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  1. Indonesia - Compulsion In Religion

    It has EVERYTHING TO DO WITH INTOLERANCE OF ONE GROUP FOR ANOTHER , which in and of itself is a form of COMPULSION . Who ya tryin to kid Yasnov ? Do you think nobody reads the papers ? And those are articles coming from your own country .
  2. Still sucking wind Yasdnov , since all REAL scholars have already determined the protocols to be fakes , not only that , but show exactly their origin , the burden is on the naysayers like yourself to prove them real , and so far you haven't come close , for all the "alleged scholars " you attempt to foist up are merely fellow anti-semites like yourself , or complete morons and charlatans .....and it's funny thatt YOU did not know that the last one you attempted to use ...was an astronomer ..lol...which you claim well ,"it was the fault of the BBC" ....which surely proves only one thing about you , you are not educated and simply dont know what you're talking about , other than what you cut and paste from sympathetic websites ....which I'm sure you have no trouble at all finding . Nashi needs no help proving his claim , it is a moot point , the protocols are a fake ,and your argument has been refuted . But you insist on making a fool of yourself by "pretending " to give these documents credibility , or "pretending " to "not be sure " . You're all wet Yasnov ....try some ERNEST & HONEST reading at a credible Library or University .
  3. Indonesia - Compulsion In Religion

    Yea Yasnov ....REALLY .
  4. You never do learn , do you Yanov ? Forget Nashi , the issue here is the Protocols , which you have attempted to prove true or atleast cast doubt on the FACT that they are false . THERE IS NO DOUBT -The Protocols are false and used mainly today by people for anti-semitic agendas ....by people WHO BASICALLY KNOW FROM THE START THAT THEY ARE FALSE . THE WORLD BODY OF LITERARY PROFESSIONALS HAS ALREADY OVER RULED YOUR ATTEMPTED CLAIMS . You have been soundly refuted in this discussion and you're simply just sucking wind right now . You demand ..."journals " ??? To disprove a FABLE ? A fact already established ....the Protocols are a fable , which has been explained ,dissected and conclusions reached . Only people like yourself with anti-semitic agendas cling to the protocols as real , in order to rationalize and therby "justify " their bigotry . There can be no other reason , in the face of world wide and accepted truths regarding the falsity of that document . But you Yasnov [ and your protege ###### ] persist with your facetious questions......hmmm..curious . And you claim to be educated ? In WHAT ? Deciet ? Formal Lies ? Fiction and Fables ?
  5. Pope Benedict Xvi Is A Zionist Supporter

    " a win win situation " is a euphemism [ saying ] Otherwise put, it is advantageous , both that ###### refuses to argue , and that nashi continues to refute his views . There are no winners here ......for that would indicate in a debate , an audience who can be swayed by argument . No one here on either side of an issue can be swayed by argument . This whole forum is simply a matter of POINT versus COUNTERPOINT / two opposing world views ...lol.....just look at the thread titles .
  6. The US Regime Supports And Finances Mujahideen

    yea .....and the Moon is made of green cheese .
  7. LOL.....YOU are "busted " Yasnov ......you believe a lie lie and reject the collective world knowledge reagrding this issue . The Protocols are not "allegedly false " nor are they "possibly false " , they are flat out proven false . You have a flaw in your mental processes ......it's called bigotry .....it prevents you from seeing the obvious , and makes you totally unaware of what a fool you are making of yourself .
  8. Yasnov has lost the argument, so he will now engage in mundane and meaningless B.S. to diverge from the facts . He is not a man wise enough to admit nor realize when he is WRONG , and he cannot admit that the cunard most of his own society holds up as its justification against jews ....is and has always been patently false , and now it has been embarrrassingly proven to be a falsehood on which they have based real actions in the physical realm for years . In fact they have been taught error , and continue to TEACH THEIR CHILDREN ERROR . Shame on you Yasnov , you continue to compound this lie you have been taught . ###### is no better .
  9. Yasnov , do not try to disguise the simple facts : You lost the argument ....The Protocols are false . You failed to provide a legitimate scholar who would agree with youyr view that the Protocols are a valid document ...in fcat your "example " was an astronomer , but you blamed the BBC for that . You lack the academic ability to determine if ANYTHING is true or false , becauser all the issues you bring up are based in your own ideological rhetoric , and facts and logic have no place in your arguments . This latest diversionary tactic is typical of a man with no valid argument . You are a bigot , therefire for that cause ONLY do you either insist the Protocols are valid or deceptively laim"you're not sure " . Who you trying to kid Yasnov ? How do you know that the childhood classic "Through the Looking Glass " is REAL FACT OR NOT ??? How do you base your conclusion ? Well , Knowledge , education , common sense, logic, and savoir-faire would help you reach your conclusion , indeed the right conclusion . You lack all of these , so any conclusion you reach regarding the Protocols based on "your criteria " are always patently false .....just like your conclusions on the moon landings , and the presence of the mirrors placed on the moon by US Astronauts . The fault in your own reasoning process and lack of connective thought shines glaringly through all of your arguments . So yasnov , do not try to turn the tables on me , you have already proven yourself inept , uneducated and incapable of any intellectual discussion . Propaganda , and ideologicalrhetoric are your game ....nothing else . In view of the widely , worldwide accepted conclusion by scholars , regarding the Protocols , puts the burden squarely on your shoulders to prove that they are REAL , and so far you AND ###### have failed miserably , only offering your personal feelings on zionism , which taints everything you say or do .
  10. The US Regime Supports And Finances Mujahideen

    No , EXTREMELY CONFUSED .LOLOLOLOLOLOL hahah using ######s rationale if the FBI prosecuted Bush , then Bin laden would be guilty of 9/11 no ? LOLOL..... Hey everyone knows Bin laden and his 19 deranged barbarians and followers did it ......everyone except the "couple " Yasnov and ###### ........but we ca play "make believe " to humor them both . :sl:
  11. Yasnov , just admit , you have not the education nor the power of reasoning to determine fact from fiction , or truth from fairey-tales . You can dtermine the validity of a document or story in the same way you determine the difference between an historical fact and a childrens fable . If you can't tell the difference , OR ....you are "unsure " as you like to put it , then to a person like you , it really makes no difference as you drift through life in and out of reality . Trouble is many of your like-minded bretheren share the same delusion and perpetrate actions in reality based on your mutual false basis. And you wanna know why no one listens to your complaints ? C'mon Yasnov , YOU KNOW , That it is not JUST YOU who holds such views on the protocols , and the world seeing it, looks on that as a defective mind . But hey if that's the way you like it so be it .....just don't whine or question why no one's on your side .....because this issue is merely just one of many, where the same irrationality is present .
  12. Mofre hysterical ranting from ###### .....nonsense and uneducated blather . If you were to find a "scholar " who you would use to verify "Alice in Wonderland " , I would call him an imposter and imbecile , and so would the rest of the literary world . That is exactly what you and yasnov are attempting to do , for not only does it show "your experts " to be fools and charlatans , and most likely anti-semites like yourselves , for there is NO OTHER REASON FOR SO TENCIOUSLY HOLDING ONTO AND CLINGING TO SUCH A THOTOUGHLY PROVEN FRAUDULENT DOCUMENT . Unfortunately your position on this shows an abnormality in yourthinking anf logic , and most definitely a poor or defective education that you both must have recieved . To NASHI : Yes INDEED , QUALIFIED SCHOLARS-----THEIR GENERAL CONCENSUS----AND THE BEST AVAILABLE INFORMATION ...........AGREED ! BUt one must havea mind capable of disemination and discerning such information , and that mind in order to reach logical and empirical conclusions BASED ON FACT .........MUST BE FREE OF PREDISPOSED BIAS ANDHATRED .....a qualification that both ###### and Yasnov fail miserably at . It is no wonder they hold so tightly to such an in-tenaciousand rdiculous position , in lightof the world body of verified knowledge .......i fact itis pathetic o watch .
  13. Do You Know This Man?

    You can be as ungratefull as you wanna be ###### , for you are really IRRELEVANT in the overall scheme of things . Just know well that Hitler ,Mussdolini and Tojo WERE THE AXIS that started WW2 , and therefore responsible for all the loss of life . TotaL WAR IS TOTAL WAR . TRUTH IS THE ALLIES did save the world , AND YOUR MUFTI OF jERUSALEM WAS ON THE WRONG SIDE , AND ALL THE "MUJAHADEEN IN HE WORLD " WOULD HAVE BEEN USELESS WITHOUT THE aLLIES ESPECIALLY THE US AND BRITAIN . And as far as who you hate and what YOU think of WW2 , you are again totally irrelevant . Chances are you wouldn't be here without the US and Britain ....remember that before you again bite the hand that fed you .
  14. You are just as duped and indoctrinated as Yasnov . And no , there is no slander in exposing the LIE that both of you stake your lives on .....you are both pathetic , and dont give me any of your "slandering me " B.S. You should know the protocols are a ficticious document, if you claim to be an educated man .....but you are by no means an educated man , you are a ranting uneducated and indoctrinated lackey , who desperately needs to rationalize an irrational hatred . That is what you are all about , and you are not worthy to criticize me , because you have embraced a LIE , and you have no credibility . You both have fallen in to the same pit , and you both languish there . You are duped and decieved . Go get an education so you may see clearly what the whole entire, legitimate, literary world sees and has known for almost 100 years .....the Protocols are a fraud .
  15. Think real hard Yasnov and figure it out . I'll give you hint , given your level of education ......you wont find one , because if you do he'll be nothing but an uninformed moron or a fellow bigot like yourself .....and that is because the Protocols have already been proven patently and undeniably false .....so whatever you bring to the table is a LIE or just more of your B.S. You gettin' that Yasnov ? ...lol...probably not , due to the extent and depth of your indoctrination .