree with stirring up hatred among Americans?
  3. I am interested in Doctor Michael Stones evaluation of this man on his notorious scale of evil he has invented for the most evil people on the planet. For me I put him on top of the list because: A. He is a narcissist B. He uses others to carry out his evil plans, ie Hezbullah, Hamas, Al-Quiata C. Anyone that questions his regimes authority is deemed an enemy D. He has used Oil as a weapon against the poor, oppressing massive numbers of people who can no longer afford the products necessary for life it self, in order to build his regimes bankrolls and strike back at the administration in the USA who only profit from his meddling in the Oil Futures market. E. Practices X theology, where he identifies an entire nation as his enemy and arms, funds, supports, trains groups as front line warriors in order to fight this enemy, that he uses as a tool to focus the anger of his nation upon.
  4. {sniff} Are You A Zionist?

    I think the Arab needs to make room for the Jew. The Arab has 99 percent of the ME, give the Jew israel. The Quran tells us to make room when told to move. We should do that, evacuate all of israel, and leave it for the Jew. Are we so greedy that we need ALL of the ME? israel would be content to live in their own land that clearly God gave to them, let them have it, get over it already and move on......
  5. This man is evil, pure evil.........
  6. What Does "gawaher" Mean?

    Was wondering too thanks...
  7. Khalifa 5:69 Surely, those who believe, those who are Jewish, the converts, and the Christians; any of them who (1) believe in GOD and (2) believe in the Last Day, and (3) lead a righteous life, have nothing to fear, nor will they grieve.
  8. Purchase Hadith Collection

    An example of what I am talking about is this... In the American Indian Culture, you cannot BUY a Eagle Feather, go ahead and try to, no one will sell them ever.. They must be GIFTED... As should the Quran and any other religious book... People that desire to give them away should pay for the printing costs and give them away.. With the internet scan them in and give away the downloads... Do I need to quote the Quran here to back up my belief?
  9. Purchase Hadith Collection

    Demanding money for religion is evil and wrong.. All religion if not free is a lie .... If these books were worth anything at all, those that promote them should pay for the printing themselves and give them away.. I hate the idea of commerce in religion, tell your book store buddies to go out and get a real job, and use that money to give these books away...
  10. Wow ... I find it really incredible that non of you are willing to face the facts, and embrace the truth, and reality of what is going on in international politics, and clearly do not give a care about those of us here in the USA that are fighting for you. Seems like you have this drug of choice, blame the Zionests, Blame USA get rid of them and all your problems will go away. I can see clearly that you have the X syndrome. You just like George need a sacrifice in order to feel better about yourselves. All the while the truth of what is happening blows swiftly by your ears without so much as a admission of the clear facts of today's crisis. Let's make it clear for you... A. Iran has changed the WAY oil is traded which they knew FULL WELL the result on the US Dollar. Now that they trade in Euros and are convincing OPEC to do the same thing the US Dollar has fallen. One clear reason for the price of oil going up. B. Iran has lobbied OPEC and Hugo to keep the supply of Oil low on purpose to drive the price of oil up. The President of Iran has made it crystal clear that he wants the price of oil to continue to go UP. C. This means that Iran is DIRECTLY responsible for the world price of OIL going to 125 dollars a barrel. D. This means that Iran is OPPRESSING the worlds POOR and this is an crime WORSE than MURDER. Simple enough for you? These are the FACTS... more facts... E. There is a election coming up, and the Republican Candidate is for invading Iran. F. The democratic nominee apparent will pull all the troops out in the first year of office. G. The democratic nominee is BLACK and there a RACE issue here that will prevent the majority of WHITE people from voting for him regardless of how they feel about the issues. F. If this guy McCain can harness the ANGER of the POOR Whites, who are IN OBAMA's camp now, it may be enough to tilt the election into McCains favor... H. If McCain gets into office he said the troops will not come out until 2013, meaning 4 more years of war and you can BET that he will invade Iran. Given these FACTS, Iran has sealed it's own future, there will be war and they will be bombed with nuclear weapons. All over their attack on the POOR by OPPRESSING the POOR with HIGH OIL PRICES... You can bet on it.. it is coming and there is nothing anyone can do about it, except Iran and that arrogant SOB will never see this clearly enough to act in time. He is just like you X men here he needs a sacrifice to stay in power.. Wonder what his next sacrifice will be if he survives World War III....
  11. HUH? You are kidding right? Do you understand what the price of gasoline does to a Farmer? Do you understand what it means to make 5 dollars a hour? Having to work a hour to buy a gallon of gasoline? Most people have to drive at least 2 gallons a day to and from work, that is two hours just for transportation... What happens when this hits 200 dollar a barrel? People are going to loose their jobs, food prices are going to SOAR with the farming costs, and then the transportation of the food... Think this through man... all this is doing is playing right into the hands of those that want to eliminate Iran, or as Clinton said obliterate them... Our ONLY hope is Obama and he is going to have enough problems with the color of his skin, now this... I am starting to loose hope, and you guys just don't get it, you are pissing off and tying the hands of those that want to HELP you...
  12. And what is the price of oil now 6 months later? Have we attacked yet? but it is well on the way to what they promised would happen back in november... By the time we are in full throttle for the Presidential Election in November Oil will be I am guessing 150-160 a barrell, and who will McCain Blame? Iran, and he will then make the case to invade... and the simple minded POOR will SUPPORT him... We dont' need another terrorist attack to get the public support for war with Iran, Hugo and Ahmadinejad have already given the Republicans the tools to do it and there will be nothing Clinton or Obama can do to stop it... So you and your buddies have sealed the fate of Iran and israel.. we are going to wake up some morning and see on the news that all the crusie missles have been launched and massive death and destruction in Iran will be done before Iran can launch a single missle. Probably is too late already..
  13. here is the quote from Ahmadinejad and Hugo Chevas when they made the 'decision' to push oil to 200 dollars a barrel... Both Chavez and his self-proclaimed political "brother", Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, are attending an OPEC summit in Riyadh, where Chavez warned oil could hit 200 dollars a barrel if the United States attacked Iran. you can find this article here: you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_afp.google(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/article/ALeqM5jvDLHV...XMNBNQYc-4xNpdA
  14. I don't know where you live ######, but changing the course of a nation the size of the USA takes time, and taking back power from George W, will happen at the end of this year, if nothing stops our efforts... But let me tell you this, that Iran's recent moves are NOT helpful in this AT ALL, all that this raise in OIL will do is to get more Americans pissed off at Iran, and demonize them in their minds and get them to agree with those who want to bomb them back into the stone age. Don't forget that McCain sung the song "Bomb Bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran to a once popular Beach Boys tune bob bob bob beran. he is all about using weapons of mass destruction, and your kind of attitude, and the attitude of Iran and those who think that suicide attacks and rockets into israel will change anything are DEAD Wrong. All they do is take AWAY the political capitol that has been purchased in BLOOD by our dear brothers and sisters who have been TRUE Martyrs, the innocent that have lost their homes in israel, and those innocent fathers, mothers, and children who have died at the result of the narsissim on steriods in the blood of those who think they are helping God thru suicide attacks. War changes things, but not for the better and all it does is to KILL the Will to change for the better. So keep it up Wise Guy, you and those who support such activiites you will UNDO everything I and those like me have suffered for with our lives to change. Change is just around the corner, but you can Fxxk that all up if you and your Iranian buddies keep up this kind of oppression of the poor. The poor in this country are YOUR alias and you and your Iranian buddies have pissed them off with this latest assult on them with the price of oil. We could be in for 4 more years of war and maybe instead of 3 million dead at their hands it will be 10 million when the mushroom cloud evaporates iran and israel.. and you will have no one to blame but yourself. Consider yourself Warned...
  15. Huh? Please tell me your definition of a Muslim or a Believer. Do you support the Oppressive Prices of Oil and the people dying because of it? Do you support Usary? Do you support the killing of Believers in God? All of which I can show you Sura and Verse where God condemns such behavior. Iran is committing these sins by condemning the poor to more oppression already heaped upon them by the economic systems here in the US and those farmers that sell their crops for barley enough to pay the mortgage, if the crops are not destroyed by foul weather. Iran is sponsoring the killing of believers in God, and you know full well that those can be Christian or Jewish, it is not about a political system here, that I endorse by being a Muslim, it is BELIEVERS and RIGHTOUSNESS I support, not the rhetoric that you endorse by blind support of those who are fighting George's army. I have been fighting with my life to change things here in the USA. I was against those in favor of this war when we were in the small minority, since we have managed, with no help of your kind, to turn this around where the candidates for President have ON THEIR PLATFORM to withdraw from Iraq. I have fought for a SINGLE STATE solution to END the Aparthied in israel. But you know we fight different than you do, we fight with our WORDS, not GUNS, we don't KILL our enemies we don't think God needs that kind of help. He does that very well with car accidents, cancer, heart attacks, suicides and the like. Soft words spoken at the right time and place break bones, wise guy. So why don't you join us? Join us in fighting Oppression with WORDS not BOMBS, Call a Spade a Spade and not align yourself to any particular person, stop the idolatry of men and start Worshiping God Alone, and fight insjustice wherever you see it, no matter if it is you brother, wife, father sister, or someone thousands of miles away that with a decision destroys the lives of those who used to support them by raising the price of oil and evicting them out of their homes that they can no longer afford because they lost their job, cause they can't afford to drive there anymore... Wake up and think thru what you are doing and saying before you accuse me of not being a Muslim, or Kafir, you don't even know me, and God doesn't need your help determining my intentions or my religion...