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    motorcycles and Islam and love of everything
  1. Any Skateboarders In Ere?

    i can ollie...but thats about it...
  2. Satan In Islam

    can u link me to a website. or something so i can get more info on this...because he worshipped Allah so much to the point of being able to join the jinn...and then suddenly hes the most hated.....
  3. The Famous

    hhaha looks fun.... can i start saying names./ sorry i have to einstein, abe lincoln, saddam hussein, bruce lee lol, teh cuban leader padre or padro idk, that palestian leader, the pic is not clear but i think i see mcheal jordan, is that binladen next to the pyramids, that famous indina guy i cant believe i dn tkno his name, tht little dancing girl dont kno her name either, how come homer simpson is not in there....im pretty sure hes famous..seriously
  4. Help Choosing A Name...

    i think u should call urself... homer simpson....thats what i wud do.... or samey ...my brother;s name is samey...it sounds like a name only a cool person can have..yeahhhhhhhhhhh :sl:
  5. The Best Age To Marry?

    im gona be honest..here....im 20 and i feel like im gonna die...i mean many reasons...first of all i want that love,companionship, togther to walk on the path of Allah....the pleasure of sex is one reason..but its not the main reason or a big reason.....i dont have a problem saying that,..thats how Allah created us....ive been patient i dont mess aorund with girls....i hope Allah will give me a women to get me through this rough life....adn be there for me to share pain, happiness, etc......past 3 yrs ive been depressed that i couldnt marry a women that i wanted..of course shes a muslim good womenetc...its ok ..i kno ppl have it worst and are suffering around the world...but i feel like i cant enjoy life anymore...and i always feel depressed....i dont kno.....i feel bad talkin about myself...people are suffering and here i am crying about a women that i couldnt marry..its hurts really really bad....i dont check out girls or nothing liek that...all i wanted was that girl....anyway back to the questions defintly somewher around 20-24 ....well only if u can support urself..otherwise forget it....becuz seriously us men need women...i dont mean to sound soft but thats how it is..lol.....a good women of course...bad women just make me sick to my stomach...
  6. How Can I Do All This?

    this is sad..it makes me feel so bad,..and i wish there was something i can do..but theres nothing much i can do.....but if i ever do see it..i promise to do something about it......... i was just as surprised as u were....i didnt really know this happened......its trafficking is happens all over...it makes me sick ....i get scared for the females in my family and other innocent females who dont want this,...and lets not forget child slavery...
  7. How Can Muslims Invest?

    well ive read somewhere in the quran...land is a great to invest in...i remember reading it somewhere... but yeah also ur family....family should stick together to help each other out in rought times...especially these days..... but of course asking Allah for help and only he controls ur rizk...u do ur part and count on Allah...u shud be fine
  8. A Mixture Of Questions

    wow..look at rasema...gaining more and more knowledge....i better keep up with you....lol
  9. they dont know much about Islam or they just say bad things about it... i need help (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetthezeitgeistmovement(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/joomla/index.php?option=com_kunena&Itemid=3&func=view&catid=8&id=59248"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetthezeitgeistmovement(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/joomla...=8&id=59248[/url] please register and comment on the topic if u wud like
  10. Please Help The Begy Family's Three Daughters Asap!

    sorry to hear that.....it hurts me so bad to read that..not only do they suffer but their parents have to watch them and kno that sooner or later theyre gonna die....
  11. Fake Id?

    its not hasheesh...its like wet tobacco with flavor something like that.... but yea its haram becuz u assist in sin,lying, tobacco hurts ur body,etc
  12. Who Here Wants 2 Years Of Forgiveness By Allah?

    good post.... thank you ... im glad i read this on the right time...im faSting tomorrow..... happy eid :sl:
  13. Why Are We Committing Sins?

    this is beautiful........i love this forum i learn so much..thank you for posting this.....
  14. The Lack Of Good Evidence For God

    how many fictional books have u read in your life which dont benefit you ?.....Its funny how people read many books but know nothing of Islam...which is constantly growing.......why are you questioning the existence of god or saying that muhammed was not a prophet..and you havent read the whole quran or even the hadith or study the bio of the prophet muhammed.........thats like me partially studying for a test....and then later fail the test and blame it on the teacher..... you can say life is a test....and you have a whole lifetime to take this test and whats even better you have a cheat sheet(quran/hadith) to pass this test.......and then the time will end and you will be graded and if you fail, you cant blame it on your teacher and there is no make-up test.....it was up to you to work hard and pass this test..... plus the quran doesnt take forever to read and understand........its very simple and logical yet powerful enough to penetrate the depths of darkness in your heart,mind, and soul....
  15. The Event India

    9/11 was set-up watch zeitgeist the movie..forward it to 44 minutes