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  1. Islam in Albania

    I know :sl:
  2. Islam in Albania

    that always if something's stolen, they lift their hands up in the air, and shout something like AAHH di Albanesi! ...
  3. Islam in Albania

    The only thing I heard about Albania is from Italians... maybe I'll visit Albania or Bosnia the coming vacation. Anyway, as a guy from the Netherlands, I would like to ask you to talk to the Christian people about becoming Muslims, for ideas visit my site. Because it's best if the Christians become Muslims, they could get rid of their problems that way.. thanks.
  4. Islam In Bosnia

    I'm also very interested in Bosnia, and how you guys are doing, what your problems are and how you view the other, Christian, Europeans. I like your religious leader, Mustafa Ceric, his picture is on my website. He's an example for Europeans, who should become Muslims anyway. Please answer some of these things I want to know, and if you have time tell me what you think of my website, the site is only one page and contains fun images.
  5. Islam in France

    I get the impression that North-Africans are trying to take over France, it would be nicer if you teach Islam to the French and leave them be.
  6. Islam In Holland!

    Hi! I'm also from the Netherlands, although I'm not a Muslim because I don't believe God exists.. can't help that. Still I have a website talking about the benefits of Islam, or an Islam-based culture. And that that's exactly what Christian people need, for a huge improvement in their lives! Believe me because I have much people experience. Still I don't like things like Burqa either, sorry
  7. Islam in America

    Good to see there's many converts in the US. You can use my website for convincing ppl that Islam is good, and for understanding the difference between Christianity and Islam in a new light.
  8. I Have To Stop Feeling Like This

    Alaykum salaam, this is unfortunate, good luck.
  9. I Have To Stop Feeling Like This

    people shouldn't judge you on religion but on the person that you are. In my opinion. And that this guy you call habibi took everything from you before marriage shows that he isn't worth your respect, and that he's not a very respectful person either, in my opinion. Besides, Islam is better than Christianity, Christians are living in a self destructive naive bubble, but don't tell them in that way. I made a site that anyone can check and refer others to. It explains why every Christian should be a Muslim (or at least use its accompanying behaviour etc), if he wants to do the best he can. If you wouldn't tell someone he's a Muslim, a Christian would like a Muslim more than a Christian.
  10. Middle East And West Join

    well maybe earlier cultures, some of them quite naked, had a better understanding of the effect of the circumcision. Also in earlier times society was more social, as you were on each other's lips the whole day. So if you would see a man change after this procedure, because personally I noticed the change too, and others have too, then they would understand that the circumcision has an effect. Also girls tend to think that it looks better, and that intercourse is better. Although women tend to either not consciously know that or say that there's no difference, but women like to say that all men are equal etc. An African girl I knew talked about how circumcision was in her country, in the village. The girls weren't interested in the guys, and then on a special day the guys went into a hut for the circumcision, and when they would come out afterwards the girls were all excited and interested, as the guys were now different. When I look at society in my country, there's actually no difference at all.
  11. Salaams

    Salaam, welcome to the forum :sl:
  12. Salam! I'm A New Muslim

    Arabia I think this is a forum with a very friendly community. Well take it easy with everything, I don't believe in God myself so I can't be a Muslim, but if a guy leaves you I think you shouldn't bother with him, because he's not worth it! And now you can find a man that may be right for you which this guy may not be, and make him a Muslim! You can always use my site in an attempt to convince a guy that Islam is good, or let him send me a mail in which I'll explain if he wants to know something (of my opinion). Know that the average Christian will be 3 times as attractive for you if he changes to Islam, although it takes some time to adjust, to find a balance.
  13. Middle East And West Join

    Well that's unfortunate Bartlett, but in my opinion it gives a man a clear head, and only the fact that you're openminded about the stuff I write where others are quick to narrowmindedly call Islam all kinds of bad things and everything I write about utter rubbish, all in bad language, where actually they have so much to learn, is something you can thank your circumcision for in part. I don't know where you live, but in a European society as a circumcised guy on average you tend to think the other guys are a bit behind, confused and boyish. Maybe you recognize these things, and maybe you recognize if there's Muslims in your area that you feel the difference isn't that big and you can talk with them with less of a problem than others make of it. But that's just generalisations.
  14. Middle East And West Join

    Good for you, now imagine that the European men are 3 times worse than the Canadian men, because of the circumcision rate (30% in Canada last I heard), you still got the macho lumberjack Canadian stereotype going for ye, in my country the prime minister is harry potter.. but this is why I have my site cos it should make life better, pretty amazing when you think about it right, so many people leading a life that can be so much more fun and rewarding, and progressive. As long as you're a moderate Muslim and a humanist, the Turks and European Muslims like Bosnians are good examples.