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  1. How To Determine When Ramadan Starts?

    Asalaamu Aleyqum, Thank you for your reply and taking out time to read this. May Allah reward you for your effort. Ameen. So what's the solution at the moment? I mean how can i ensure I am actually on the correct last 10 odd days of Ramadan? What would the solution be to all this for a muslim individual? Also, forgive me my brother, but i didnt quite understand the process of how to figure out when the month starts. I understand its either by looking at the moon or the calendar but which one should be used in which circumstances, what if its cloudy, etc....all implications and all. Can you provide details the process please? Jazak Allah Khairun for your efforts. Asalaamu Aleyqum
  2. Taraweeh

    Asalaamu Aleyqum, Jazak Allah Khairun for your reply. I know this post is one year late so please forgive me for that. May Allah grant you your good wishes. Ameen. Are there any references from the Quran and Sunnah relating to taraweeh prayers? JAzak Allah for taking out time to read. May Allah make this Ramadan special for you inshAllah.
  3. Asalaamu Aleqyum dear brothers and sisters, First let me say Ramadan Kareem to all. What a beautiful time of the year! May this month bring about benefit for all of us. Ameen Part 1: I am a little confused on the ruling to determine when Ramadan is to begin and Insh'Alla, you all can help me or direct me to the appropriate source to understand this. Please forgive me if someone has already asked this question or similar to it. According to the Islamic Calendar, Canada, Ramadan was scheduled to start on Saturday, 22nd August 2009. However, if the moon was sighted Thursday Night, then Ramadan would have started the very next day, on Friday, 21st August. In Pakistan, Ramadan is starting neither on Friday 21st, nor Saturday 22nd but on Sunday 23rd August. And according to the Hijri Calendar, Sunday is the 2nd of Ramadan. Why so much difference between the start dates for the month of Ramadan? Could you please tell me what the ruling is on determining when the month starts? As in does it depend on the moon sighting or the Hijri Calendar or both? The reason I ask is because some countries ( if my understanding is correct) wait for the moon to appear, even though it's past the 1st Ramadan according to the Hijri Calendar. I would like to figure this out insh'Allah. If you have references from the Quran and Sunnah, it would be highly appreciated. That was part 1 of the question. Part 2: Also, what bothers me is the fact that Lailat-ul-Qadr is only "one" of the odd nights of the last 10 days of Ramadan. So if there are two groups within a country which decide to Start Ramadan on different dates, both groups will have different dates for the last 10 odd nights. To illustrate, If i start Ramadan on the 1st of August, then the last 10 odd nights for me would be 21st, 23rd, 25th, 27th, and so on But if my friend starts Ramadan on the 2nd of August, the last 10 odd nights for him would be 22nd, 24th, 26th, and so on... So essentially, either I or my friend will miss Lailat-Ul-Qadr because we started Ramadan at the wrong date right? Because my last 10 odd nights and his last 10 odd nights occur on different days. And since there can only be one night for Lailat-ul-Qadr, one of us will miss it. I hope I have explained this correctly and I hope you guys are able to help me InshAllah. Please do provide references from the Quran and Sunnah regarding the two above questions. Jazak Allah Khairan for taking out time to read this brothers and sisters. May Allah answer your good wishes. Remember me in your prayers! Asalaamy Aleyqum
  4. Angels Talk To Us

  5. Taraweeh

    Asalaamu Aleyqum brothers and sisters. can someong enlighten me as to what is taraweeh and what one is supposed to do in taraweeh? i am going to go to my first taraweeh soon but i have no clue what it is or what i have to do in there. i know we muslims try and recite the quran in arabic and try to finish it in the month of Ramadan. i also know that we say our salaat in Taraweeh. but can someone please tell me what it is exactly, if there are any hadith or quranic sources. also, is there a special type of salaat that i must know for taraweeh and do i need to take my own quran with me? anyways brothers and sisters, please do enlighten me. Ramadan mubarak to everyone and i hope that Allah gives u all good that you wish for. May Allah guide us on the right path, may He keep us steadfast, may He make our hearts patient, calm, courageous, honest, sincere, humble and pure. May He increase us in knowledge, in wiseness and intelligence, in humility, in imaan. May He strentghten our hearts, but yet keep them soft. May He make us mentally and emotionally strong. May He grant us the real success, the truth, the reality. May He grant us peace, happiness and Janaa. Ameen and InshAllah. Jazak Allah Assalamu alaikum
  6. Pray 2 Rakat At A Time?

    Asalaamu Aleyqum brothers and sisters. I was just wondering if one can pray 2 rakats at a time for a fard prayer of 4 rakats. for example, i pray 2 rakats, take a 1 minute break, and pray the other 2 rakats, is it permissible? also, it so happened today that i was late for jamaat prayers and made it to the 3rd rakat. anyways so i prayed my 3rd and 4th with the jamaat and then had to say my 1st and 2nd after jamaat was over. but as soon as i started my 1st rakat (the one i missed) the imam was announcing something on the mic. anyways, i found it distracting during prayer and also thought that i could benefit from listening to it. So i quickly said that 1st rakat which i missed, and sat down to listen to the wise words of the imam. once he finished speaking, i continued with the 2nd rakat. i hope the above is understandable and someone could kindly help me so i may be better informed. and while i was typing this, another question popped in my mind. what is the singular and plural of rakat Jazaak Allah brothers and sisters and i hope and pray that Allah increase us in our knowledge, grant us his security and forgiveness, and make us true muslim servants. Ameen and inshAllah Assalamu alaikum.
  7. 5 Times Of Salaat

    Asalaamu Aleyqum brothers and sisters. thank you very much brothers for your replies. I know my reply is pretty late and i apologize for that. anyways brothers, Jazak Allah for taking out the time to write and help me out. this thread has been insightful. May Allah bless you all and answer your good prayers in this month of Ramadan and the rest of the year. Assalamu alaikum.
  8. 5 Times Of Salaat

    Asalaamu-Alaykum brothers and sisters, as far as the quote from the Holy Quran mentioned in one of my above posts is concerned, it might not necessarily be referring to Fajr Salaat. just making that clear because after reading 3 different translators' interpretation of the above mentioned verse, they all seem to be slightly different. just pointing that out as so as not to confuse or mislead anybody. Assalamu alaikum
  9. Ramadan Checklist

    MashAllah MashAllah MashAllah may Allah bless you always, grant you true peace, happiness and success brother. And may He increase us in knowledge, strength, will power and perseverance so that we may achieve our goals and truly submit to Allah's will and become better Muslims. Ameen Jazak Allah
  10. 5 Times Of Salaat

    Once again brothers and sisters, forgive me if i am wrong and do help me correct myself. If you feel there is a better way to answer my Shia brother, please suggest to your heart's desire and let us learn in the process. May Allah increase us in knowledge, InshAllah. Assalamu alaikum
  11. 5 Times Of Salaat

    Asallaamu Alaykum brothers and sisters. I totally agree with the reply above this about following the Sunnah. Yes i believe and totally agree to the fact that the Holy Quran and Sunnah go hand in hand. Although i haven't gone through many of our Prophet's (S.A.W) ahadith, i am pretty sure that praying 5 times a day has been specifically mentioned in there. But here is the problem i face when trying to convince a non-Muslim. Many of them reject the Ahadith citing that fact that they may not be credible, or might be weak etc etc.. Anyways, my goal here is to proof to my shia brother that we ARE supposed to pray 5 times a day and i want to try not to use the Ahadith. why? because he does not believe in them. But he does believe in the Quran. THUS, i want to prove to him using the source he staunchly believes in which is the QURAN. don't get me wrong, i myself do believe the Quran and Sunnah are supposed to compliment each other etc... I hope you all realize how i want to approach this situation and why. Reason being, if i think to myself, "there is no use reverting a shia" for whatever reason or "you can't win an argument with a Shia", then my mission ends right there!!! get it? Or if i just tell my Shia brother, "just FOLLOW the Holy Quran and Sunnah", it's not good enough to get that person to start thinking about the TRUTH! It's not convincing enough. I hope this clarifies why i started this post. Jazak Allah brothers and sisters. Assalamu alaikum
  12. 5 Times Of Salaat

    ***Continuation of above post*** The reason i have highlighted the words REGULAR PRAYERS and MORNING is because the above is clear, undeniable proof that Allah obligates us to pray at that time. No doubt there are many other quotes from the Holy Quran which state that one should praise/glorify Allah in the morning but i find the words "establish regular prayer" much stronger while trying to explain to a non muslim that we must pray 5 FARZ prayers a day. i hope the above wasnt too confusing and that we are able to carry on compiling proof here for the above mentioned purpose. if a brother or sister feels i am wrong, please do correct me. I myself am trying to become a stronger, more informed Muslim as is everyone else here. May Allah increase us in our knowledge. Jazak Allah :sl:
  13. 5 Times Of Salaat

    Asalaamu-alayqum brother, thank you for your answer. Brother, Islam has an answer to everything, Islam is complete and that's why it's a way of life. I am aware of the fact that Allah s.w.t will guide those whom He wills and not guide those whom He wills but that is a separate issue. Correct me if i am wrong, but I'm sure we as Muslims can support and back up whatever we practice with proof right? by proof i mean either the Quran or Sunnah! But on the other hand if we do something in Islam which we cannot support or which has not been mentioned in the Quran or Sunnah, then it is Innovation right? Any addition that we do on our own or any changes that we humans bring into Islam is innovation thus making it haraam. So i am pretty sure there is some way to proof to non-Muslims, Buddhists and Shias alike that we pray 5 times a day as mentioned in our sources. My goal is to find out what our sources say about the 5 times prayers. I don't think it's a matter of being Shia because i was a Shia once, a really staunch one and i used to pray only 3 times a day as many other Shias do. And i cannot thank Allah s.w.t enough for guiding me the way He did. i never though i'd be a TRUE MUSLIM and praying 5 times a day and trying to strive to become a true muslim servant and Shukhar Alhamdullillah i am submitting to the one true Allah the way He has perscribed in the Quran. Subhan-Allah for guiding me. Anyways, my point of saying all this is firstly that we as Muslims must be able to prove to Non Muslims (whether they be Shia or not) that Islam is THE TRUTH and that there is only ONE Islam. This proving or explaining I believe is a part of Da-waah. And secondly, it doesn't matter if the person in front of us is a Buddhist, Hindu or Shia, we should be able to explain to them or prove to them or convince them with logic or proof why Islam is the TRUE religon. Allah guided me and reverted me through this one person when i was Shia. Maybe we can all revert one Shia with Allah's help and guidance. May Allah help us. Anyways to get things started off, i found something in the Holy Quran to support establishing regular prayer for FAJR. here it is: Proof for Fajr salaat: 17:78: "Establish regular prayers - at the sun's decline till the darkness of the night, and the morning prayer and reading: for the prayer and reading in the morning carry their testimony." The reason i have highlighted the words REGULAR PRAYERS and MORNING is because above is clear, undeniable proof that Allah obligates us to pray at that time. There are many
  14. Angels Talk To Us

    Asalaamu-alayqum brothers and sisters. Someone, on some earlier topic mentioned that Angels tell us through our instincts/6th sense whether something is good for us or not. As in a sort of guidance. This individual said that this was mentioned in a hadith i believe. Would someone be kind enough to quote these insightful hadith so that we may all benefit? Jazak Allah brothers and sisters :sl: Assalamu alaikum
  15. 5 Times Of Salaat

    Assalamu Alaykum brothers and sisters. a shia family member of mine challenged me to find where in the Quran muslims are obligated to pray 5 times a day. As many will know, many Shias only pray 3 times a day as they say that the Holy Quran only obligates us to pray 3 times. But i know that is not true and i want to prove it to him. I am currently researching through a topical index of the Quran where all topics discussed in the Holy Quran are listed along with their surah and ayat numbers. for example: ________________________________________ Prayer 2:45, 9:103, 51:18, 70:22-23, 75:31, 96:10, 108:2 * be constant in 2:43, 2:83, 2:110 * beautify (adorn) yourselves for 7:31 * content 2:285-286, 3:8-9, 3:16, 3:147, 3:191-194, 17:80-81, 17:111, 23:118, 25:74, 59:10, 66:8 * day of congregation (Friday) 62:9 ________________________________________ anyways, i would be happy if my brothers and sisters could assist me in finding undeniable evidence from the Holy Quran obligating us muslims to establish REGULAR PRAYERS 5 TIMES A DAY p.s: i'm reffering to regular prayers/salaat/prayer and not dhikr/zikr/praise/glorify etc... i hope my brothers and sister understand what i am asking for! i will keep adding any evidences to this post as i come across them. thank you for the help in daa-wah! Assalamu alaikum and Jazaak Allah