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  1. Qur'an And Prophets

    Please, this isn't the place for this topic - which has been very fully discussed in other threads.
  2. So you agree that a drawing of Mohammed with a bomb in his turban is an acceptable response to (say) the Bali bombings? Good.
  3. Indonesian Islamofascist Bombers Caught

    "Police in Indonesia say a cafe popular with foreigners in West Sumatra was the target of an abandoned terrorist attack last year. Australian surfers and backpackers are among the cafe's visitors. Before the Bali bombings, it was not uncommon in peak season for up to 50 foreigners to spend their evenings in the Bedudel Cafe in Bukitinggi in West Sumatra. The planned attacks against Bebudel Cafe were reportedly abandoned over concerns they would kill too many Indonesian Muslims." (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetabc(contact admin if its a beneficial link).au/news/stories/2008/07/04/2294107.htm"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetabc(contact admin if its a beneficial link).au/news/stories/2008/07/04/2294107.htm[/url]
  4. What about Iranians banning dogs and whipping their owners? Anyway, the guy doing the banning is a much more qualified scholar than you - how dare you judge him?
  5. Some Scientific Truths Of Koran

    By the way, the "pre-ordination" of anything is, I agree, interesting - it seems to me as a non-physicist and non-mathematician that it's possible that once the BB had begun, everything - the location of a particular a dust mote in Galaxy X in 10,000,000 BCE, the cough of a kangaroo in Australia this morning - could have happened in no other way. However I think that current thinking by people who know what they are talking about says that this is not the case and that random events do occur, and thus the state of the universe is not predictable and thus not pre-ordained. You could (and in fact do, if you believe that an omniscient god exists) postulate another layer of pre-ordination covering randomness, but in the absence of any evidence for the existence of this god, Occam's Razor doesn't allow me to.
  6. Some Scientific Truths Of Koran

    Why? Things are as they are - if there had been no 'lumpiness' we probably wouldn't be here to write holy books about the sublime and surely divine smoothness of the universe, but another life form might be. As I've allowed the possibility of a god causing the BB, I don't think you can call me an atheist, strictly speaking. Also, literally anything is conjecturable as the state of things (or -no-things) "before" (if you can use that concept for a state that had no time) the BB, and whatever we conjecture is highly unlikely to have been the case, as we are a product of the laws of this particular universe. (Mine too - I chose it because Nashi had been banned)
  7. Yes - you'd think those Zionists would have learned something from the Nazis, but the Gaza 'holocaust' will take hundreds of years to achieve the sort of results that the Nazis did in a day. Damn inefficient, these Jews.
  8. Why was the 'Tolstoy' thread closed? We were wasting no-one's time but our own and other than gratuitous accusations of lying were fairly polite.
  9. Zionist Propaganda By Zionist Slaves

    You have not been able to give one piece of evidence that the Protocols are real. Not one. Nothing. Yet you claim that they are. this makes you a fool or an insane bigot. Which is it?
  10. The Taliban Uprising

    Better yet, why not do a cost-benefit analysis. How many Muslim will die if Iraq nukes israel? What's the population of Teheran? Plus, of course, the possiibility of the Palestinian ever being given their own state will becomes zero. So, several million Mulim dead and the end of all hope for the Palestinians if you get your way. On the other hand, if Muslims have enough guts to tell Iran to grow up, Teheran will still exist and the Palestinians still have a chance. No sane peron would choose your way.
  11. The Taliban Uprising

    Did my reply get deleted or did I forget to hit 'Add Reply'? That Zionist in Iran, wanting to get his hands on a nuke to "wipe israel off the map" is a good example of this sort of Zionist thinking.
  12. Free Hugs Campaign

    Glad to see positive responses, but surely it would not be Islamically permitted for a woman to receive a "free hug" from this man?
  13. Lucky you don't live in Iran, with your "corrupt" dog-loving ideas: (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/2326357.stm"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/2326357.stm[/url] Yet again, I'm reminded of why worldwide Sharia would be horrible.
  14. Zionist Propaganda By Zionist Slaves

    Gawd - what do you think the Protocols thread is all about? Constant requests for you to provide proveable/disprovable evidence, which you cannot. As for the Holocaust, I DO apply that stance - I accept the findings of the qualified people who have investigated it and I reject the disproven claims of the propagandists. The qualified people think it happened. I keep saying this but your closed mind won't accept it as truth: I have no a priori need to think that the Holocaust was real, that Muslims did 9/11, that Americans walked on the moon, that Tolstoy was not a Muslim, that gods do not exist. If it was proven otherwise it would be very interesting. I've made my decision on those subjects according to a rational process of rejecting bias and untruths and accepting fact and the informed opinion of experts. edit - typos