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  1. Haram.

    i am a convert so i know quitting all those things can be difficult. may Allah make it esy. ramadhan is arround the corner. try your best. and you MUST move to a community with muslims, otherwise your like the stray sheep the wolf eats up. as for what you said, you have indeed apostated from Islam. even if you dident mean it. this means you have to say your shahadah again, and then repent. things are difficult i understand, and i know you dident mean it, but essentially thats the bottom line. if you like we can trade emails, so that you can have some kind of contact with muslims.
  2. 2 Years, 11 Months

    i got your email but no msn invite i dont know either lol
  3. Also When You Pray...

    in the desert, the sand goes from burning hot in the day, to freezing cold in the night. so the socks protect the feet from the sand. it helps against cold alot though. i know cause i live in northen canda. as for the discussion with socks/shoes and wudu, hanafi scholars say you can only wipe over leather socks, while other scholars say you can over any type of socks as long as water dose not go through. there is also evidence that one can wipe over the shoes they are wearing and pray in them as long as there is no poop or anything like that on the sole of the shoe. this is helpfull when you need to pray on freezing cold or super hot ground.
  4. Abrogation Vs. Allahs Perfection

    Allah has created this univers, all the laws that govern this universe, and all that kinda stuff. for example, if i jump off a tall building, i will be very hurt at the least. this is because Allah has decreed that the materials used in concrete is harder then flash and bone. likewise Allah created gravity, which will bring me down at a constant rate, and also decreed that my weight and velocity will equal the amount of joules i generate when i hit the pavement. so what dose this have to do with abrogations? everything, actually. you see, in the time when the muslims were in mekkah, the muslims simple had no fighting ability. they had no base of operations. and also, open war at that time would have turned people away from the message of Islam. so at the time, Allah told the believers to be patient because he has a plan, and victory is with those who believe. later on in medinah the muslims had the power to defend themself, so then they were then commanded to fight. wouldent it be kind of stupid for god to say to the 10 muslims that existed at first "go and fight."that would defeat the whole purpose of the message firstly, and secondly it would have chased people away from accepting Islam. and this is because even though Allah controls everything, he has given us free will, and made us as as what we are. if sombody wants to kill you, then you wont like that person very much. everybody knows that. when you look at the abrogations done, its like that. Allah also explains it directly in the quran. he wanted to strengthen the hearts of the believers, so slow changes were made. too fast of a change, and the believers would have got weak hearted. Islam is not a stupid religion, because Allah is ot stupid. muslims have alot of laws to abide by, but if a circumstance arises where its necessary to bend the rules abit, then your allowed, so long as its 100% necessary.
  5. Camel Urine As Medicine

    if you ever get stung by a jellyfish you should pee on the sting as it will aleviate the pain, somehow.
  6. this post shows lack of understanding of your own scripture, and the history of jesus pbuh. firstly in the old testament, after moses pbuh was commanded to make a state based on the law of god, he was commanded to kill apostates. now jesus pbuh never got to the point of making a statehood, however in the bible jesus pbuh clearly states to his diciples that he did not come to create a new law, but to uphold the old law. when muhammad S.A.W. came he did the same thing. the are some similarities here that prove that all 3 are messengers from god. firstly they both worked in phases. firstly the believers of the tribes of isreal were oppressed by pharoh as a test from god. god has mentioned that this was a test in both the old testament, and in the Quran. after a period of time, god granted victory to the believers, and they migrated. they were commanded to follow the messenger of god (moses pbuh) and to fight against the disbelievers, and to make a state based on the law of god, much like their abrahamic ancestors did. the next major prophet to come was jesus pbuh. the jews were onces again oppressed but this time it was done differently as the roman empire also used its political power to keep the foot on the "religious extremists" (see a trend?)while jewish rabbis were bought into being henchmen for the romans. jesus pbuh came to fix that. he was in the first phase that all prophets go though: to proclaim the message, and to be paitent. but however as mentioned above jesus pbuh said he came to restore the old law. much like he will do when he descends from the heavens to destroy the anti-christ and the falsehood he would have spread. however god had other plans for jesus pbuh, and reserved his place as the messiah. he left though with a prophecy, which is still in the bible, dispite its editing. in the gospel of john, jesus pbuh proclaims of another prophet to come. the next prophet was muhammad S.A.W. he too followed the same pattern of prophethood. to proclaim the message and to be paitent though trials. eventually the believer were granted victory, and commanded to crate a state based on the laws of god. one of those laws was to kill the apostates. and thus, it all makes sense once you know some basic history.
  7. 2 Years, 11 Months

    sure, you can add me too if you like. dre_scores[at]hotmail(contact admin if its a beneficial link). i dont have facebook.
  8. 2 Years, 11 Months

    barrakAllahu feekah brother. i agree with you, we all need to think and contemplate on who we are, why we are here, how did we get here. in everyones life there are moments that in itself proves the existance of Allah. a brother in town here was telling me about a conversation he was having with come co-workers about insurace, and he said that his insurance is Allah. that night on the way home he got into a head on accident with a 2 ton truck and his car was totaled. his car rolled and everything, so the front was crushed in, the passenger side was crushed in, and so was the back. the only intact part of the car was the drivers side. he escaped without even a bruise. we all have experiences like that, where something so improbable happens to us that it proves Allahs qadr. the thing is though that we are negligent and ungratfull (as a race) and we forget those gifts that were given to us, and tend to focus on the negative too much.
  9. as-salamu alaykum. there are two reasons why i post this here: 1) the month of ramadhan is drawing very near. and i said my shahadah in the month of ramadhan. 2) this fourm was basically my first contact with muslims. obviously not in the physical sense, but this was the first place i talked with muslims basically. so i look back now, almost 3 years, in almost disbelife in the events that have transcribed in such a short amount of time. all the lessons learned, all the times i tasted hardship, and relief. all the mistakes i made, all the foolish things i did, all the people ive met, its just been a roller coaster ride with shaytan a step ahead of me every time, waiting for my guard to be down; waiting for me to slip up. but hes got another thing coming if he thinks that he can make me do the same mistakes he has done! never will he drag me down in the sinking ship hes in! Allahu akbar! i look back thankfull and in wonder that i am a muslim. living in a small community of 45000 people, with only 10 muslim families, which i dident know existed untill 3 weeks after i said my shahadah, i was gifted with the blessing of eeman, without every have done anything to earn or deserve this eeman! why me? i am the equivilant to the village pessant in modern day standards. i am no umar bin khattab! i cant bring power to the oppressed! i am no uthman bin 'Affan, i have no wealth to spare. i am not even eligible to pay the zakat! what can i offer to Islam? yet Allah chose me. and what made me accept Islam? when i look back, it was the simplicity of the message, backed up with the intellectual proofs and a perfectly balanced system that speaks to heart and liberates you from desires and falsehood of all kinds. it teaches you to value these values more then life itself and to bear witness to Allah and his rasul S.a.W. though example and leadership, struggle and sacrafise, word and deed, life and death; and that is the best life if you ask me as its the most "for real" life you can live; to live by your values, and to never compromise with those that wish to harm you or those values. that the prophet S.A.W. follows the chain of prophethood, and came with his own evidences, a scripture that is consistent with past scriptures and fulfilling a prophesy that was proclaimed by both musa A.S. and isa A.S. all this in itself can be talked about in volumes, and i could go though every individual intellectual thing that convinced me and all that, but i dont want to make this a novel. what was the whole point to this post? none really i suppose, i just wanted to "think out loud" i suppose. give myself some inspiration and remind myself why i am here.
  10. Arabic Language Course

    salam. if there are any brothers on this fourm who want to work with a partner on these books, PM me. inshAllah we can help eachother learn the arabic language.
  11. Military Ray Gun Makes People Feel Like They're On Fire

    dosent beat the muslamic ray guns (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetyoutube(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/watch?v=AIPD8qHhtVU&feature=related"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetyoutube(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/watch?v=AIPD8qHhtVU...feature=related[/url] surly we will establish the khilafa with this weapon!
  12. Obama In Trouble In Afghanistan

    salam 70 thousand is nothing. russia sent half a billion troops. and then they collapesed.
  13. Guantanamo Guard Becomes Muslim

  14. How Can I Do All This?

    salam. Allah knows best though. we being his cration dont see the wisdom behind somthing like this. but its there... a good example of somthing horrible being a blessing(if you want to call it that) is isreals recent attack on gaza. all kinds of media coverage is on isreal now....its just to big of an issue to be kept hidden now. isreal is no longer the halocaust victem, alot of people now think of them as oppressors, who a few months ago really sympathised for them and their cause. and for every muslim killed, there are 2 or 3 more people who are saying shahadah or people who werent praying are now praying, or are more devoted to helping this ummah, or doing somthing no mater how small for Allah where before they never did. like the chechens. before russia attacked, barley anyone prayed(taking this from their own accont. not my own oppinion) and now they all pray. the war in afghanistan has united pakistan and afghanistan for the most part. the taliban is stronger then ever, the enimies of Islam ae slowly running bankrupt and are growing impatent. before nobody even thought of stading up to america...now people do it all that time....and world policy is slowly changing....the policy of "spread peace through war" is near it end. this is all from what we would percive as horrible things to happen to us as muslims. all the humiliation and killings. yet in the end, it turns out to help later generations through the suffering of the generations beforehand. i dont know what the wosdom behind this is.....but i am 110% sure its there, and in 7 or 8 years inshallah it will begin to show itself. in the meantime i think the least we could do is give sincere dua to Allah for them, and thne work out way up from there if we can from giving alms, promoting peace here at home, spreading the meassage of what is happening overseas, marry a widdow or help a brother marry a widow, or anything really. we can do lots just here in the west too by spreading the message of Islam, about peace, and pressuring the government to pull out. but all that is obligatory. we should definetly keep the iraqi people in mind. actually the whole ummah. anyways as i type this out, i read it to myself before i hit the reply button, as to make sure my intent is sincere and to remind myself first, and that, not matter how har we try, we cant do it all. that is why we are an ummah. salam.
  15. So Who's Right?

    salam to a non- muslim this is an ignorant comment. really, even Allah tells us not to say this to non belivers. salam.