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  1. LOL! You post has anything to do with this topic how?Abu Hafsa I find you post about cutting down trees strange - I've opened a new tread about it.
  2. He doesn't "resist", he just makes rabble-rousing speeches. He's setting up Iran for a disaster worse than the Iraq disaster. He's a moron.
  3. I agree that they have nothing to do with genuine Islam and I concede that calling them 'radical Islamists' might be insulting to genuine Mulsims. However they exist and apparently in large numbers. What would you like me to call them?
  4. New Superpowers - China & India

    And if the Taliban ever did manage to get thier hands on Pakistan's nukes they could expect a fairly rapid rain of nuclear missiles from both India and China.
  5. Actually, the 'living in the ME' is a bit of a red herring. I personally would love to spend a year or two in quite a few ME countries. The only reason I don't is because of the "radical Islamists" (or whatever you want me to call them) who make it too unsafe for me to make an extended stay in Yemen or even Egypt. I'd love to visit Pakistan again, but for the same reason I won't in the near future.
  6. The Taliban Power

    Killing the top female police officer is something to boast about, is it? She ran the Crimes Against Women section. I'm not surprised that the Taliban doesn;t like people investigating crimes against women. One of her children was shot in the assassination - relatives of police officers are legitimate targets too? The Taliban are scum.
  7. The Taliban Power

    They certainly aren't combatants. Neither are school teachers, another group that the Taliban likes to kill.
  8. True, but the scum claim that they are acting for Islam and their lackeys argue that they are acting as true Muslims. If they can't be called radical Islamists then what should they be called?
  9. I'm prepared to believe that the people of Gaza are at a point where they should not be held responsible for their bad decisions. (Although that doesn't excuse the people living in comfort and safety who encourage their bad decisions.) However the scum who blow up civillians in the UK, India, China, Thailand, Bali, etc don't have that excuse. They themselves claim to be acting for Islam, so what elese can they be called except 'radical Islamists'? I'm quite happy to use another term if you can think of one.
  10. (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_vimeo(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/1808434"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_vimeo(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/1808434[/url] This is seriously funny, but be warned that it contains lots of bad language.
  11. China is a superpower right now, and India isn't too far behind. How will they impact on the world? Speaking for my region, it will be nice if India takes on the cause of the Hindu Balinese and helps Bali achieve independence from the oppressive Indonesian regime. China has never really shown any expansionist signs, but it may step in to Muslim majority states on its western borders if home-grown terrorism rises much more. One thing is for certain - radical Islamists here will have to stop blaming Zionists and 'the West' for their problems.
  12. Jewish Morality Squads

    Indeed, but we have to allocate resources where they are most needed. Religious fanatics have killed millions of people. Football fans have killed a handful of people. Which is the more pressing problem?
  13. The Taliban Power

    "Muslims who sympathize with terrorist groups or acts of violence against civilians in any part of the world, will be banned indefinitely from posting."
  14. Pakistani Soldiers Fired On Us Helicopters..reuters

    Agree, although I note that there isn't the slightest whisper of condemnation from the radical Islamists here about the Pakistanis who do exactly the same thing - cross illegally into Afghanistan to attack people.
  15. Jewish Morality Squads

    Football fans haven't killed many millions of people like religious fanatics have. Football isn't the cause of practically all current wars on the planet.