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  1. Origins Of A Global Bully

    Yasnov , it is not "an article ' scraped offthe internet to serve a purpose ...it is fact in the public domain .....btw it happened before the internet , but THAT is irrelevant . I dont know what your country allows you hear in the way of news or what you are allowed to read in your libraries ....but the event occurred , and the real number of dead is most likely higher since accurate census figures are rarely available in countries like YOURS , or Lebanon. Muslims persecuted , raped and killed approximaterly 10,000 christian Lebanese between 1975 and 1982 .....which "journalistic side " is there other than what was recorded ? Gonna parse words again yasnov ? Gonna fight Zeinabs battles while she sits quitely on the sidelines trying to figure out a suitable excuse for an obvious slaughter with no excuse ....or perhaps you will provide one ? OR ...perhaps you'll continue to do your danmce around it with your usual deflections ....when you have no answer . As I said to Zeinab .....GO CLEAN UP YOUR OWN KITCHEN ....before you go badmouthing some one elses . Go ask your teachers what happened , I'm sure they'll fill your head with more ideological rhetoric and half-truths .
  2. Origins Of A Global Bully

    Yasnov , you already ARE a LIAR , and as far as your tag of "zionist slave " that is not an objective observation , but an opinion based on a warped and perverted world view . And YES , YOU DO INSULT ME , as is your intention , you LIE about that too . I don't know any "zionists " in YOUR sense of the word , I dont know any jews who want to take over and rule the world , therefore how can I be a slave to an entity, I believe DOES NOT EXIST ??? So cut your b.s. Yasnov , and respond to the question posed to Zeinab , which you took upon yourself to answer , but so far have not , save for you just putting up a high pile of dung on this thread . You don't describe what you see , you put a name on the bigoted impression of people who know you are full of B.S. ....self serving bigoted and hate mongering B.S> You and your contemporaries need someone to blame for your miserable condition , and bad behavior , you need a rational for the things you do , yoiu need to create a justification for your action , so yoiu invent the " wooooooo world wide zionis plot ......and anyone who criticizes that or exposes your bigotry and hate ...is a "zionist slave " You dump on the US every chance you get , because America and Americans are sympathetic to those whom you hate ...it's just that simple . So save all your bull ....yu jumped in answer the question or hit the highway .
  3. Origins Of A Global Bully

    Yasnov , you dont know your butt from a hole in the ground . People diont leave the US to go "somewhere else " and certainly not to Indonesia , so quit badmouthing the US ......you aren't qualified , wqith your limited intellect , thats what bigotry does to the mind .....as far as knowing truth from lies ? hahahaha , YOU ARE THE LAST PERSON , ANYONE WOULD ACCUSE OF HAVINGTHAT ABILITY . After the skewed , stunted and twisted education you recieved, it's a wonder you can even think ...oh wait , you can't . And you criticize my going back to 1860 ? You bloody hypocrite , how many times have you done precisely the same ? Forget 1860 anyway , the muslims there have had a long history of persecuting christians .....what about 1982 ? Zeinab hasn't answered.....and niether have you , all youcan do is offer your childish accusation : "you are a zionist slave " .....that's a good indication of your mental ability .....a reaction rathjer than an intellectual response . But you have no answer , nor does Zienab , that is why you shift the subject with your B.S. As far as your respective countries , Indonesia and Lebanon for Zeinab , neither one of you have any right whatsoever to criticize the US , whereas BOTH your countries have slaughtered thousands ...and not in ancient history either . And there are PLENTUY OF YOURS AND HER COUNTRYMEN WHO RUN TO THE US , but aint it funny , no ones running to where you are . So if you're going to continue to dance around the article I brought up , either respond to it , or hold your tongue , especially your stupid little accusation of being a zionist slave ....that what your father taught you ? !0,000 christians were slaughtered -persecuted -raped ......in Lebanon by muslims between '75 and 1982 . care to respond to THAT , before you go bad mouthing my country ? Besides , it aint yor place anyway , Zeinab opened the thread with her childish insults toi my country , and SHE was asjked about the bad behavior of hers , so if you are gonna try to answer for her , then do it , otherwise ...buzz off .
  4. Origins Of A Global Bully

    ....and this was not the first , there was the Druze slaughter of christians in 1860 were it is estimated 7 - 11 thousand christians were murdered .
  5. Origins Of A Global Bully

    --The Lebanese Christians also became the bankers of the Arab world. Lebanese Christian-owned banks laundered huge sums of money for Arab Muslim dictators, Arab Muslim terrorists and Arab Muslim drug kingpins. Shocking images from a January 1976 Muslim terrorist atrocity in Lebanon - After the Lebanese Christian town of Damour was overrun by Arab Muslim terrorists - who proceeded to butcher its inhabitants - an entire family of Arab Christians was dragged through the streets and shot dead in front of a Muslim cameraman However, despite their frantic efforts to do everything possible to demonstrate their zealous loyalty to the Arab Muslim world, the Lebanese Christians were still hated as "infidels" by the Muslims. By 1975, Lebanon's Christian majority had become a minority because of the huge Muslim birthrate. Now a majority, Lebanon's Muslims started a civil war in 1975 with the express goal of annihilating all of the Christian "infidels." The Lebanese Muslims were armed by Syria, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, the PLO - who were invited into Lebanon by the Lebanese Christians - joined with the Muslims in the war to wipe out the Christians. The savage Lebanese civil war raged on from 1975 to 1982. By 1982, over 300,000 Lebanese Christian men, women and children had been murdered by the Lebanese Muslims and their PLO terrorist allies. The Lebanese supported Arab Muslim terrorism against israel - In the photograph, a Lebanese woman waves farewell to retreating PLO Arab Muslim terrorists, one of whom is displaying a picture of the Arab Hitler Yasser Arafat The Lebanese Christians were able to fight back solely because they received weaponry from israel - the same israel that they had sought to exterminate for so many years in a futile attempt to ingratiate themselves with the Arab Muslim Nazis. But despite their efforts to defend themselves, by 1982, the Christians were being overwhelmed by the Muslims and the PLO terrorists. The whole world watched in silence as the Christians were being slaughtered. The United States, Europe and the United Nations did nothing. A little Lebanese girl raped and murdered by Muslim terrorists Although Lebanon's Maronite Christians follow the Roman Catholic Church, the Vatican was also silent as the Islamic Nazi genocide was being perpetrated in Lebanon. In 1982, the remainder of Lebanon's Christian minority was saved not by America, not by Europe, not by the UN and not by the Vatican, but by little israel.
  6. Origins Of A Global Bully

    By whom ? muslims in Lebanon ....when 1982 . Don't you think Zeinab more qualified to answer , since she "alleges " to be Lebanese ....lol...but has remained strangely silent .
  7. Origins Of A Global Bully

    ......and still Zeinab remains silent regarding the 10,000 christians slaughtered in her country .
  8. Origins Of A Global Bully

    Haha......let ANYONE attempt that Yasnov.........and see what happens ....we are NOT , the Brits or the French . [ and even they will open their eyes very soon ] Think for the world ??? Indeed , I see how all the OTHER PROPONENTS FOR SHARIA LAW IN THE MUSLIM WORLD ......."think for the world " .......don'tthink I need to see anymore....before I lock and load ./ LOL...........go for it .
  9. Dhimmies In France

    Dont think it works quite that way Redeem , nor do you ....HYPOCRITE ....most dhimmis had no choice but to become DHIMMIS IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY , Like Iranian Jews , it wasn't a question of them GOING TO IRAN , they lived there , it was more of a question of being jews and not muslims . And today in Iraq , no matter what EXCUSE you may choose to "make-up " christians there are being persecuted more than any time in the history of christians living in that land , and so it is for the chriustians of Bethlehem , who are leaving in droves ....they are indigenous people , they didn't "go there " from somewhere else . Christians dont do to well in Lebanon either , as 10,000 were slaughtered there , in the early 80's ....and they weren't immigrants Muslims being treated like Dhimmis in France , is the biggest crok of B.S. I've ever heard . Go to another country , refuse to follow the rules , learn the language ,adopt the traditions , and I'm sure any country will give you the boot ...which I'm sure France will eventuially do , should the behavior persist , you know ....like burning thousands of cars , rioting , attacking fireman and police ... If you refuse to do those things that means you didn't come to that country to live as a frenchman or American , so get the hell out , the west is not a welfare hotel for those passing through , unwilling to mix in with the indigenous peoples of that country . The Aussies said it so well .
  10. Origins Of A Global Bully

    And BTW , ZEINAB has not yet responded to my question about the slaughters in her country ....perhaps she needs more time to concoct another "bully " who committed those crimes ....I'm sure she will , and it will be someone or something outside Lebanon , and the Lerbanese people .....who are picking up again after a 30 year civil war which accomplished absolutely NOTHING .
  11. Origins Of A Global Bully

    Well yasnov , you ought to know by now , that what "seems to you " doesn't seem to be reality at all . But if your asking is my country the freest in the world ? the answer is yes , so much so that most of the naysayers and whiners , would prefer to l;ive here over their own countries ......as far as your B.S. statement about "raping etc. etc . , well you do know better Yasanov , but will never admit it , and yes Russ is quitre correct in his estimation of yours and Zeinabs statements . As far as bombing ? Well dont bomb us and we won't bomb YOU , don't attack us , and we won't attack YOU ....simple rules to follow . matbe in the years preceeding the WTC attacks and the embassy bombings, and all the other bombings omn US interests , maybe your little freinds should have thought of the consequences , like you know .....retaliation . Your historyis no better than the US , nor any arab or muslim country ,. as I explained to Zeinab , which I'm sure she doesn't want to hear .....CLEAN UP YOUR OWN KITCHEN YASNOV , BEFORE YOU DEFAME AND CRITICIZE OTHERS , YOUR OWN COUNTRY IS CERTAINLY NO MODEL OF DEMOCRACY , TOLERANCE , or FREEDOM ....LOL....or anything else for that matter . And you've got no one to blame for that, but yourselves . Though I'm sure you don't feel that way , for "eternal victims "...need eternal scapegoats, for the own ill-gotten circumstances .
  12. Dhimmies In France

    Oh what a coc of B.S. Redeem . The FACT that there ARE dhimmis , kinda says it all . As far as any rule that a host country may require of thoise who wish to live there ? Hey if they don't like it ....STAY HOME >
  13. Origins Of A Global Bully

    What about the 10,000 christians slaughtered in your country -Lebanon , in the early 80's ? Who you gonna try to blame that on ? Yet for all your bad-mouthing of the US , Lebanese , Syrians , Egyptians , Saudis . Pakistanis , Somalis , and yes EVEN PALESTINIANS come to the US , where they live more free than any other place on Earth , ESPECIALLY more freedom than any arab or muslim nation . Go ahead and rant , if you wish , lol....the sounds of children and firecrackers celebrating the 4th of July drown out your whining . In the meantime .....GO CLEAN UP YOUR OWN KITCHEN .
  14. No assumptions Yasnov , it' s fact . The Brits did their homework , a bit too late , but they know nonetheless . Go read the articles again Yasnov . The connections are obvious........and all this should be no surprise to anyone , the Finsbury Masjid has neen notorious for its hate speech and incitement . If I knew this in 1999 , dont you think the brits knew ? Of course they did , but they were too involved trying to be PC . They finally kicked Bakri out of the country , but by that time it was already too late. Really yasnov , do you think no one reads or pays attention to what's going on ??? Before you make your arguments ....know the subject matter ......you've been winging it all along in just about every area , and your trick of answering a question with a question does not fly . And do try to refrain from bringing Hiroshima in this argument or your ludicrous Eisenhower massacre .
  15. YOU don't understand what you asked me Yasnov , in fact I don't think you have a connected though in your being . I named the Masjid , and named some of the teachers , all the 7/7 bombers had those two things in common . . Can't make it any plainer than that yasnov .