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  1. Black magick (jaadu)

    As salam a aliakum I have a question for Insignia of Islam. I am not sure whether my brother has had magic done on him or not and thought may be you could shed some light. I was told by someone that this would be the case in light of what he does now. My Brother is married to a lady of his choice and everything was fine. Recently, he has changed to become 2 people. When he is good, he is very good but then for some reason he completely changes. During this change he drinks, does drugs, etc. An example of this is that he booked his holiday in the end of September to do Umrah and two weeks after he is drinking, doing drugs, doesn’t go to work and disrespecting his wife and family. The change occurred after first cousins requested the hand of my younger brother and both my parents said no. Since then we have no link with any of our first cousins. Could they have done black magic on my Brother and if so what can I do to reverse this as both my parents and sister in law is completely stressed. Your response is eagerly awaited.