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  1. Let's put Taj in a home in Gaza and let see which side is actually doing the real destruction.
  2. Would You Let Your Husband Marry Again?

    :D Question for everyone, what if your father decides to take a second wife, or your sister's husband does, how would you feel? And tell us your true sentiments.
  3. Would You Let Your Husband Marry Again?

    :D Firstly, slave, no one is arguing with you, it is just that you're perhaps overly sensitive, you can't take it like a man. And I really think you need to go to the counselling room yourself. For the sisters who say polygamy isn't ancient :D oh, so was it invented recently eh? It is ancient, and it's gradually dying, whether you like or not. I wonder why Muslim women are so oppressed, because we got so many insecure, brainless duds for women. Are any of you slave-owners, eh? Speak up. Anyway, like slavery, polygamy will die because it is impractical, Allah swt said that you must be fair to your wives, but you know you cannot be fair to them no matter how hard you try. If one wife is better in terms of looks and personality then you can't help yourself but favor that one better. The other wife would feel jealous, hurt, and worthless. Of course Allah is fair, Allah doesn't seek to put women in those situations, but also (from what I've read) Allah did not order an end to polygamy because that would have caused a lot of social problems during that time. Instead, He allowed it but on two conditions: 1. You could only marry up to four and 2. You have to treat them EQUALLY. And let's face it people, most men in polygamous marraiges have abused the latter restricition so much, yet nobody speaks out against it, and the first wives and their children are the vicitims. See, Allah has made it impossible and soon, as He had probably planned it, polygamy will go away because we will find no use for it (insha'Allah) unless you people want a decrease in the male population, there is no need for you to be offended. Also, when a woman speaks against the deplorable conditions that Muslim women are in, she's immediately accused of being a radical feminist by these men. Well, I like the term, so call me a feminst all you want, I'll keep speaking my mind, whether you like it or not "slave." And to abu suhayla, there is really no need to respond to your post since it is just platitudes, eh? And how easily the word kufr rolls off your tongue... tsk tsk tsk.
  4. Would You Let Your Husband Marry Again?

    :D brother slave Well now, we are even. I think your comments about women are just as offensive and I think that you should rethink before speak. Jealopusly is just as common among men as it is in women. Really, I think you're reiterating what scholars say, "women are jealous by nature and blah, blah, blah." Really? I have seen the polygamy thread for men, and it sounds like they consider polygamy an integral part of Islam, when it's not. It was an integral part of ancient Semetic, African, Asian, European cultures. At the beginning, Islam was among the few that restrcited polygamy, now today, Islam is among the few that allow polygamy! Polygamy is NOT part of Islam and should not be used for play. It is silly to ask a single man how much women will he marry, polygamy is not a leisurely subject and don't think that your wife is going to be happy and supportive if you decide to take on another wife. Firstly, I never claimed that Allah commanded people to enslave people, but it is apparent to everybody that Allah allows slavery amd he never said to discontinue slavery, you cannot deny it. Anyways, hust because He allowed slavery doesn't mean we should practice it. He allowed (Qital) war, but that doesn't mean we have to war against every country. Just because He allowed polygamy doesn't mean we have to keep that tradition alive! It's not just my father, many men have married for the same reasons, the same way. Perhaps only 0.00000000001 of those men do it to help a widow, the rest are :D. You mean narrow mindedness? Lolz, again since you're a man, you won't understand until you trod in our shoes. And sister carla, what are you doing? :D Not all do, but many men consider women like objects, and perhaps you don't see it. You're only 14 right? One more thing, why the heck is everyone talking about polygamy? Polygamy is not part of Islam!!
  5. Would You Let Your Husband Marry Again?

    :D Polygamy was an ancient practice of the PAGANS, Allah restricited it and made it almost impossible by imposing an equal treatment law, which btw most men with more than one wife abuse. Polygamy is not part of Islam, I don't know why there is so many people defending polygamy like it was something imposed by God. :D
  6. Would You Let Your Husband Marry Again?

    :D Jazak Allah khair. :D
  7. Would You Let Your Husband Marry Again?

    :D Thank you sister maz83 very much, I 100 percent agree with you, and do I know you from somewhere? Do you visit Islam(contact admin if its a beneficial link) forum?
  8. Would You Let Your Husband Marry Again?

    :D credendo vides, I'm not questioning Allah's Knowledge and Wisdom, so please don't jump to conclusions. And yes, Allah did recommend monogamy over polygamy. Read 4:3 and 4:129. Sorry, I didn't bother reading the information you provided, well, because I really don't give a care to what our "trustworthy" scholars say, the ones who are keeping polygamy well and alive. One scholar suggested that polygamy could be justfied when the first wife has prolonged periods :D. I can give you another interpretation of the verses if you like... And perhaps you're acting holier-than-thou in front of us, but if your husband decided to take a second wife then perhaps you would be singing a different tune, eh? Of course I am. I'll never forget the day when I heard when my father got engaged. It was so hard to see my mother in so much pain. We grieved for months, it has been three years now and it still hurts. My mother gave bore him children, served him, and respected him, and this is the thanks she gets. I don't see what so great about polygamy. :D
  9. Would You Let Your Husband Marry Again?

    :D Most Muslim men don't practice it -- because they simply can't afford it but they would. Men need a mentality change, they need to stop viewing women like lifeless objects. Women are not cars, if the first one is not good enough then get another one. No, it doesn't work like that. We're people just like men, we get hurt, jealous, and angry when our spouse has eyes for another person. Wouldn't you?
  10. Would You Let Your Husband Marry Again?

    :D Allah swt allowed slavery, should we practice slavery now? Lolz, men don't get jealous? Ha! It so saddening to see when women are looked at as simpletons with inferior characteristics. :D No offense btw, I just think you need to be a little more sensitive.
  11. Would You Let Your Husband Marry Again?

    :D Trust me, the older we get the more wiser, and a wise woman would never let another woman intrude on her turf. Times changed, get with the program. Allah restricted polygamy and recommended monogamy for a reason.
  12. Would You Let Your Husband Marry Again?

    :D Whom I'm talking about? I'm not talking about or to a certain person, but it was a general statement. Anyway, contrary to what most supporters claim, polygamy is not there to help women in need, it is there for men to help themselves. Slavery is dead, now we just have to wait for polygamy to suffer the same fate. Well, then you know that you're not a good candidate for polygamy.
  13. Would You Let Your Husband Marry Again?

    :D No, I don't think so. Trust me there is no shortage of guys out there. I think polygamy should have been dead by now, ahh let's wait a few more centuries. Also, if you want to help a woman out (and I'm addressing the polygamy-loving guys here) then why do you look for the young, affluent, beautiful girls who wouldn't have trouble finding a husband instead of marrying an old, unattractive widow? :D :D
  14. Do you pray fajr on time?

    :D Also, I have a hard time waking up because exercising leaves me exhausted and heavy, not even the adhaan will wake me up now. Any advice?
  15. Do you pray fajr on time?

    :D Yep, happened to me once. What about a low battery? That won't work either :D.