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  1. Should I Tell On My Sister?

    Just want to add: Ask Allah to help you and your sister. Make duaa.
  2. My First Doubt In Quran

    God told you its sinful and He destroyed the people of Sodom because of it. The Church tells you its not sinful. Do you worship God or the church? God told you its sinful. According to you the church says its not sinful. If you follow what the church says and not God then you have taken the Church as your God besides Allah(God).
  3. My First Doubt In Quran

    Where and what is the contradiction?
  4. Convert Me!

    Donald, ask Allah to guide you. Just speak to Him. Raise your hands and ask him to guide you to the truth.
  5. The Islamic State

    US Republican politician Rick Santorum admits the Khilafah has been re-established: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysmIGTXV_jw
  6. The Islamic State

    Unbelievable stuff happening in Iraq. About 30,000 Iraqi and Iranian troops backed by Shia militia launched an assault on Saddam Hussains hometown of Tikirt about a week ago. They have so far lost about 6000 men and the offensive has stalled. 30,000 men are apparently waiting for more reinforcements. According to news figures the Islamic State has a garrison force in Tikrit of about 2000 or so. https://twitter.com/Steford_ford/status/576494250940096512
  7. Why Do Certain Non Muslims Spread Lies?

  8. The Islamic State

    Same old same old.. removed ridiculous posts by Aligarr accusing people.
  9. The Islamic State

    Uhh what? You do realize that video is from some American TV show and not something I made. Why are you attacking me for it? "Supports" the "un-Islamic" state? Firstly, almost everything I have posted in this thread is from non-Muslim sources. Are they also supporting The Islamic State? Are you thinking straight or has your hatred of a people blinded you so much that you can not even tolerate me posting about it without coming to conclusions about me? Secondly, the video is from non Muslims about winners and losers according to them NOT according to me. So don't give me a lecture about it. Side note: You do realize that the Sahaba(ra) invaded land don't you? Abu Bakr(ra) invaded the Persian and Roman empires simultaneously. He started the conquests against them. Even Isa(as) will conquer the world through military force when he returns. Salahudeen(ra) fought over land against the crusaders. Learn your history and religion first before throwing around accusations and labels.
  10. The Islamic State

    The biggest winners and losers of 2014: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zilcSEuPlAQ
  11. The Islamic State

    I have removed your post Aligarr and I will do the same with any posts in the future if you accuse me or anyone with accusations of supporting this or that without evidence. We are just reading/discussing a thread on a certain topic. This does not mean you start accusing people of being either pro and against said topic. You are either a troll or just trying to force people to say something incriminating. If you are unable to have an intellectual discussion without getting personal then I suggest you got to a forum where the intellectual level of the members is the same as you. You are so stupid that you don't even realize the sources I am posting from are mainstream western media. From Reuters, etc. Even the video above is by memri which i think is an israeli org. Next time do yourself a favor and don't speak. You wont look stupid that way.
  12. The Islamic State

    Interesting interview of an Arab(Jordanian) politician(translated into English): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1koyPZ8nlrY
  13. The Islamic State

    Asalamualikum If you are hinting that the Islamic State might be some western/Iranian stooge then that is not factual I believe. It is also dangerous for a person's hereafter to say this because that means you are indirectly calling them kuffar or munafiqeen(i.e agents of kuffar). Sorry if I misunderstood your post.
  14. The Islamic State

  15. The Islamic State

    Islamic State fast learning how to run a country In some areas under their control, the Islamic State is opening hospitals, building new roads, launching bus services, rehabilitating schools, and launching small-business programs designed to juice the local economies. In Syria, where bread is a core staple, the militants focus on managing local wheat mills and bakeries to ensure that supplies remain high enough to feed a population that was in some areas on the edge of starvation. The group's focus on good governance, at least by militant standards, starts at the top. In his first public comments after conquering Mosul, the Islamic State's self-proclaimed caliph, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, called on"scientists, scholars, preachers, judges, doctors, engineers and people with military and administrative expertise" to help govern the land his group controls. Those weren't just words: Shortly after taking control of Mosul, Baghdadi transferred the Islamic State's hospital administrator for the Syrian city of Raqqa to Mosul to take that same job there, Kilcullen said. In Raqqa, which has been under Islamic State control for months, traffic police remain on the streets and local citizens pay taxes to the militants, who in turn give them receipts stamped with the group's logo. A local goldsmith told the New York Times that the taxes are far cheaper than the bribes residents had to pay when Syrian strongman Bashar al-Assad was in control. "I feel like I am dealing with a respected state, not thugs," the goldsmith said. The Islamic State also launched a "hearts-and-minds" campaign of sorts. In one of the more jarring examples, the group held a "fun day" in Mosul where the militants passed out soccer balls and held Quran memorization and recitation contests. The Islamic State, Kilcullen said, "is thinking like a state." http://thecable.foreignpolicy.com/posts/2014/08/18/iraq_isis_terror_obama_us_intelligence_islamic_state