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  1. Does Allah Talk To You Through The Quran?

    Peace Younes Perhaps I did not make myself clear enough in my last post and for that I apologize and I will try and make it as clear as possible. What RK claimed is no concern of mine. I know what he advocates from his writings, some of which I agree with and some I do not. I am not a Khalifite as the followers of him have been called any more than I am a sunni or shia or any other sect as I have made clear before. I do not accept that the hand of a thief is to be marked rather than cut off as the Quran is quite clear on the issue. You state that RK was a disbeliever, that is your opinion, which you are entitled to have. I would not stoop to the level of handing out labels as I do not know what is in peoples hearts or how and when God will guide a person. If Rk was a messenger we can only benefit and if he was not, his judgement rests with God. I read what he has published as I do any other book that I come into contact with, some things I accept others I do not. As for the issue of future messengers. Firstly I do not agree with what sister Redeem stated regarding the definition of a prophet and a messenger. 3:81 describes a prophet bringing revelation or "part of the scripture", if you like, a book, Torah, Injeel, Quran as examples. A messenger comes to confirm what they, (the prophets) had previously brought, or in the case of messenger prophets, there roles were both of these functions. This verse talks about a covenant being made by the prophets to support a messenger to come after all of the prophets had come. Many scholars have stated that this covenant was made about Muhammad and not including Muhammad. 33:7 States that Muhammad was part of the covenant mentioned in 3:81. 33:40 States that Muhammad was a messenger of God and the final prophet, not the last messenger. 7:35 Starts by saying "O children of Adam: when messengers of your own come unto you who narrate to you my revelations ......" This verse states "O chuildren of Adam", that is all of us, those that have been, those now and those to come. If there were to be no more messengers this verse would have become redundant at the time of the Prophet. Based on these facts from Quran, I therefore believe that there will be messengers after Muhammad and as a requirement of God I believe in all of God's messengers, those I know about and those I do not. Peace Chris
  2. Does Allah Talk To You Through The Quran?

    Peace Younes Thanks for the below, I have committed your explanation to memory. I never knew the man but I am aware of his claims and I also have a copy of his translation along with appendicies. As for his claim to be a messenger I cannot truthfully comment save to say that Quran says "messengers we have told you about and messengers we have not". Based on this and the fact that we are to believe in all of the messengers of God (known or un-known), I guess by commandment I do believe he was a messenger (see para below). I have for many years been aware of many claims of messengership, God Alone knows who was telling the truth and who were not. Again as Quran says in respect of Moses and I will paraphrase "if he is a messenger we will benefit and if he is not his judgement rests with God". the other thing to bear in mind is that when the people of, I think it was Saleh (but don't quote me on that) were questioned why they followed him they replied "because of the message he brought". So it is the message that is important and not the man. Another point to make, and I am sure you want to ask the question, do I believe there will be messengers after Muhammad, the answer is yes I do. I believe from Quran that mankind will receive messengers until the end of this world. They may not be, and I'm being careful here not to make any distinction, "big" messengers as some of those mentioned in Quran, they may well be localised messengers sent to specific communities for a specific reason. Having said that please accept that I am not making any distinction, all messengers and prophets are equal as far as we are concerned, it is only God that can elevate them to a position He chooses. To summarise; I do believe that there will be other messengers (not prophets) after Muhammad and for all of this worldly existence. As a consequence I will follow the Quranic to believe in all of the messengers of God and therefore will believe in those that I know about and those I do not. Pecae Chris
  3. Does Allah Talk To You Through The Quran?

    Peace Younes, Good to speak to you again and thanks for clearing up method 2 for me, I had not seen it that way before, how God guides eh! As for method 3; my understanding, and I have to say also that of many others who I have dicussed this method with, believe it to be the man messenger and not reference to the spirit messenger. The term I used "yet to come" refers to messengers yet to appear in this life. This will cause some discussion I know but the start of the discussion will revolve around the definition of Rasool and Nabi. We can if you wish discuss it here or through PM as we have previously done. Peace Chris
  4. Does Allah Talk To You Through The Quran?

    Peace Sister I quite understand what you are experiencing when reading Quran; it shows you have an open mind and heart and that God is speaking to you through His book. The Quran is a living document that has been sent for all for all of time and therefore will repond to a believer in a way that answers many of your questions. This is done in many ways but Quran points to 3 of them: 42:51 No human being can communicate with God except through inspiration, or from behind a barrier, or by His sending a messneger through He reveals what He wills....... The first, inspiration is what you are experiencing. God knows your every thoughts, worries etc, and through His book He gives you answers or information. The inspiration He affords you is being able to see what He wants you to see. The second method I admit is beyond my understanding at present so I will pray that God may guide me to this answer. The third method is through a messenger (past and those to come) and we obtain much in the way of our faith through the inforamtion given to us by God in His book, the Noble Quran. (other references for inspiration that are worth checking are 34:50; 40:15 and 58:22) I see your experiences as being a great blessing and I believe you are being well quided. God Bless you Peace Chris.
  5. Jew Here

    Peace Welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy being here and contibute to the many topics available. As for discrimination, don't worry its not that sort of forum, you may get a few pointed comments every now and again but nothing is allowed to get personal so no problems. Look forward to your input. Peace Chris
  6. Peace Offering congratulations to someone who defends stoning as the punishment for adultery is not, in my book worthy of reporting. I assume that 4 witnessess gave testimony as to the adultery: Quran 4:15 As for those of your women who become guilty of immoral conduct, call upon four from among you who have witnessed their guilt.... It is a pity the woman from Kismayo is not able to call for justice for being unfairly treated: Quran 24:2 As for the adukteress and the adulterer - flog each of them a hundred stipes, and let not compassion with them keep you from (carrying out) this law of God. The report does not say who or what happened to the male party! It is not surprising the media use Islam against Islam when the laws of God are not followed. Peace Chris
  7. Peace Any word that comes from God contains The Light that guides to heaven; the Bible as a whole is no exception. Unlike Quran the Bible cannot claim to be the very word of God so it would be up the the studier of the scriptures to determine what was from God and what was not. This is not such a difficult task as it may seem; God's word was sent through all of His prophets and by using Quran as a bench mark His word can easily be seen. I am not suggesting you do this as it is a mighty book and even after years of study I cannot claim to know it. Do they go hand in hand or not. That is a big question and would be the subject of much debate which I believe is outside of this post. Principly they do go hand in hand but if you excuse the pun, there has been the hand of man in both which can serve to confuse or cause the reader to stumble. My advice is to stick with what you have for now and study that, after all, for Muslims at least the very word of God. Peace Chris
  8. Miracles Preformed By Mohammed

    Peace Redeem Loved your postings on this topic. They really do demonstrate the beauty of Quran and the knowledge, wisdom and guidance that is contained in it for those who seek it. Peace Chris
  9. Christ Crucified

    Peace Redeem Sorry Redeem but have mis-quoted what I have said. My point was that an individual that cannot understand a point on any subject cannot justify their stance by saying that God can do anything, of course He can as we all know. My take on this subject is my opinion based on my study of Quran and its message as a whole. This is yet another opinion of yours Redeem, because my posts do not agree with your understandings ot those of scholars of previous generations you class me as being un-scholarly, is that really fair? The purpose of a forum such as this is to share knowledge even if there maybe disagreement, surely tolerance is one of the beauties of Islam. Peace Chris
  10. Christ Crucified

    Peace Carlos If you want a different opinion on this topic here goes. My understanding of the relevant verses is that Jesus was crucified, that is the body of Jesus was put on a "cross". Jesus, the real person, that is the soul of Jesus was taken before he was "murdered". In plain English the part that is most important to all of us was raised from the body before the death of the body, this happens to all of us. I also believe that although it is true that God can do anything it is too convienient to use this as a reason to explain things that may lack understanding. We are to study and pray for guidance with sincerity and then and only then will God explain His revelation to us. Peace Chris
  11. I Am New Member

    Peace Brother Welcome to the site, look forward to seeing your posts, have fun. Peace Chris
  12. Salaam!

    Peace Sister Welcome to the site in your quest for knowledge. God Willing you will find some here and through prayer and guidance achieve your most noble goal. Peace Chris
  13. Just Converted But I Am Dismayed

    Peace Debbie Firstly let me welcome you to the forum and trust you will find it informative and rewarding. As for your comments regarding hatred, well, what can be said of a world that is manipulated by the media! All around the world, on both sides, hatred is generated by those who report in a way that maybe reflects their own opinions but mostly those of their masters. It has happened for generations and no doubt will continue. Of course the old saying that there is no smoke without fire runs true. Without any shadow of doubt those in this world that label themselves Muslim, Christian or Jew, (come to that matter anyone who consider themselves religous) and persue a course of hatred of others for whatever reason cannot be considered God fearing or religous. Fighting tyranny is one thing but using force for political ends under the banner of religion is anti religion, save of course for action taken in the cause of justice as Quran and the Bible says. Unfortunatley you will see a lot of hatred towards Islam, some justified by the actions of some but mostly unjustified. All religions, including Isla, are peace loving at the grass root level, ego unfortunatley is in charge. Keep strong in your faith and "debate with them in the best possible manner" and if they fight you just remember they are fighting God who will most assuredly win. Peace Chris
  14. A Few Questions

    Peace Lizard As far as marriage is concerned God is the one who decides who to put together, when and why. Your part, in my opinion is to pray to our Creator to guide us to the right person and have faith that He will do so. When the time is right for you God will send you a life long "soul mate". That brings me to the second point you raise which is probably more important at this moment. Do not be afraid to live openly as a Muslim, this is indeed a blessing from God and through you many may find the right path to salvation, through you and your actions many may see the true face of I slam and not that of the media or the so called Jihadists who expose a cruel face of Islam to the world. The light that came to you can, and Inshallah will find others and your quest to be a true faithful Muslim will be best served by your confidence in your decision to embrace God's religion. It can and will be hard and also, at times a little embarrassing but fear not, with God on your side you cannot fail. May God continue to be with you. Peace Chris
  15. I Come Here

    Peace sister Welcome to the forum, by God's Will it will be informative for you. Do not worry about your English, it's my native language and I have trouble too. God Bless you. Chris