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  1. Sikh's And Hindu's

    This is ridiculous. I am Sikh and have lots of orthodox Sikhs in my family and believe me, none of my aunts/uncles/cousins have ever bathed in the blood of any living creature, let alone a Muslim. The reason for any tensions between people of these communities is historical. Whether Islam prescribes forcible conversion or not (as was debated earlier in the thread), members of the Moghul Empire (who were Muslim) did attempt to force the inhabitants of India to convert to Islam or face death/persecution. Some emperors were more violent than others, but it was during their reign over India that God saw the need to protect the persecuted. So he sent a message through Guru Nanak Devji reminding Hindus to be better Hindus and Muslims to be better Muslims. As the Gur-gaddi (or Guru's Seat) was passed on in succession, and more and more people were following the message of the Gurus, the political climate in India was becoming more volatile. Under Emperors like Shah-Jehan and Aurangzeb, Hindus and Sikhs (followers of the Gurus' teachings) were persecuted for their beliefs and their refusal to follow the tenets of Islam. Sikhs are often known as the Saint-Soldiers. While promoting peace, we are also charged with defending it, using arms if need be. This too stems from the fight against persecution. Sikhs banded together and under different Gurus' leadership at different times (most notably under Guru Gobind Singhji), warred against the armies of the Moghul rulers. It is even argued that the reason Sikhs came into being (or at least took on the Soldier nature of their identity) is because of the Muslims occupying the land and violently ruling the people. Hence, the historical nature of Sikh-Muslim animosity.