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  1. A Plane Flight Opened My Eyes

    Brother, i cant thank you enough for your words and the very helpfull links inshAllah u will be rewarded for helping me
  2. salam to u all Im not a converted muslim, im more a revert in context... but i feel like iv made such a backward stance on Islam that im new to it all. iv recently opened my eyes to my situation when i was on a plane going on holiday... it wus the feeling that i had no control at all of my fait, thousands of feet in the air... my fait was only in Allah's hands... in fact it always is, i could pass as i type this or when im 100 years old. But at that moment in time, as the plane took off something came over me that told me i should be ashamed of myself... an it was pure FEAR... fear ate me up as i sat in my seat... playing in my mind my final resting place being hell. The people around me didnt realise i wasnt crying because i was scared of flying, but my own blindness, to the shame of not worshiping Allah most gracious most merciful, from praying everyday and reciting many suras from the Holy Quraan to being a multiple sinner. I realised i handed myself over to shayttan. Almost as if i was blind folded and my eyes opened on that flight. I recited every sura i still remember and mumbled myself until the plane landed. I dont know how my practice of my religion fell off so fast... but my faith inshAllah is stronger than ever. Something i did know was that i felt in adequte going to the mousqe because i wasnt taught prayer at home from my parents. It wasnt long ago when i realised that i had been conducting my prayers wrong, or not in the correct form. I have alot of muslim freinds who try to direct me always, may Allah bless them all, but i feel ashamed that im 20 and dont know how to conduct proper prayer, and it angers me that i allow my own pride stop me from asking questions. I hope brothers that you can help me with how prayers are actually set out, what are the prayers you do before actually doing a normal Asr prayer for e.g. What is the prayer after, how many rakats is it ussually? All of this i dont understand, like when in the mousqe people pray before the actuall prayer of the Jumma prayer, it has never been explained to me an i just dont know wat that all is Please if anyone can help me with this