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  1. Chosen 1

    Chosen 1 Oh you who has been chosen Wrapped in your covers woven Purify your clothes and rise Give warning, warn your nation Go forth and your Lords praise say Through the night and of the day Recite your Lords Words and pray Give life to hearts of hard clay
  2. Hope And Fear

    Sallam alykum please provide some feedback it’s very much appreciated thank you
  3. Who is THE ONE

    Who is THE ONE 1 Who is THE ONE Who is not born Who has no father who has no son Who is HE that is comparable to none Who is THE MOST MERCIFUL Who is THE LAST THE FIRST Who saves us from hunger Who cures our thirst Who split the Red Sea Who split the blue moon Who split clouds To cause the rain fall And the Pastures to bloom Who promised gardens Under which rivers flows Who made every living thing from h2o Who made the water flow Who created you From a single soul Who made creation repeat and grow Who grew the tall trees Who gave them green leaves Who made them Take in co2 Who made them release Oxygen for us to breathe To Who is the return Who will be at peace Who is it that will be left to burn Who sent down the books Who taught by the pen Who taught you What you knew not Who warned you about those Who go about blowing on knots Who guides you Who provides you Who needs none But who is needed By everyone Who created you From a blood clot Who wants what is better for you Weather you like it or not Who is your true lord Who is your true king Who is your true GOD Who created everything Who do you bow to Who do you prostrate to Who is the ONE that you will return to Who has 99 names Who deserves all praise Who Created all that is ever made
  4. Hope And Fear

    Hope & fear I pray 5 times a day And I hope I'm forgiven And worthy of mercy With every bow And prostration I'm making concentrating To succeed like the best of creation While I'm Supplicating to the Creator of all creation Only Allah guides Sustains and provides Removes us from darkness Into the light It's like The difference between Alive and dead He gave us hearing and sight And knowledge Of wrong from right The truth is a butiful light But falsehood Is like the darkness of night Chorus Allah is THE KING OF KINGS above everything Nothing can hide From HIM Those who believe in him And do good deeds Shall win Every soul shall taste death with each breath a step closer to death As death draws near We have to steer clear Of all the things That include sin That cause pain To the human being And bring The accepted things Into our lives again This life's a test Only those blessed Shall pass the test We need to impress The One The greatest Only in his remembrance do hearts find rest Worshiping HIM with Hope and fear x3 Chorus In between the hope and the fear Hope of paradise And the fire we fear Paradise Eternal Forever Ever increasing Peace and Pleasure Happiness that never ends My friends Increasing delight Beautiful to the sight And smell And oh well Burning fire of hell No excuses they'll be useless To conclude this The proof is There's only one God and HIS name is Allah And muhummed is his messenger He created us From dust my brothers and sisters We must trust Allah will answer us So we Chorus -- Worship HIM with hope and fear Hope and fear Hope & fear
  5. I Believe I Believe

    I believe , I believe and that makes me happy but really only God knows who holds the key to succeed the honest from the cheat who will win, who will weep I keep my feet smelling sweet and avoid all the things that make the weak heart weep I plan to touch as many souls as possible and make it imposible to resiet I kiss, the holy Quran in my palm and pray to God he makes us strong and sends us to heaven eventualy we will all be juged the wrong and the rightious making us nervous espeicialy the best of us but we must trust and do all that we can to avoid the dangerous.
  6. The Journey After Eid

    I'm in a state of higher learning trying to avoid the burning it's my turn and i'm gonna make the most of it i'm well equipped Quran in my palm so I kiss it follow the prophetic knowldge that's logic shaytan attacks pray five times a day so i don't get slack feel the hunger of the needy so I fast and pay Zakat the only action left is Hajj and ummra make a dua for the Umma for Allah's mercy at your service Allah i start the journey
  7. Three Men Traped In A Cave

    i think this is the hadith but the way it was related to me was not the same order so i think it might be a diferent hadith but similar thank you for reading eid mubarak
  8. Eid Day Is Apon Us

    it is the sighting of the moon when the Angels are among us eid day is apon us the garthing in the mousque singing out takbir and praying we will not be lost eid day is apon us visting family and friends to Allah we all depend for reward that never ends eid day is apon us let us wish for better days for the umma to be saved eid day is apon us let's rejoice on this blessed day peace porsperity lighting the way eid day is apon us the fast is now over and the Hajj is now complete eid day is apon us lets supplicate it is accepted and its never left negleted eid day is apon us till we meet again singing peace be apon you friend eid day is apon us
  9. Three Men Traped In A Cave

    although this is a hadith it is not exacly what the three men said . i am definate the third man supplicated about his pearents but the outher two i'm not too sure sorry may Allah save me from missguiding anyone and me being missguided
  10. Amin

    Amin I want to scream Amin with a Dua inbetween will it remove the screen if i scream Amin? may the earth shake with the word Amin surley it will work if we say it as a team its my dream to say amin at the same time as the angels and all sins will be wiped clean o Allah let me have a blessed dream so i can awake and say Amin jumma prayer is lightend by dua and Amin the Fathia is enjoined with amin Bismilah Al Rahman Al Rahim ya rub al Alimin one word means so much to Al muslimeen the miskeen need Amin with a dua to Al Alim half our Deen is to get married and keep clean to the one who loves to pardon Amin Amin Amin
  11. For The Sake Of Allah

    When i say the shehada i must submit to Allah for the sake of Allah when i read the Quran ifeel speaking to me is Allah for the reward of Allah when i pray i feel i am speaking to Allah for the sake of Allah when i fast i feel the hunger of the needy of the people of Allah for the reward of Allah when i pay Zakat i feel the reward of multiplyed by Allah for the sake of Allah when i go on Hajj and Ummra i feel connected to and purifided by Allah for the One O Allah
  12. Three Men Traped In A Cave

    three men traped in a cave three men trapped in a cave decided to ask Allah and supplicate for help to get out the first man said 'o Allah did i not pay zakat to feed the needy and give shelter to the wayfayrer' then the bolder bloking the exit moved slightly, they still could not get out. so the second man said 'o Allah did i not fight for your case' then the bolder shifted slightly but not enough to exit then the third man spoke humbley and said 'o Allah did i nat care for my perents and look after them when they were ill' immediatly the bolder moved and opened the exit so the three men could escape. pleasing your perents pleases Allah and gives you the highest reward after worship of Allah(swt) and following the prophet (saw). this is a true story
  13. The Benefit Of Saying 'bismilallah'

    The Benefit of saying ‘BismilAllah’ The way one man learnt to say bismilAllah In a small village lived a man who lived his life remembering Allah little his mistake was he never prayed he never fasted or have any desire to pay zaka or go on hajj the pilgrimage of a life time of a Muslim. In fact one could doubt if he was a Muslim at all, but when asked what you will say to Allah if he asks you why did you not pray and do the thing’s prescribed to you. He would say ‘I am the best Muslim even though I do not pray and fast or anything else Allah will forgive me’. So he continued in ignorance and soon fell ill. Some said it was because he did not pray because in fact prayer is a form of medicine. Others say he didn’t eat the right food, But the real reason was something quite surprising and a reminder to all Muslims. For the age of this man it was unusual for death or any serious illness to occur, not until he slowly became more and more ill his friends started to take notice. ‘I know of a doctor I shall call him to you’ said one of his friends but this did no good as the doctor could not find anything wrong except he said he was thin for his age and should eat more. So his friends brought him more food, this was no use and his condition turned critical. ‘I know of a spiritual woman she cured my son I shall call her to you and mention the emegerency’ said his friend and went to seek the spiritual woman. But she refused not willing to take the blame if the man died. So his friend returned and told him of the news and said ‘she mentioned to call an imam the spiritual leader of a Masjid for they have a duty for their community. Now the man was embarrassed he knew that if the imam came he would tell him to do all the things he tried to avoid but had little choice so he called for the imam. As soon as the imam came he ordered food to be brought and said ‘this man is hungry have you not been feeding him ‘he complained to his friends but they all said he has been eating all his food. ‘Eat with me’ said the imam and they began eating. He knew what the problem was straight away and explained ‘although you have started eating you have not mentioned the name of Allah this has enticed shay tan to take the food from your belly and eat it because you are an easy target you must protect you self by saying bismilAllah’. Said the imam to all the amazement of his friends the man felt better after eating and said he would try to be a better Muslim.
  14. Perents The Middle Gate

    To feel the relief of being dutiful to your parents To listen to their requests For after Allah and his messenger come your parents This is the true religion Allah is happy, if they are happy with you This is pleasurable And Allah is angry if they are angry with you This is painful So love Allah and adore your parents Do not deny you can never repay your dept to them For they raised you from your birth Lower your wings of mercy and submission When they grow old provide for them there requests And do not deny them the things they love.
  15. Feelings Of Islam

    may Allah accept our actions for his plesure