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  1. Assalamu 3alaykom, I was wondering if anyone here has got any experience of studying mechanics, and if anyone could share some good names of books/ study books with problems. I am interested in books concerning Statics and Strength of materials.
  2. How Much Of The Bible Do Muslims Believe In?

    As far as I am concerned the bible can no longer be followed as a book of guidance unless the people studying it would realize the twisted messages that it gives people and after that would se patterns with the Holy quraan, and the turn to the quraan.. Think about the following: God being in the heavens and on earth at the same time, and taking human form, and dying?, Doesn't make sense to me atleast. Jesus dying for his people's sins. This is how a lot of secular minded people take the christian ideology as. If there are no sins, then what is the purpose of the scripture?
  3. Maybe you should turn to a christian forum for such answers?
  4. Does God Love Gay People?

    How can any sane human being consider homosexuality to be a normal act?
  5. How Do You Pronounce These Names

    Barakallahu feekom
  6. How Do You Pronounce These Names

    walaykom is-salam if your a man, could you possibly do it? I don't know any arabs to ask.
  7. *They are not truly liberated until they live under the laws of Islam.
  8. How Do You Pronounce These Names

    Assalamu 3alaykom, I am going 2 be a father soon Insha Allah, to a daughter, and I have been thinking about 2 names Aminah, or Safiyah But as I am a non arab, I am unsure about the pronounciation of these names is it A-mi-nah or Amiiiinah with long pronounciation of i the same regarding the name Safiyah? I like the names, and I don't want to get the wrong pronounciation, can anyone help? Barak Allahu feekom.
  9. Assalamu 3alaykom. As we all know and have heard, rebels and protestors have now started to fight against their governments, especially in Libya. My question is what does Islam say about this, i.e if people want to implement democracy with the help of kuffar. We know that democracy is made up of man made laws, and is not Islam at all. I would like to know your opinions on this, what does the Quraan and ahadith say about getting help from kuffar to overthrow a a dictator. As far as I am concerned, the kuffar are just helping to benefit themselves in the end. I would like to know your opinions,a and aswell an answer from a shari'i perspective.
  10. Hi I Am New

    Salam alaykom/Hi i am new here, just wanted to say hi, interested alot in Islam and anasheed.