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  1. Islam in Afghanistan: The Islamic state

    Man must be given choice and freedom.
  2. Comments On Human Evolution

    I as a logical person certainly agree with some of the proved parts of the theory of evolution but that strictly means Micro Evolution and certainly not Macro which is still theory with no proof and likely their never shall be so wait for Macro evolution to continue for so long until it stops being taught and thrown away for what it is although if you do prove it I shall be on the bandwagon with you.
  3. Bible Compared To Quran

    If you would better research you would learn that all of the accusations you said against the Bible were mostly false and misunderstanding. Also the Qur'an was spoken through Muhammad not God himself and the Qur'an was founded through ONE man while the Bible or Torah can be accredited to MANY men. Your accusations seem rather foolish to me and rather as others have said: biased and bigoted. So honestly do your research before taking time to write a topic please.
  4. Holy Holocaust!

    People speak of the Holocaust because of the disgusting things which happened during it, it would be very difficult to say any of us even know what that was like and it was a long time ago but what happened was one of the worst crimes against humanity mainly because of the context of what happened, mainly being that the Jews were brutally executed by the means at which no others have been.
  5. Bible Compared To Quran

    To make such accusations I assume you have some proof? I am a man of proof and reason and if you lack either then what you say is difficult to infer upon or even make sense of it just as if I am to come up with a scientific experiment and it works I need proof of some sort. Whether you wish to bash Christendom or Islam you had better have facts.
  6. Salaam

    Thank you, I am quite familiar with IF forums and I had many good encounters with them so good choice on this. Thank you all for your wonderful welcoming and wow that juice looks beautiful! Peace be upon all of you.
  7. Salaam

    Hello, I ˙have come to this very well designed forum to observe Islam and many of you- ˙I do not wish to cause any harm only to observe. I wish to learn of Muslims as I have learned much of Islam but I wish to learn of its people mainly through observation and possibly I may ˙come into discussion but for now observation and ˙reason˙shall guide me. Salaam, Æ’ollower of˙Truth PS: I use Salaam not because it is a Muslim "word" but for its meaning which many of you recognize so I use it.