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  1. Pray For Gaza

    Everyone is aware of the recent israeli attacks on Gaza. This is a time when we all need to help our Palestinian brothers and sisters, if not physically then verbally we can.Let's make a special prayer for all of them. May Allah have mercy on them and free them of this grief (ameen). May Allah awaken all the Muslim countries to help their Palestinian brothers.
  2. :sl: for this wonderful post.
  3. This Or That

    eat a rotten banana or clean a public toilet?
  4. This Or That

    long hair or short hair?
  5. This Or That

    for cereal: hot milk or cold milk?
  6. The 3 Word Story

    of the king :sl:
  7. My Baking Creations!

    i wish i could come over and taste all your dishes :sl:
  8. The 3 Word Story

    food and water
  9. Dua Of Hazrat Ans

  10. The 3 Word Story

    was an island
  11. The 3 Word Story

    lost its' way
  12. The 3 Word Story

    slept the traveller
  13. Please Mak Dua For My Dad

    :sl: please pray for us bros and sis's because we're about to have our mid-term exams starting from the 17th
  14. Please Mak Dua For My Dad

    :sl: may Allah give your dad immediate shifa ameen :sl:
  15. The 3 Word Story

    are for sale :sl: