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  1. Praying

    Thank you for your thoughts and comments!!
  2. Praying

    Thank you-If he does not have or get a job he violates his parole and goes back to prison-What do you think would be more important to him or even you if you were in his situation?? I guess maybe I do not understand where you or your faith are coming from-I want to understand and I want to support my son in the decisions he makes regarding his faith but he has certain obligations to make. If he was not facing the situation at hand then it would be OK to go about his religious beliefs and his commitment to God. Do you really think God would want him to go ahead and pray if it would make him loose his job and end up incarcerated again. Do you have children?? If you don't you will never understand. If you do and they have never violated the law in any way you can rejoice and thank God and yourself that your children are safe and they/you have made the right decisions. I know my son and I know what he will do , which is what scares me-I guess I cannot save my son from himself which is what I am trying to do.
  3. I want to thank all of you who responded to my question regarding my son becoming a Muslim. Your suggestions, comments, prayers, and thoughts about my concerns are appreciated. Now as you can see by my post topic I have another concern regarding my son when he arrives back home. While he has been incarcerated he worked for a short period of time. In one of his letters back home he indicated that he was not working anymore. I asked him what happened and he told me that one of his CO's (correction officer) took him off his work duty because his praying seemed to be more important than his job-basically his praying was interfering with his work. I have nothing against praying 5 times a day, but when my son has to find a job and keep his job under his parole conditions what do I tell him. I already have a job lined up for him through his brother which will be in the restaurant environment. I have been told already that he will not be able to have a beard. Praying 5 times a day will also cost him his job. It will be hard for him to find a job being a convicted felon so the fact that he has one before he arrives home is a great start for him. This is why I have explained to him before that if he can live under the conditions of his parole for 1 year he can do as he wishes for himself later. These are legitimate concerns that I have-if he was not in the situation he has put himself in it would not matter to me. As a parent I want to see him succeed and put his past behind him-he can't afford to step back anymore.
  4. Thank you very much-I do not regard your religion and Muslims as a terrorist group and feel for your people because your looked upon that way. 911 destroyed the perception of the Muslim culture, and it's religious faith. Americans are scared because they don't understand. People are stubborn also and depending on how old the person is sometimes you can't make them listen with their ears and see with their eyes. This is one reason why my son needs to be careful and maybe shave his beard so he can get through parole successfully. After that he is free to go and be who he really wants to be-if it's a Muslim-I will still love him very much. I want my son to succeed this time and get through what the law is asking of him. He has chosen a faith that Americans fear -plain and simple. The one thing I have learned through all of this and it's hard, is that I can't save my son from himself. As a parent this is very hard to accept-Thanks again for the reply.
  5. I just repeated my reply so sorry for the mix-up!!
  6. Thank you for the reply-Choosing the right words and how to say them can be challenging-Sometimes I can become combetive because I don't fully undersatand the religion or why he has chosen the Islamic religion. My son has a tendency to go overboard with things that interest him and take it to the extreme. Shaving his head, growing a beard that is down to his chest, learning to read and write the language, etc. I am just very worried that his obsession will turn against him. I will not know until he comes home in December and I can get to know him all over again.
  7. Thank you for your reply-Yes the spoken word needs to be thought out very carefully-I do have a tendency to be somewhat combative because I am scared for him and do not fully understand. I think in some ways he is obsessed and is taking it to the extreme. My son has always been for the underdog and will immerse himself in whatever interest him.
  8. The legalization of marijuana is for people who would need it for medical reasons only-It just passed in Michigan on election day.
  9. Thanks for your question-I would say yes there is a difference and I am scared for him-The last 4 years for my son were lost due to in and out of jail-his sentencing was for marijuana-I believed another person asked why he was in jail. His charges and offenses were always small but they just kept piling up on him. What put him in jail was less than 2 grams marijuana. The town were he came from just wanted him off the streets. My son just never learned his lesson. I will have to admit that sometimes I was scared of my own son. When I see his picture posted I believe people will be scared of him also-he needs a fighting chance to make it through parole.
  10. Andre, I will tell you that my son and family are from Michigan and I understand Dearborn, MI has one of the largest concentrations of Muslims. Do you personally or anyone from this forum have any info on this area and who to maybe contact in order for my son to have a support group to get him through his challenge??
  11. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.
  12. Thank you again for your reply-My son has put his family, and himself through much pain for the last 4 years-I guess I am scared for him and our family for when he finally does come home- All we have is history to go on. Time will tell!!
  13. Thank you for your response to my concerns-I am not asking for your encouragement to discourage him. I am happy that he has found a religion that he believes in and wants to learn more about it. I am just concerned that when people will make fun of him, or look at him and perceive him to be crazy, strange, etc. It will all backfire for him. What I mean by this is that parole is very strict-When he does look for a job people will not hire him because of what they see on the outside. If he does not meet certain criteria dealing with his parole he will be put right back in the system. All I want for him is to get through his year of parole and then he is free to do whatever his heart desires. Thank you again for your comments!
  14. Thank you for your response-My son has made parole already and will be released December 26, 2008-We as a family all know him from the inside bu the community and the people who enforce the laws have a totally different perspective of him. They will view him as dangerous and scary which are the exact words that the prosecuting attorneys office used before he was sentenced. He is far from being dangerous and scary but his appearance will just set him apart from everyone in the community-I wish he could go to another destination where he would be accepted.