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    Sharing thought and ideas about the truth here and hereafter
  1. Hi Everyone!

    there is quite a lot to ask about Islam sorry if I use link outside of this forum but this is good dear josie you can check out about Islam in: you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetislamreligion(contact admin if its a beneficial link) you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetislamicity(contact admin if its a beneficial link) all of fact about Islam and the detail contain in here you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetislamonline(contact admin if its a beneficial link) here also you can find and ask question (life) to expertise in Islam, about Islamic banking, way of life, etc. InsyaAllah theyll help ya understand. Allah Almighty Knows Best
  2. Words Of Wisdom From The Quran

    just want to share one for now "and they live in the cave for three hundreds years plus nine years (more)†al-kahfi (18), verse 25 this ayat really tremendous to me, it gave me mind boggling, what exactly it mean, later on i discover that actually 300 years of gregorian or al masih years = 309 hijr years. This verse is the story about seven guys who run away (from cruel ruler during that time) into a cave and live inside there for years mention above. What amaze me is the word “three hundred years plus nine years moreâ€. Actually someone has told me about this found, at first I’m quite hesitate about the scintific approach. So I calculate by myself (although I cannot find the exact calculation unless i found 309 years calender of Islam). First of all I calculated the masihi (gregorian) calender, how many days are there in 300 years.. every 4 years has has 1 years with extra 1 days so… 300/4=75 years that has 366 days the remaining is normal 365…. so 75 X 366 + (300-75) X 365 = 109,575 days… (gregorian) else you just multiply 300 with 365.25 days giving the same answer 109,575 days. this quite easy…. the difficult part is to calculate the hijri (islamic) calender To make calculation easy and simple, let fix the days for a month with 29.53 days, and for a years 354.36 days… This is the interesting part… what you need to do is simple because stated in the verse “plus nine (more)†so, I plus nine more to the years giving 309 years….so what is this, I’m sure you already know the answer, but wait, we need prove first… so, 354.36 days X 309 years = 109,497.24 days… (hijri) its look like 300 gregorian years has 109,575 days 309 Islamic lunar years has only 109,497.24 days that mean my objective unsatisfied because 109,575 - 109,497.24 = 77.76 days difference.. I’m unsatisfied with this so multiply 354.36 days with 310 years I get 109,851.60 days, the result minus with gregorian days gives dfference for about 276.60 days but only this time the days for 310 years Islamic lunar exceeding the gregorian…. but as we can see it can be 310 years because it exceeding 276.60 days compared with 309 years that less 77.76 days from the gregorian calender. remember in mind that these days for both calender mostly are estimation value, because I’m just human and cannot calculate exact value, but as I heard from some expert in this field, using atomic clock the value can be reached that is, 300 years gregorian calender = 309 years Islamic lunar calender, that is exactly the verse want to tell us that the seven alim guys were lived in the cave for 300 years of gregorian calender and 309 Islamic lunar calender exactly…. The most important in this talk is, how this could happen, a desert dweller (pbuh) who lived in poverty know some kind of difficult calculation like this..if its not from the Most Merciful and Most Benificial up there…subhanallah…just think about it. This is only small portion of verse, there are still plenty of scientific or other verses need explaination. Allah Almighty Knows Best
  3. wow the cost of war increasing every second, i think if that money giving to the poverty, like in sudan, afghan, much be better.
  4. Islam in Malaysia

    to say that Islam hadhari is liberal is too much,because liberal say all are the same, Islam hadhari not like that..but actually i just dont agree with some of it thought in Islam Hadhari.what we should do, force the goverment to review its doctrin in it.eg put about hukum in Islam, thats they are neglect in Islam hadhari.
  5. Trouble With My Fetus And His Heart

    everything that goin on have pro and cons, u can say wat had happen is just a test from HIm whether u will blame Him or not. bear in mind, if we blame we could fail the test..but InsyaAllah, He love ur son, and ur son will help u to succeed in hereafter,this u should thankful...wat had happen from surronding, sometime we cannot change, only our instict, whether we can cope or not..just doa a lot.
  6. Introducing Myself

    InsyaAllah, all of our cope and ability was come from Him. we can't do something without His will
  7. No Longer Muslim

    actually people like to use desire rather than mind. so bear in mind, our mental strength must be good to mantain our faith especially nowadays. to many starange thing happen, in this heavenly world. always talking materialistical thing. so just pray to Him, alot.
  8. Introducing Myself

    al quran is a fascinating book and also a revealation. some verses can easily predict some, intermediate, some difficult, some can be predict after you investigate via scientific apporoach ans some need future technology to be understood and lastly some cannot be understood in this world but in the afterlife InsyaAllah. Some people would say that al quran is just lying but believe in me, its relevency are accrossing the border and country and also time.like what I said. So its good for you to read it and extract the logical inside the quran to believe sometime that cannot be proven yet,or just ca be proven after life. This is a universal revealation. Allah Almighty Knows Best