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  1. Chain Of Transmission

    This is a clear case of ultra-skepticism. If you’re going to question the sources used by the Early Church Fathers and disregard the fact these Fathers lived in different countries and their quotes just happen to be consistent and the same universally, then my friend it’s you that has the problem not them. You might as well question your own “weak” and “strong” chains of narration for the Quran. How do you know these chains are liable? There could have been lies interjected? No doubt you will answer if a lie was inserted it would be inconsistent with the other chains and therefore obvious. Same standard applies; the Church Father Writings are consistent with each other as well with NT manuscripts. We have a consistency in biblical and extra biblical manuscripts. The corroborating evidence only strengthens the case. If that’s still not good enough for you, oh well then nothing will ever be. Why can’t you believe a chain of transmission was not kept? There was no need for it just as there was no need for the gospel writers to sign their work. They were circulated among many regions and countries. Think about it, they found a fragment of St John’s Gospel in Egypt dated 125 A.D. that’s approx. 35 years after the gospel had been written. For it to reach Egypt in this short period of time when considering the inferior technology back then tells us the popularity and impact this Gospel had made.
  2. Should He Be Sinless Or Should Be A God!

    The essence of the Nicene Creed is taken from St Paul’s letter to the Corinthians chapter 15, verses 3-4 “Christ died for our sins in accordance with the scriptures; that he was buried; that he was raised on the third day in accordance with the scriptures;” Scholars unanimously agree Paul received this very early Christian creed three years after his conversion, which would be approx the year 36 A.D. Put this into perspective, there was a creed already established within three years of Christ’s ascension into heaven!
  3. Should He Be Sinless Or Should Be A God!

    No problem my dear sister you can jump in anytime. You did a fine job in explaining :)
  4. Miracles By Muslims

    Interesting... Thanks :)
  5. Miracles By Muslims

    Thanks for that Younes, it was an interesting read. Are there any recent miracles for modern science to verify?
  6. Miracles By Muslims

    Hi Abdullhfath, To my knowledge the only miracles I’ve heard of attributed to Islam is things like a tree bowing down in a posture of worship and a baby with Quranic verses embedded in their skin. I’ve never heard of a Muslim performing a miracle (by the power of God of course) to heal the blind, cancerous, cripple etc. This is why I asked Younes for a website which unfortunately he has not yet replied...
  7. Miracles By Muslims

    Can you please provide a website link showing these miracles?
  8. [Resolved] Why Did Muhammad Go On Military Campaigns?

    Great – thanks so much for answering my questions :)
  9. [Resolved] Why Did Muhammad Go On Military Campaigns?

    What if the conquered people refused to pay the jizyah and refused to convert, what would happen then?
  10. [Resolved] Why Did Muhammad Go On Military Campaigns?

    I’m not sure if I’ve understood you correctly but he’s what I’ve taken in. The mission of Muhammad is to spread the Islamic faith. He did this first by sending letters to the leaders along with ambassadors. If the leaders refused to accept the message, Muhammad would charge the land with his army. The conquered people will not be forced to convert. Either they convert freely, keep their own faith but pay the jizyah or leave the land. Have I got it right?
  11. What were the objectives (reasons) of these military campaigns?
  12. Should He Be Sinless Or Should Be A God!

    I just realised my statement above is inaccurate. It wasn’t both. His human nature died but his divine nature was unharmed.
  13. Should He Be Sinless Or Should Be A God!

    The three persons, whom each one of them is called a god, they are Jesus god and spirit god and father god, BUT they are not three gods; They are only three PERSONS in the one god unity/assembly, all of them were offended ..... OK, that's seems logic now. Great, you’re the first Muslim I’ve come across that can appreciate Christian theology without accepting it. Thank you. 1- why not the father or the spirit, do you think?! you know if you are a good father, you will not send your son to be horribly insulted and killed this way, you will go your self unless you are selfish? Because the Father is demonstrating just how much he loves us that he is willing to sacrifice his own son for us just like Abraham was willing to sacrifice his own son out of love for God. It’s not selfish, quite the opposite, it’s totally selfless. 2- do the plan were set by the three persons in the god unity together, to send the third of them (Jesus person) to be the sheep in the plan? or the spirit was not with the planners? proof? Sorry I don’t understand your question? 3- if the third person in the god's unity (the sheep in the plan) tried to pull out/quit/resign at the middle of the plan, what should the other two do, in your opinion? to act as if they didn't hear that part or what?? If he decided to pull out then he wouldn’t be God because he would be disobeying; disobedience is a vice. There is no place in the Holy Trinity for vice as it is opposed to the divine nature. 4- why do you think the (sheep person) said " Eli, Eli, why did you forsaken/petrified me", and why he continued to forsake him?! He quoted Psalm 22. How does this Psalm end? If you read the end of the chapter you will find it ends In victory not defeat. 5- what all of the insults should do in the plan (which a sheep to be killed so that the god father be able to forgive), do the original plan contains spat on the face, smash, kicks, taken the cloth (naked)......specially the spat on the face (it's a great insult in the eastern cultures).....?!! why do you think all of these insults should be added to the plan? I mean do the father wouldn't be able to forgive in case of honorable killing of his son, without insults and spat in the god's face?! God is demonstrating how much he is willing to endure from us because of the incredible love he has for us. 6- what if the insults got beyond that, to some kind of ..... horrible assaults, OMG, do you think the father would cancel the plan or leave his son to such kind of non-humanitarian assault? just like he accepted spatting in his face and taking his cloth (naked)!! I don’t think the insults could have gotten worse than that. The early tradition tells us in fact Jesus was hung naked on the cross. 7- do you think when the god, Jesus, died on the cross, he died as a god (who performed miracles) or as a human (sleeps, hungry, circumcised, go to bath room)?! Both. Although we are able to distinguish the divine and human natures we cannot separate them. 8- what is the meaning of god death, if the god by reasonable definition is eternal? We understand death to mean the separation of the soul from the body. The human nature of Jesus underwent this “death”, however the divine nature remained completely intact without harm. 9- what happened to the universe when the god died? if the universe gone will without that god, what is the purpose/function of that god? God’s divine nature was unharmed, therefore the universe remained intact and under the control of God. You should also bear in mind that, the sin of killing a god is infinite to the power of infinite sin, sure it's not like killing an innocent bird sin. I believe you need another thing to sacrifice the sin of killing a god.........may be good actions + good belief (one honorable god without any partners) to be saved. I agree 100%.
  14. Muslim-Christian Debate, Here

    You said it yourself one in natural the other supernatural. By definition in English the latter is greater.
  15. Should He Be Sinless Or Should Be A God!

    1. We believe in one God. All three persons are offended sharing in that single unity. 2. Any one of the three. 3. Bearing in mind the sacrifice is of infinite value; therefore it applies to all people of all future generations and for all sins.