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  1. Save it Yasnov , the Protocols are a fraud ....deal with it , and save your phony professors and alleged scholars for people like ###### . You both are indoctrinated NOT educated . You dont "make me do anything " .....you are not dealing with your countrymen , I can think for myself and need no misguided , misinformed and under educated person like yourself telling me anything .. You are a non-seguitar Yasnov , and if you walked into any of the halls of higher learning , you would be laughed out . Keep your links , they'll never prove what is not true from the start ....the Protocols are a fraud and you are duped .
  2. Forget all your blathering B.S. ###### , the Protocols are the subject , they are a FAKE , they have been proven a FAKE , all the worlds CREDIBLE scholars KNow they are a FAKE . But You and Yasnov believe they are true..... in spite of overwhelming and empirical evidence to the contrary. YOU ARE BOTH DUPED .....and NEITHER ONE OF YOU ARE PROPERLY EDUCATED .....save your "zionist rants " for some one who gives a rat's ###### . You have NO CREDIBILITY .
  3. ###### , you wouldn't know the truth if it fell out of a tree and hit you on the head . The Protocols are a fraud , anyone who believes otherwise has been duped and decieved ....PERIOD . You have no argument , as you attempt to defend a fraud and a lie and fashion your life around it . Too bad for you , in fact it is pathetic, to listen to these phony arguments supported by more phony scholars . And all for what ? Too justify your own bigoted views . Walk into any accredited University , ANYwhere in the world and tell them your argument , and you will be laughed at ....except of course Cairo University , but we all know why that is . You are not an educated man , as I said before you are an INDOCTRINATED MAN ....go sell your phony story to your like-minded freinds .
  4. No , nor do I care to know him . You and ###### waste a lot of bandwidth purporting yourselves to be educate men , whereas you are merely INDOCTRINATED men. Your belief in the Protocols as authentic, POSITIVELY proves this . There is a DIFFERENCE between an educated man and an INDOCTRINATED man , a difference that obviously eludes you both . Do not waste YOUR time or MINE with your crackpot bigoted "alleged scholars " , for the WORLD BODY of AUTHENTIC , CREDIBLE , and CREDENTIALED SCHOLARS , has already determined for as long as almost 100 years , that the Protocols are an out an out FRAUD . Scxroll back to the beginnings of this thread where one poster named " Badger "has more than spelled that out for both of you , but unfortunately both of you are IMMUNE to the truth and IMMNUNE to reason . The Protocols are a fake by which you have staked your view and reputation on .....and it is a dismal failure , and forever tainyts any claim to being an "educated " person , that both of you so erroneously claim to be . Sorry , but it's time you both accepted a truth that for the sake of your common ideologies have rejected for personal reasons . This is your problem , not mine , nor the rest of the world intellectual community . So if you both need to reassure and reaffirm one another in the belief of a LIE , then by all means do so , that is your right . But it will never change the truth you have rejected . Go ahead , "knock yourselves out " for you will never convince ANYONE with an education that the Protocols are a real and valid document .
  5. Do You Know This Man?

    Isaid , go study your history lessons ###### , I Challenge you to get an education , not an INDOCTRINATION . Save your revisionism for the uneducated .
  6. No Yasnov , the question should be ..... "name ONE CREDIBLE TRUE SCHOLAR WHO DOES "......there are none because the Protocols are a fake ....if you need to invent a reason to hate jews , you had better find a better one than this ridiculous and proven fraud . This is why no one gives, people like you and ###### , or anyone who holds on to such fallacies as truth - NO CREDIBILITY , and thus NO SYMPATHY for any cause you champion . Both YOU and ###### , have allowed your ideology to overule your reason and intellect , therefore both of you now masquerade as men that are allegedly "educated " , but you use the wrong term , for both of you are thoroughly INDOCTRINATED . Nor are either of you wise enough to realize that you have been bested , soundly defeated in this discussion . Both of you now ,are merely "spitting into the wind " . Enjoy yourselves .LOLOLOLOL.
  7. Yasnov too . has been duped .....you say "name me 25 scholars etc " ....this is like arguing with school children whoave not yet recieved afull education . . No Yasnov the q
  8. Do You Know This Man?

    Hey ....don't disagree with ######, or he will accuse you of slander ....lol....what a game you play ###### .
  9. Do You Know This Man?

    not quite ###### , better go study your history lessons.
  10. Do You Know This Man?

    Why did muslims leave the Arabian Peninsula if they are supposed to be innocent of any hegemony ? Yet you are quick to accuse all other of the same .
  11. LOL....there are none ...that is credible scholars . ###### and yasnov , base their fears and world views on a ficticious document , which they so NEED to believe , else what would explain their less than envious position in the world ...."It must be someone elses fault " !!!! OF COURSE !!!! A PLOT !!!! BY JEWS NO LESS !!!!!! Hitler did the same , another "believer " of the Protocols . My my , what parralells in reality ! How pathetic, are those who have been duped , and KNOWINGLY allow themselves to be deluded and decieved , that they actually EMBRACE the deception they so desperately want to believe . :sl:
  12. Exile Or Open-ended Detention?

    Justanswer the question ###### . Aplles ....lookout , it is ######'s TACTIC to trick you into expressing some form of approval for the israelis thereby getting you banned according to the rules . His question is measured and motivated inthat direction . LOL....therefore your "lack of condemnation " will be construed as support . Quite a game isn't it ? LOLOLOLOl .....and it works .
  13. Do You Know This Man?

    Historically , no one has killed more Hindus than MUSLIMS . Instead of your ideological rhetoric ###### , I would actaully ask HINDUS about their own history as far as muslims invading and pillaging their lands and slaughtering their people . Look up the meaning of the name of the mountain range in India called HINDU-KUSH . And please , end your foolish talk about Australia , muslims will never rule Australia , whilst they very well may start a war there , the will not prevail . Aborigines are not nor ever were muslims .
  14. No Yasnov , if you believe the Protocols to be a real and valid document , then YOU are the one who is decieved . The World intellectual body , has proven the Protocols to be a false , fraudulent and plaguerized document , used by the a Russian to defame his oppponents . This has already been explained to you , but you remain duped and decieved by your own ideological idiosyncrosies . That's not the world's fault , the fault is your own bias .