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  1. I've been a Muslim all my life. However I did not practice. I am 16 years old now. I have limited knowledge in prayer and such. But I have a good understanding of a lot of what Allah asks of us. I believe the only reason I am still here today is because Allah wished it. I have done many things that would make Allah turn His back on me. But sure enough, Allah the merciful and compassionate held me and helped me. I did nothing to deserve this. It is only because I am lucky to have such an amazing God. The only God. The most merciful God we could comprehend. The love He has for us is beyond compare. I need guidance in the small aspects of Islam. But so far I think I'm doing pretty well. My weakness is temptation. But I want to overcome it. Subhan-Allah al-azim Allahu akbar
  2. God Has Left Me….

    this may not make sense right now but Allah tests us in ways we, as humans, cannot comprehend but rest assured, Allah never places a burden on someone who cannot handle it i promise you, it is darkest before dawn, and your dawn is coming. -renegade
  3. Looking For Publisher

    Well I write a lot of poetry/parables/prose/music and everyone I know always tells me that I should publish them and that they are really impressive. I never thought much of it but lately I started considering the idea. Looking for agents and proposing ideas to publishers is too much work and is never effective. If anyone can help, please let me know.
  4. Islam in Afghanistan: The Islamic state

    yah i agree with ###### we should stand together against the zionists instead of lettin ourselves be split up by money and oil
  5. Black magick (jaadu)

    yah but im pretty sure the hand of fatima is okay
  6. Fasting While Pregnant

    ya don't it could cause a miscarriage
  7. Who Are The Jinn?

    angel's dont have free will jinn do as do we
  8. i'm looking forward to this night
  9. Manipulation Of Energy

    to add to this i researched telekinesis and most of the stuff about it online is total fabrication if Allah gives you the gift to be able to move stuff around then He wanted you to have it. but only to do good.
  10. Manipulation Of Energy

    if its harmless or helps people i think its fine
  11. Protecting And Helping Another Muslim

    muslims should all treat each other like brothers and sisters
  12. Unhappy Marriage

    talk to your spouse try to work things out
  13. Mold And Pancreas Problems?

    ya i wouldnt eat anything moldy
  14. I hopy you feel better sister
  15. Friends- Life Makers Or Life Breakers?

    I am your friend :]
  16. Thank you for the kind words. May Allah bless you and your family and keep you in good health.
  17. The Best Software To Learning Arabic

    have you guys tried Rosetta Stone?
  18. Mp3 Player With A Rechargable Battery

    try the ipod touch
  19. Freebies From Muslim's Website

    you would like ######gaminglagoon(contact admin if its a beneficial link) basically you make an account and you do surveys/fill in stuff(it says to put in real information but please be smart and make it up because you will just get spammed). each survey is worth a certain amount of points. 1point=1 US dollar. You can buy stuff with this money. Good luck
  20. People of The Book" & The Muslims

    its sad that many Christians in America are ignorant of these things and see us as outsiders and many hate crimes have happened
  21. The Power Of Dua

    Jazaak Allah
  22. Sikh's And Hindu's

    some religious sikhs(the ones that wear turbans/dont cut their hair/beard) hate Muslims because part of their religion states that they may not cut their hair or clip their nail(unsure bout clippin nails) until they bath in the blood of a Muslim person
  23. How Often Do You Visit This Site ?

    i spend most of my time on this site.