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  1. The US Regime Supports And Finances Mujahideen

    The SAoviets and US were meddling in Afghanistan long before the taliban , long before the Soviets actually invaded Afghanistan . After that the Cia financed the mujahadeen and aided them in driving the Soviets out , so what's the big secret ? Unfortunately what came after the Soviets was far WORSE -----The Taliban . And look what they did .....gave Bin Laden a place to plan and plot, then that attack of 9/11 by Bin Laden got them destroyed .
  2. Do You Know This Man?

    You can try and twist your revisionist history in whichever way you choose , they are all fractured fairey-tales , Gen .Montgomery [ Monty } Defeated Rommel in Africa thereby liberating all occuppied Arab and Muslim lands , with the help of the Americans , the task was done . The Italians were nothing more than an after-thought after they faced a REAL Army , they quickly surrendered . No "mujahadeen were eve remotely responsible for lifting the yoke of occupation , and nothing they did could have EVER had anything to do with the ultimate defeat of Rommel and the Italians by the allied forces USA & Britain] . You can not escape the truth . ALTHOUGH YOU TRY BY ' REPORTING " the previous post , which says nothing more than the truth , a truth you can not bear to face , that the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem , Yasser Arafat's great uncle ....SIDEDWITH HITLER , THEREBY SIDING WITH HITLER'S ALLY - MUSSOLINI . So whatever was done to muslims by Hitler and Mussolini , apparently the Grand Mufti was more concerned with seeing to jews being killed by Hitler . Face it ###### , it's the EMBARRASSING TRUTH ......and your fairey-tales fall off by the wayside . Go get a real education , and not an "INDOCTRINATION " , because that's all you got .
  3. I know it's your habit and tendency to LIE yasnov , but THERE IS NO CONCURRENCE between what you decieved yourself to believe and what I KNOW . As you continue , you only accentuate that tendency to LIE and your rejection of truth for the sake of your own bigotry against jews . We are not alike in any way Yasnov . I USE the brain God gave me , you on the other hand ABUSE the brain God gave you , and use it for deciet and self deception ....shame on you . Ther Protocols are a fraud ....deal with it , for you must find another reason to hate and denigrate jews . You can no longer in good conscience use them as an excuse for your bigotry . For you have been told the truth , by me and by any credible scolar in the world .....save your phonies for ###### ....and all those like him and yourself .
  4. Well , aside from the fact that YOU are a phony Yasnov , and would be naturally inclined to quote a phony , but in an environment where intellectual details are available and have been decided regarding the Protocols , anyone supporting , affirming , or stating in any way that the Protocols were a real or valid document , by this alone proclaims himself a phony , for his sdupport of a document that the world body of literary scholars has long ago determined to be false . It is obvious why YOU and ###### are attracted to and gravitate towards such charlatans , for they support your bigoted jew-hating and anti-semitic views . Apples contends he is not qualified to judge , well that may be so , but anyone capable of reading , comprehending what they read , and capable of connective thought can come to no other conclusion than the Protocols are a fraudulent document , and it is rather obvious why people like you so tenaciously hang on to them as true , you need to , in order to justify and rationalize your world view . You are NOT an educated man Yasnov , neither is ###### , you are both imposters , indoctrinated men charading as educated men , when in fact you both are very poorly educated . And proof of that is you still fail to see that you have been duped.