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  1. Assalam alaikum, Thank you brother. I will. Inshallah.
  2. Assalam alaikum, I'm doing very well in growing in my faith. I have many good sisters who are more than happy to guide me. I first learned of Islam in a multicultural class on high school. I continued to study until I decided it was the way I was meant to go in life. Thank you all so much for your kind words brothers and sisters. I look forward to a fulfiling life inshallah.
  3. Assalam alaikum, Well, about a month ago during Ramadan I was visiting my local masjid for the first time. Everyone was so loving and caring. While I was eating I was discussing how I planned to convert at any time. A sister told me I could convert then if I wanted. So I did:) I converted infront of everyone on a speaker. I got so many hugs and kisses from my new sisters. I've honestly never felt more at peace and fulfilled than I do with Islam.
  4. Hello

    I am new here and I would just like to say what I have seen so far is wonderful. I hope to learn a lot about Islam while I am here and this website seems to have very knowledgeable people on it.