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  1. Islam in Argentina

    most of south america was colony of spain, who were strict catholics. they banned anyone who wasn't catholic entering south america. those who weren't catholic were forced into catholicism. that's the reason why.
  2. Islam in CANADA!!!

    Wasn't there a woman who led Jumma Salaat a while ago? What was her name? Are the Muslims there multicultural?
  3. Islam In Norway

    How is it like living in the best country in the world? lol. How many muslims are there?
  4. Islam in Bangladesh

    All muslim countries need that....
  5. Islam in west indies

    Here's a pic of a Masjid in trinidad
  6. Islam in France

    What's sad it's like 5-9 million muslims in france and they can't do anything for their rights!
  7. Islam in IRAN!!!

    I think it's cultural actually...but i dunno much bout shia.. neways... How come iranians have like pics of the ayatullah in their homes..isn't that unislamic. We need another ayatullah now...do you agree? My cousins told me that some iranians treat Kalif Ali as a prophet or god or sumthin like that...is that true? Also on the BBC there was about transexuals in Iran. It's taboo but they're saying it's ok once you've decided on your sex...which is complete ## cause Islam does not at all tolerate transexualism...
  8. Islam in Egypt

    How about non Arabs? Do they mind us?
  9. Where Do You Live?

    No, the US has about seven million muslims. The UK has like two million...but the US has a far greater population than the UK.
  10. The Rise, Fall And Rise Of Brazil's Biofuel

    America owns most oil and gas companies in the world. The only way that people are switching from fossil fuels to renewable engery is if America says so. From the looks of it, that's not happening :D....
  11. Gay Pakistan

    What's wrong with Pakistan...it's going to turn into another Turkey!
  12. Islam in west indies

    Nah..i've never been to bbdos. My parents went there for their honymoon, and a lot of my friends went also. They say it's nice but too expensive...it's a popular tourist island for rich people in America and England. There's like 3000 muslims there, a lot coming from Gujirat in India.
  13. Islam in west indies

    :D Let's just put it this way. In Bbdos you cud drive around the island in less than 3 hrs. :D And there's islands even smaller than BBdos... But don't get too amazed..guyana is larger than england, but the pop is only 700 thousand...
  14. Islam in Venezuela

    Here's a pic of a Masjid in Caracas.